Friday, December 2, 2011

Sky News: Thousands target Chevron in WA protest

Sky News: Thousands target Chevron in WA protest

Thousands of workers have marched through central Perth threatening to picket US oil and gas giant Chevron until it pledges to provide more local jobs and training.

Police blocked main roads as the combined union protest - which organisers estimated at being between 4000 to 5000 people - marched on Chevron's Australian headquarters in St George's Terrace.

Security was tight, with the company locking the doors to its QV1 Building entrance as protesters rallied outside, banging drums and shouting slogans.

The unions are demanding that Australian and multi-national resources giants, including Chevron, end their practice of importing cheap labour under temporary working visas, and provide more training to local workers.

Swiss-based contractor Allseas is being investigated by the Immigration Department over accusations it rorted business visas to hire cheap labour for Chevron's $43 billion Gorgon gas project off WA's northern coast.

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