Thursday, September 9, 2010

"When good people stay quiet, .... injustice will happen"

Wayne Bergman
Kimberley Land Council
Western Australia 6725

RE: Open Letter

Dear Wayne

Redhand has been trying to warn you both personally face to face and in the very public arena of cyber space, that the people, the government and the multinationals the Kimberley Land Council wanted to go to bed with, over James Price Point, were not to be trusted.

We tried to inform you that all these multinational companies have very distressing human rights and environmental records all over the planet. Extortion, corruption, environmental vandalism, they do not stop at murder, manipulation of governments and media, they flex control over the internet and even push to points of provoking all kinds of wars. The murder of Indigenous Cultures, the destruction of our natural and social environments and the eradication of sustainable lifestyles is currently the real price of the oil and gas industries, around the planet.

It was both enlightening and ironic that in recent interviews on the Kimberly ABC regional radio you raised many of the social, economic and environmental concerns and issues that Redhand has mentioned on this very Blog. Redhand has been informing the world that this proposed LNG precinct is going to be twice the size of the current largest plant in Quatar. Twenty thousand hectares, is now under threat of acquisition, It’s not the 2500 - 3000 hectares that the Department of State Development and Barnett have been deceitfully advocating. Surprise surprise!

Like many people across our nation, Redhand was devastated that the Kimberley Land Council were so adamant about getting on the profit at any costs band wagon that this once reputable leading national indigenous organisation sort to publicly and financially hang out one of their own to dry.

Joseph Roe is revered now as one of the strongest Indigenous leaders of our time, a man who has proven time and time again that he is a man of his word, who values his country, his Cultural ties and his heritage over his very life. A man who is prepared to take on his own corrupt country men, a state government, very powerfull multinational companies and who has attempted to seek justice in a legal system that is not renowned for their fairness when dealing with black fellas.

It appears to Redhand that the Kimberley Land Council has acted to eradicate their own visionaries and turn their back on the truth of the Law and the Spirit of Country. This unforgivable facade will be written in history and Redhand knows who the future will uphold, as the hero of this very painful and segregating saga.

With Barnett undertaking the process of compulsory acquisition which has now been signed off by the Minister of Lands, Brendan Grylls what will stop them doing the same all over the Kimberley?

Do not view this dictatorial political move as a disempowerment; understand the real power of the organisation you head up. The Kimberley Land Council should immediately suspend all current exploration and mining negotiations that are currently being undertaken. This State Government is prepared to continue to steal Indigenous lands, create and support an invasion force of heavy industry with all its astronomical social and environmental ramifications under the guise of compulsory acquisition than what will stop them doing the same all over the Kimberley? Wayne, you wanted to play hard ball, well here is your chance.

Instead of taking Cultural Law Bosses to court maybe, the Kimberley Land Council could consider taking the State government and all relevant departments to court for not upholding their statutory obligations to provide equitable services and appropriate infrastructure to Indigenous communities across the Kimberley.

You can listen in on the story:


  1. yes spot the klc ever thought they could get into bed with a lot of rattlesnakes and not get bitten is madness.this mob would be out of their depth in a kiddies wading thing that makes me feel sorry is there will be so many good people standing against this but i wouldn't trust parriman or tarran further than i could throw them.they have no respect for that place,and are just as likely to use the process to get their hands on their damn suggest that money over 50 years can do any good for the kimberley is stupid,there isn't enough there to address the problems this industry will create,let alone anything bet is they never got over atsic being done in and see this as a way back to the good old days of embezzling and waste and the poor people financing the lives of a few fat cats.and every time the money jar runs low they will make more noise about the poor people,just to fill their own pockets up again.just like they have always done.50 years from now the same old story,the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.but this time all indigenous people are going to be made worse off by the terrible damage this crowd have done to their brand.barnett and his big shot mates can smell their blood a mile wild dogs smelling a feed.the land rights flag has been dragged through the mud,and sadly now resembles the gravel rash the klc got all over their big fat belly from wriggling around in the dirt begging someone to come and steal that wonderful country.a very sad day indeed,for all of us.

  2. The best word to describe Bergman is Quisling.

  3. the article by red hand is quite right.if the klc do not get toughness back into their brand then whats to stop all negotiations going this pat dodson said,"there never was a no."the klc's only hope to save the day for all indigenous groups is to do something to make them shit themselves.something like redhand suggested.

  4. Bergman said there will be no jobs for people of the Dampier peninsular.The land grab is closer to 300sqklm than 20sqklm.The total area when other heavy industries move in will be 1500sqklm and no stopping it.The SMH article"Beached at Browse"says the money will be closer to 500 million than 1500 million,shared with non indigenous joint venture partners.The area has outstanding natural and cultural values.I can only conclude that the Parriman/Tarran crowd do not give a damn about anyone or anything else,and are only going after the money for whatever they can get for themselves.And as for Procter,well i would say to anyone who cares,don't support any business that is a member of the Broome chamber of commerce.Yes we support buy local,but not at this price.

  5. Would you be an Ulsterman then, Red?

  6. Wayne Bergmann/Cadidas who ever you are.
    You went out and learnt Whitemans Law (BECAME A LAWYER,)
    you then used that white man law against your own countryman/people.
    Then lo and behold the whiteman does it again turned around asnd slap you in the face, when will people who reckon that they represent the people learn that no matter what as far as they are concerned white man rules.(SIC)
    Typical Liberal government attitude its NOONKANBAH all over again however with the support of the KLC.