Monday, March 23, 2009

Barnett to Open Helicopter Port at the Broome International Airport,

On Thursday, the 26th March, at 12 noon. Barnett will be in Broome to open helicopter port at the Broome International Airport.

Apparently, the Broome International Airport Management are frantically ringing around town, seeking traditional owners to welcome Barnett into country.

In additional, there are five Woodside Maps being currently circulating around.

Map 1. Operations Only

Map 2. Operations and Construction

Map 3. Full Expansion, Operations Only

Map 4. Full Expansion, Operations and Construction

Map 5. LNG Precinct – Entire Precinct

However, Redhand questions whether these maps are a red heron, circulated to discredit both the indigenous and environment groups! Should we view these maps with a grain of salt? Although, the maps are labelled Woodside the format and legends appear very similar to Department of Planning and Infrastructure maps!.

Hands Off Country has sighted Map 1 and 2 which clearly shows that the Operations and Construction site for this 25 Mtpa Gas Plant will not be located at Walmadan (James Price Point) but at Murrjal (Quondong Point).

The entire precinct will stretch from Biningankuny (Coulomb Point Nature Reserve) to Kardilakan Jajal (Barred Creek) with the estimated 6000 – 8000 square hectares not the 1000 – 3000 hectares we all have been lead to believe. According to the maps sighted: up to seven trains will be operated, a main road cut through from the Derby Highway, desalinations plants, seven kilometres of jetty and break water constructions. Once, Red Hand has a bloggerable size copies of these maps, they will be posted.

Meanwhile, the local quarry has been asked by Woodside for a quote on 2 million tons of road base and 80 thousand tons of rock.

Redhand's speculative Timeline
Friday, 27th March 2009
Concert for Heritage

and while we're dancing and singing for country on Town Oval, the Traditional Owners may sign off an Agreement with the Western Australian State Government

31st March, 2009
Premier Colin Barnett will announce an
Agreement to take everything he wants and more for a gas precinct
and on
Thursday, 9 April, 2009
Woodside announcement on their decision to pipe to and process gas on the Kimberley coast.
Is this to avoid media scrutiny?

Good Friday 10 April, 2009
The media is quiet and a dead news story in the coming week.

Easter Tuesday 14 April, 2009
Government employees still on Easter holiday.

Wednesday 15 April,2009
Battle lines are drawn.

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