Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Woodside & State Government Issued Our Notice of Intention To Keep James Price Point

On the 26th March 2012, Sandy Dann from Radio Goolarri in Broome interviewed Nik Wevers,community spokes person for the Broome Community No Gas Campaign. The interview focuses on a recent unveiling of another Cultural Heritage Awareness sign on Manari road and raises issues around a proposed gas processing facility on the coast north of Broome, Western Australia.


  1. Two of our favourite people are "lashing out."
    Barnett is lashing out at the GST cut as some projects are slashed.Just hope the road to JPP is on that list.
    Ferguson is lashing out at the Greens again for getting in the way of his fossil fool plans,and workers for their productivity slipping.Before he blames the workers he should look at the Worksafe rules that now require a heap of paperwork before a simple task can be done.But of course he wont.
    Perhaps they should be lashing out at Shell who have signed a joint production agreement with China for shale gas.This from a Barrel Full:

    Whilst it will be a while before we know whether the project is a success or not, and longer before its clear whether the success can be repeated elsewhere, it is just possible that we have witnessed the first rock of a major landslide.

    If China really has major shale gas resources then we can expect the following things to happen.
    1.China will have a dash for gas on an unprecedented scale
    2.Australian LNG producers could be in trouble
    3.The natural gas liquids could drive a petrochemical revolution, like that happening in the USA
    4.Demand for alternatives like coal & fuel oil will fall

  2. And it's not just gas pushing the panic button,coal is going ballistic too.

    Kloppers must be in a sweat over this.

    And Pluto,more heads are rolling,they've missed the March deadline for export of first gas,next month now.Maybe no one wants to be the one to push the "start" button!

    Never mind what they feed the stock market,remember their wages are linked to share price,it's not all plain sailing,and the shareholders and the board keep yelling,"show us the money."

  3. Another problem on the horizon is that India and Pakistan have shale gas too,expect some news on a start up of fraccing there soon.

  4. Conoco and Karoon need a huge gas find to justify any development at JPP,and as for their fraccing plans in the Canning Basin the same applies.It's a bit early for them to be shooting their mouths off yet.But then they have to start the process somewhere.
    But this rush to be first in to China and India has got them all going crazy,Ferguson and Barnett too.

  5. The link for the interview is broken, but here is another: :)