Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Mob Violence That Wasn't |

The Mob Violence That Wasn't | Police have laid no charges. No-one appears to have been hurt through the actions of protesters. The available footage, particularly from Channel 9, which can be seen here on the 3AW site, shows no violence from protesters. What it shows is confusion and panic from police and security, protestors milling about shouting, and rough handling of protesters by police.

In response to a question about yesterday’s violence from a journalist at today’s tent embassy press conference, a spokeswoman for the embassy, Selina Davey-Newry, said:

"There was no violence, we had the AFP and riot squad pushing at us in a line, and invited the politicians to come out and speak. The AFP came out against us with force, and we did not retaliatie with force, we did not instigate any wrong-doing or any violence".


  1. The cartoon is spot on,and so is the story.

  2. It was Australia Day! It was the Aboriginal Tent Embassy's 40th anniversary and any decent Prime Minister with vision and sincerity would have put on a morning BBQ for the Tent Mob, enjoying both the breakfast and the celebration. Why wasn't this on the Prime Minister radar, 40 YEARS IS 40 YEARS!

  3. The actions of Abbott,Gillards office,the media,and the people who comment on their pages,have shown where we are at as a country.The views of racist cowards are held aloft as gospel truth to make the lot of our Indigenous people as unbearable as possible."They don't deserve anything."Push the Nazi jackboot of mindless genocide ever harder onto their throats."We deserve everything,they are only in the way."
    God give them strength,and God help us all.
    The Indigenous people are at the frontline in the fight for freedom and justice - for us all!They deserve all the respect and support we can give them.