Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kimberley coast shapes up as crucial battleground

IT'S winter but it's hotting up again at James Price Point, an isolated spot on the Kimberley coast north of Broome, described by West Australian Premier Colin Barnett as an ''unremarkable beach''. It is now the subject of increasingly vigorous protests against a $30 billion gas hub proposed by Woodside and its partners in the Browse Basin - Shell, Chevron, BP and BHP.


  1. Just as farmers joined with greenies to fight fraccing,so in the bight commercial tuna fishermen are as worried about seiamic testing as the greenies.
    Some very interesting points in this article re migration routes.
    "BP drilling plans worry environmentalists"ABC news.

  2. Still shaking my head at the proposed madness, but it's good to see that Redhand's efforts are gaining in recognition. I dearly wish I could be up in country lending a hand, but am doing what I can to spread the word in my circles. Thank you to all the folks on the frontline of this unwanted battle against those who would desecrate country & culture. Keep strong , more & more folks are watching.