Friday, December 11, 2009

Chevron Kimberley hub a priority

Chevron says the Woodside Petroleum Ltd-led Browse joint venture is one of its top priorities but has not yet backed a proposal to process gas from the project at a hub in Western Australia's Kimberley region.

Woodside has chosen James Price Point near Broome for such a hub, but joint venture participants BHP Billiton Ltd, BP, Chevron and Shell have not yet ratified the decision.

And it is not the choice of 78% of long term Broome local residents, many traditional Owners and the majority of the Cultural Law bosses to have this polluting industry imposed on to us, onto our landscapes, into our environment and our community. The facts are that as a community we have never been asked if we want the biggest proposed 14 processing trains LNG precinct in the entire world nor do we as a community want to spend our working lives in service to it.

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  1. They haven't asked us Redhand because they most probably know the answer. NO ONE in their right mind would say yes to a huge, polluting behemoth like they are proposing to be put on our doorstep! THIS is the Kimberley. Leave it to the traditional owners with no provisos, leave it to the tourists to leave nothing but footprints, leave it to the whales and Dugong, Turtles and the Bilbies. JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!