Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I can feel a Cyclone Building

As the storm clouds gather with the approaching Cyclone Lawrence, the Goolarabooloo and Jabirr Jabirr people are also gathering in the Cable Beach Club for the creation of their own squall.

Kimberley Land Council is facilitating this meeting and has spared no expense, flying and catering for people from all over Australia in order to get the numbers up. Like all politics, it’s a numbers game. Unfortunately, indigenous politics in the Wild West is also heavily influenced by contaminated economic favoritism, is controlled by the hands on the resources and is supported by unadulterated and unquestioned nepotism.

Unfortunately, the ramifications of the stolen generations are still being echoed into the present. When children were stolen and raised away from Country, many of them never had any insight into their own culture, they were effectively cut off from their cultural roots and trained to carry the cross instead, adopted into an education system that devalued their very own and in most cases directly opposed the simply concepts of caring country, respect for law, understanding and maintenance of cultural heritage. The continued tribulations and the inherent confusion of this separation will be all too evident at today’s and tomorrow’s meetings.

It’s a simple story, the Goolarabooloo hold the Cultural Law for this Country and Jabirr Jabirr can talk for Country. Neither can survive, without each other. It's like having the words to the song but no music and definitely no collaborative choruses. No sincere concise determination will result in this matter because the value systems and the moral codes are totally diabolically opposed.

No matter how the agenda is driven by KLC or how the pressures of the State aspirations come into play, the injury, the dilemma, the distress and the hostility of intrusion is shredding the very last fragile threads of our common origin.

These are the proven deceitful strategies that are used all over the world, by governments, by the multinationals, keep the locals distracted with fighting with each other, while they get on with the business, of taking everything for nothing and leaving the mess.

One of the agenda intentions is the removal of Goolarabooloo from the original Native Title Application in order to submit another Application just under the Jabirr Jabirr name. If this is achieved, and (word is out that it has) KLC will no longer have to wait for Goolarabooloo signatures to sign off on the Indigenous Land Use Agreement, for the proposed development of the biggest LNG precinct in the world, at James Price Point.

Apparently, Goolarabooloo were asked to leave the meeting and Jabirr Jabirr then found the silent numbers to exclude Goolarabooloo off this new Claim altogether.
Tragic!, when you consider the facts that it has been the Goolarabooloo people who retain the law, who have continued connections to Country, who hold the stories and kept the secret Law business strong whilst the Jabirr Jabirr people dragged themselves out of the depths of perplexed bewilderment of disconnection.

People of Burrgurrgurra, it is not your right to sell Country; you are the custodians for the following generations. Big business with its big money talk is cheap and we will all pay in the end a price that can never be measured in dollars and cents. History will remember you, because it will be your children’s inherited consequence. Take the money and run! But where will you go. Country?

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