Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Backdown at International Whaling Commision 23rd June 2010

It was a great start to day 3 of the International Whaling Commission for Redhand with the security personnel assisting Red to hang the banners that had been dragged across Morocco for the last five weeks.

Redhand was able to distribute a considerable number of environsKIMBERLEY’s The Kimberley Coast Remarkable and Threatened and the Wilderness Society’s WA Crunch time for the Kimberley and 10 Reasons why the Browse LNG Development should NOT go on the Kimberley Coast pamphlets to nearly all the delegates who entered the Commission meeting today.

Several copies of The Kimberley Cetacean Survey 2009 produced by Kimberley Whale Watching ( were placed on display and attracted a lot of attention and interest.

Kimberley At the Crossroads
, The case against the gas plant a SAVE THE KIMBERLEY ( booklet was exhibited and Redhand was lucky to retain one copy because several delegates were requesting copies. And the Stickers that Redhand had were all a great hit, with some delegates seeking additional ones, from Monday.

A number of grass root organisations: The World In Action, has a online petition and Redhand strongly suggests that everyone get on line and support this organization, they are doing amazing things and working very hard here in Agadir.

The Sea Shepherd crew are well represented and another Australian grassroots team have retain an strong but peaceful presents and the majority of interactions with delegates, the media and the local security has all been very positive.

Redhand was also able to convey the following messages to Australian Minister Peter Garnett as he enter the meeting this morning: “to save the Kimberley Coast”, “no more oil and gas exploration and exploitation of the Kimberley Coast” The Kimberley was the Nursery for the Humpback Whales and are the very same whales Australia was trying to save in the Southern Oceans” and “NO MORE MONTARAs or BP’s Gulf of Mexico devastation.” Because Redhand was the only protester there at that time, Red received a lot of media attention but whether it will be aired is another issue.

Hands Off Country Standing Up for the Planet


  1. Great effort by Red Hand.Do you guys have somewhere we can make donations?

  2. what a load of stuff happening!this weeks broome advertiser details a report confirming exactly what red hand told us the result of the hub would hand was replying to a statement by frank parriman that gas hubs reduce suicide.rudd is gone,gillard is in,who gets to keep their jobs on the front bench now?in the gulf experts confirm the blowout preventer is seriously damaged and is leaning over at a dangerous angle.the sea floor and the pipes in it are also badly damaged.experts now say any attempt to restrict the flow should be avoided as it would result in the bop being blasted off the sea floor.oh and the 4 star general leading the war in afghanistan has been sacked for getting wasted with a journo from a rock and roll magazine!

  3. so how will gillard be on the whales?be good if the kiwis get on board.