Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fling Open The Doors & Let The Truth Come in, for James Price Point

The latest weekly update from the darkside (attached) gives more cause for celebration, as do reports from Walmadan and Manari Road: "Geotechnical operations have ceased and crews are demobilising. Equipment is being removed and the site is being made safe for anticipated rain and high winds."

EK points out, interesting that this is happening before the geotechnical surveys have been completed. Even more delays - well done Protectors!


This item will be discussion in section 14, Matters Behind Closed Doors.
Saturday's rally and celebration should have made it clear to the Shire that this is an issue of great interest and concern to the community. If the Shire is serious about it's "Priority Statement" that

“ Council will strive to create an environment where local governance is delivered in an open and accountable manner; where we provide leadership to the region in such areas as planning and financial management; where the community has the opportunity to contribute to the Council's decision making thereby fostering ownership of strategies and initiatives"

Given the fact that it was members of the Broome Community who first drew the Shire's attention to all of the illegal activities undertaken by Woodside and non compliance with Planning Approvals, activities that Woodside has carried out in Country without the appropriate planning approvals. It is only right that these complaints are aired in open public discussion.

It was the Kimberley Protectors and the Walmadan Camp residents who had gathered all the evidence. They have been monitoring and recording Woodside's daily illegal activities for months and raised the issue of the tower being used for communications and not just for weather research, as their Shire Approval states.

It was the Broome community who covered the costs for all the aerial evidence. Woodside and the Shire have to answer to the community. How is it possible for a Shire Planning Approval to have three, not two but three conflicting dates on a Planning Approval?

Anyway, after lots of complaints to the Shire today by concerned residents the Shire has now put the details of the confidential matter on Woodside on the Shire web apart from the legal advice they've received. However, they are still planning to discuss the matter behind closed doors. This is just not good enough and the Broome Community NO GAS will be attending in numbers to put the heat on the Shire and Woodside tomorrow at 5pm.

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