Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FIFO workers cause 'havoc' for Pilbara - The West Australian

FIFO workers cause 'havoc' for Pilbara - The West Australian: The federal parliamentary committee looking into the impact of fly-in, fly-out workers on local communities today held its first WA hearing in Karratha, 1535 kilometres north of Perth.

Point Samson Community Association representative John Graham, who has lived in the Pilbara for 16 years, told the House standing committee on regional Australia that transient workers hired for oil, gas and mining projects were having a detrimental impact.

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  1. As usual anything to do with dangerous GREENS and dropkick professional anti Government no real job jobbos present a one sided single avenue approach.In war time they call them traitors and have a qiick fix system.
    The majority of the people elected the govenment to run our country. let them do their job.Not a few mugs that capture one side of the argument that suites their needs.
    Granted the Federal government is not up to it but they are doing their best with their limited ability. Let them govern until we the public get our say. Butt out you wasters.
    Try to contribute go to work.