Friday, June 25, 2010

International Whaling Commission Day 4 Agadir 2010

Day 4 at the International Whaling Commission was full of surprises. A singing dancing whale, curiosity of the AVAAZ organisation (The World in Action) entertained delegates, tourists, media and security alike to the sounds of Imagine There's No Whaling. A line formed of people wanting their photos taken with the Whale.

A principle from a local primary school came down to join the anti- whaling activists with one of her students and together with members of Sea Shepherd, sticky taped some of the students beautiful drawings of whales on the wall outside where the Commission is meeting. This simple act of action was especially powerful with many delegates coming to views these children's very innocent impressions of whales.

Redhand was in attendance at media interviews with Minister Peter Garret and although unable to question him at the time was able to secure his ears afterwards.

Redhand was adept in raising several issues in regards to the proposed LNG precinct at James Price Point, with the Minister. Redhand spoke about the Kimberley and its coast and its importance to the Humpback Whales as their nursery, breeding grounds and their migratory passageways.

Redhand mentioned the need for protection of the dinosaur's footprint highway that runs the entire length of the coastal strip from Crab Creek all the way north to Cape Leveque and the 86 scientists from 16 countries that have signed a letter of support for Dr Tony Thulburn and his findings. And raised concerns that the National Heritage Council have publicly stated that there are no areas of heritage values of the western side of the Dampier Peninsular. Minister Garret informed Redhand he has just appointed Professor Carmen Lawrence as the new Chair of the Australian Heritage Council

The Minister went on to tell me that he is very aware of the issues and that he is accessing information for all sources and also speaking with Indigenous people and others.

He told me that he will be looking very closely at the proposal when he receives it and he assured Redhand that he will give this proposal serious consideration under the Biodiversity Act. Redhand raised the concern that under this Act only fauna and flora that are endangered or in danger of extinction has protection under this Act and there is concern that because the Kimberley has no extinctions or endangered species and therefore has little too no protection of anything under this Act.

Redhand stated that the Minister knows and understands Broome and its cultural richness ant that it is not a industrial town. Redhand remained the Minister that Redhand had walked him through a Remnant rainforest (Vine thicket) with the Broome Botanical Society nearly twenty years ago so he should remember the value of these specialized pockets of unique flora communities.

Minister Garret came across sincere in his replies both to Redhand's questions and concerns but with a new leader at the helm today and a women at that, who knows, maybe we have to start all over again to educate the next one Minister that is!


  1. Red Hand is just totally out there and brilliant!!!Go Red Hand :)

  2. Nice work, I´m gonna write a letter to someone about this!

    Some ´motivational´ links on my blog:

    Thanks for your brilliant support and voice in rock!Thankyou too for always looking out for us and supplying us with fruit and moroccan munchies and a super duper lunch...all those essencials needed on a good campaign...i was honoured to meet ya...and hope to join you on many more campaigns...BIG HUGS NORI...from the IWC AGADIR AGRO TEAM....