Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Native claim group still split on gas hub - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Native claim group still split on gas hub - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


  1. Hear this morning 6.30 ABC news,Neil MacKenzie and others serve Brendan Grylls with Supreme Court writ saying the CA is not legal.I believe they are also saying the vote for tomorrow,Friday,should be postponed.

  2. Also on the World at 1,the dinosaur footprints under threat from the gas hub at JPP.
    "Prints will be destroyed."
    Dr. Salisbury and others will petition Burke.


    "Henderson confident of gas plant plan"

    "Greens call to block Kimberley gas hub"

  6. Cheer up peeps-theres a long way to go yet!

  7. Some interesting comments from Bergman on ABC AM this morning.
    Asked if the 164 votes was enough of a majority for him and Barnett to claim success,he replied,"...lets make sure we compare this the same as other things.Can the government claim to govern when there are marginal seats?"
    The trouble with this is,whenever I have cast a vote,I have not been told,"vote for the government or we will take your house.Vote for us and we will give you compo.Vote against us and we will take it and there will be no compo."
    So everyone is left with a bad taste from this.
    Bergman always was a turd,he still is.
    108-164.A total of 276 votes.1/2 is 136.So only 28 votes in it.
    And that was after years of threats and lies from Bergman,Barnett,Voelte,Ferguson.
    Years of threats and lies from the TONC.
    MacKenzie was right,all Australians should feel ashamed at this.

  8. And just to top that off.I read the other day that Voelte had said the Federal Government could make more than 50 billion dollars from this gas.(God knows if the State Gov.was to charge a fair rent for this site how much they will make,on top of their royalties etc.).So no matter where the gas is processed the government take will be huge.
    There is no doubt the 1.5 billion is less than 1/2 of what the benefits should be.

  9. And the stink from the Muckaty nuclear waste dump continues.Another of Fergusons illegal moves in conspiracy with the corrupt NLC.

  10. Nothing really matters anymore for the'true' local people in Broome who 'MAY BE' for all Barnett knows, 'rightful' Traditional Owners.
    You teach your children to say 'no' to being abused and you tell them they have that right. You say to both men and women, you have the right to say 'no' if you don't want to have sex or continual 'physical abuse' and you also tell them they have that right. What happened to the rights of the rightful TO'S in their say to 'No' to James Prices point gas pipeline and what comfort do you give them about their rights. You can't because you have people like the Wayne Bergmans who want to 'hush' the true information about who the Jabirr Jabirr people are and you got the Barnetts who want to show how they become more rich and famous.
    Broome is now full of, duplications, contradictions and social addictions because of ' Metro Centric Managment thinkers' with a touch of 'arrogance' who employ 'mental abuse' and yet get away with it through the gullible decision makers in a 'small town that's filled with arrogance' and low income.

  11. Enuf,I had hoped for something better for my kids,but decency is something they will have to fight for their lives for every day now.
    Just like I had to do.Things have not gotten better,they are a lot worse,and this stinking gas plant is the final nail in the coffin of all our hopes for something better.
    And they wonder why the kids have no respect?
    And let's face it,if no one had said the word money the Law and Culture mob would still be looking after Country,and the Wayne Bergmans and their greedy face followers wouldn't even know JPP existed.
    At least we know we have been developed,the tourists can't find Chinatown anymore,all that's left now is for the total destruction of everything else.

  12. Decency is what I grew up knowing and having through my mother and fathers teaching, not only in our culture and in school but outside in the community.
    The people who have buckled down to Barnett, just say they have no choice...everyone has a choice and every one has a mind of their rules the world and people thinking and their relationship with each other including families. Those very people need to learn more about their culture and Broome land surroundings. I believe that where the gas hub is going you will find human remains that belong to a family. Also, has anyone questioned or asked for more supporting evidence to say that the claimants are from this area. People need to ask for more information and more evidence and not just work with under the table dealings or just to the end of their nose.
    I am a local human being who has morals, common sense and a want for an old Broome that I grew up in and loved.
    What is left in Broome now to still call it Broome?