Saturday, March 28, 2009

Walmadany Concert for Heritage

Thousands thronged to the Town Oval in Broome, Kimberley, Western Australia on Friday night at the Walmadany Concert for Heritage, to join and sing and dance for heritage. The message for the world is Broome does not want LNG gas processing on our coastline or country. This message is not just to the gas proponents, but to governments, to industry, to multi-national corporations. The people in our small community are not just saying hands off country. Last night they sang and danced to protect heritage, culture and country, for the planet, for their families, for their future and for the children. Gas proponents and governments would do well to listen to the people, to everyone.

Joseph Roe Lawkeeper and Custodian Goolarabooloo welcomes John Butler.

A brilliant celebration of heritage, family and community guided by the Pigram Brothers, thank you.

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  1. John Butler you are legend.your unedited dialogue conveys the raw truth.
    Your message is an inspiration.

    Strength and integrity to you and the opponents of massive indutrialization on the Peninsula
    Diego Montenagro