Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oil & Gas Spills anywhere along the west coast of Australia has consequences for all of the Australian coastline

Influenced from the Pacific Ocean by El Niño, the Leeuwin Current exerts a major influence on the distribution of marine life and Western Australias weather. It forms near the North West Shelf on Australia's west coast.

Ocean currents shape the marine environment and our climate. As it travels south the current breaks into a series of southward and eastward flowing eddies and eventually dissipates in the Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean. It is the longest coastal current in the world, extending some 5 000 kilometres.

Mr Barnett says if the weather or ocean current changes, the WA Government can send out ships and planes to help contain the spread of the oil. "And if the worst possible scenario comes into play and some oil washes up on the West Australian coast, then there will be recovery teams in place including wildlife recovery teams," he said.

Can someone please explain how our Premier is planning to stop the Holloway Current or how he thinks it will change?

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