Monday, August 31, 2009

Oil spill off the West Australian coast as an appalling incident.

The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has described a large oil spill off the West Australian coast as an appalling incident.

The West Atlas drilling rig has been leaking crude oil and gas into the Timor Sea for a week and a half.

A second rig is being towed to the site to drill a relief well and cap the leak.

Mr Rudd says the Federal Government is monitoring the situation and will do everything it can to minimise the damage.

"The relevant Federal Government authority has an investigation underway," he said.

"This is an appalling incident. We've got to get to the absolute bottom of how it happened but the immediate challenge is to deal with the practical consequences."
Supplied images from Greens Senator Rachel Siewert, taken August 28, 2009. Senator Siewert chartered a plane and flew over the site of the West Atlas oil platform spill, and says her visit showed that the spill was far greater than had originally been reported. (Office of Senator Rachel Siewert:


  1. have you seen the yahoo 7 news video [2-9-09],"fishermen have reported sick and injured turtles"...."500000 litres a day"...."gunk in the water and a chemical smell"?

  2. Oh, so sad. What on earth did they do to make the oil spill? Poor marine creatures suffering from the carelessness of the people. Good thing it's far from the property sunshine coast.