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In the lucky country of Australia apartheid is alive and kicking | John Pilger | Comment is free | The Guardian

In the lucky country of Australia apartheid is alive and kicking | John Pilger | Comment is free | 

The Yet, in a country littered with cenotaphs, not one officially commemorates those who fell resisting "one of the greatest appropriations of land in world history", wrote Reynolds in his landmark book Forgotten War. More first Australians were killed than Native Americans on the American frontier and Maoris in New Zealand. The state of Queensland was a slaughterhouse. An entire people became prisoners of war in their own country, with settlers calling for their extinction. The cattle industry prospered using Indigenous men virtually as slave labour. The mining industry today makes profits of a billion dollars a week on Indigenous land.

Suppressing these truths, while venerating Australia's servile role in the colonial wars of Britain and the US, has almost cult status in Canberra today. Reynolds and the few who question it have been smeared and abused. Australia's unique first people are its Untermenschen. As you enter the National War Memorial, Indigenous faces are depicted as stone gargoyles alongside kangaroos, reptiles, birds and other "native wildlife".


  1. Further to the comments posted under "One stop chop" Web Seminar "who's running the place?" re Lord McAlpine/Jimmy Saville/The Royal Family/MP's etc. and the elite cover-up of demonic paedophile rings.............there's this..........


    Yarl's Wood sex inquiry witness to be deported without speaking to police

    Crucial figure in immigration centre probe held hours before appointment with investigators

    Mark Townsend, home affairs editor

    The Observer, Sunday 3 November 2013 03.49 AEST

    The only witness to an alleged case of sexual misconduct at Yarl's Wood immigration removal centre is to be deported, without being given the opportunity to testify to police.

    Sirah Jeng was detained on Thursday inside the centre, hours before a scheduled interview with police. Jeng alleges she witnessed a male Serco employee having sexual contact with a detainee.

    She has been given five days' notice of deportation, the minimum period required, and is to be sent back to the Gambia on Tuesday. Campaigners accuse the Home Office of attempting to "silence" Jeng by removing her from the UK before she can be questioned by officers.

    The 59-year-old told lawyers that she saw a Serco employee kissing a 23-year-old detainee called Tanja last year in Yarl's Wood. CCTV footage corroborates her testimony. Jeng is thought to be the only eyewitness to the alleged sexual contact and is therefore crucial to an ongoing investigation by Bedfordshire police into abuse allegations at Britain's largest immigration removal centre for women. Three Serco staff have been dismissed over Tanja's allegations, which her lawyer, Harriet Wistrich, believes amount to misconduct in public office.

    Jeng, who has lived in the UK for 12 years and is married to a British citizen, said: "I saw them kissing. Now they are trying to get rid of me before I can speak to the police."

    In August, Bedfordshire police launched an investigation into Tanja's claims that she was subjected to inappropriate sexual behaviour by several guards. Tanja, not her real name, claimed attempts were made to deport her within days of her informing Yarl's Wood's management of the incidents.

    Jeng said her police interview was scheduled for 5pm last Thursday. At 11am that day she went to Dallas Court, Manchester's immigration reporting centre for asylum seekers, where she was detained and taken to Yarl's Wood.

    Anthony Gard of civil rights group Movement for Justice said: "We are determined that this crude attempt to silence her doesn't succeed. Sirah is so committed to exposing the sexual abuse she witnessed – she knows that this case speaks for many others. A system that abuses women's human rights and dignity as Yarl's Wood does inevitably leads to sexual abuse. When the UKBA interferes with a police inquiry to get a witness out of the country it's a sign of their desperation and the impact the Yarl's Wood women and their allies is having; it means we can defeat the cover-up."

    A Home Office spokesman said they could not comment on individual cases.

    His comments follow an unannounced inspection by HMIP, triggered by allegations in the Observer, which found that female detainees told inspectors they felt uncomfortable when male officers came into their rooms, often without waiting for a reply after knocking. In one instance in September, it is alleged, three UK Border Agency officials entered a room where a 34-year-old woman from Malawi said she was naked in bed.

    The woman said: "They came inside and shut the door. One stood at the foot of my bed, another pulled up a chair and sat next to my bed and another stood at the door inside, they were threatening me with removal directions. I was very scared."

    Almost nine in 10 of those held at Yarl's Wood are women, yet around half of the staff are male.

  2. The sexual abuse of vulnerable women by Serco staff must stop.

    Serco, one of the largest and most powerful companies in the UK FTSE 250, privately runs Yarl’s Wood in Bedfordshire -- an immigration removal centre where vulnerable women are detained and in some cases, raped and sexually abused by the staff who are there to protect them.

    Worse still, we’ve just learned that one by one, the alleged victims and witnesses who are coming forward and testifying against Serco staff are being deported. The last remaining witness to this sexual abuse is in danger of being deported this month, without being given the opportunity to testify to police.

    Serco is hoping that if it makes a few concessions, and sacks a few staff, the controversy will die down. We won’t let it. Serco has shown that it’s incapable of protecting the vulnerable women in its care.

    Tell the Home Office to get rid of Serco and break its contract before the last sexual assault witness is deported.

    Serco is responsible for the rape and other sexual abuse that is happening on its watch.

    “They choose younger girls, the most vulnerable. They do whatever they want." That’s what “Tanja”, one brave witness and detainee at Yarl’s Wood said. The staff have worked out a convenient way to abuse the women in their care -- in the upstairs room set aside for asylum-seekers to take family photos. There's a nice sofa, curtains, and no CCTV up there.

    This is part of a pattern of abuse. In 2010 a 30-year-old woman became pregnant by an officer in Yarl's Wood. And many other women may be too fearful to testify or are deported before their case is sufficiently examined. These women are not criminals -- many have been victimised by traffickers or were in abusive relationships before they were detained.

    Some facts:
    • 50% of women asylum seekers are survivors of rape;
    • 70% of women in detention are rape survivors;
    • 57% of women in detention have no lawyers.

    After living through these traumas, some of these women have been subjected to the same experience at the hands of Serco staff.


    2nd November 2013 -

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    ***** Witness to Yarl's Wood sexual abuse detained & given flight just hours before she was due to give a police interview *****

    See todays Guardian Article here

    Sirah Jeng is a first-hand witness to the sexual abuse of 'Tanja', a Roma detainee, by a male officer in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre. 'Tanja's legal case against the Home Office was revealed by The Observer (14/09/13).

    In Yarl's Wood Sirah was shown CCTV footage that confirms her account and as soon as she was released on bail a month ago she came forward as a witness for 'Tanja'.

    Sirah was due to be interviewed by police officers at 5.00pm on Thursday (31st October) as part of the criminal inquiry into the case. The interview never happened.

    On Thursday morning Sirah was detained by the UKBA on her weekly visit to the reporting centre in Salford. She told them about her appointment with the police but was ignored and taken straight back to Yarl's Wood.

    When she got there she was given 'removal directions' to be deported to the Gambia on Monarch Airlines Flight ZB6478 from Gatwick at 9.00am on Tuesday, 5th November.

    Sirah has lived in Manchester for 12 years. She is married to a British citizen and came here on a spousal visa; her two children from a previous marriage have spent most of their lives in this country.

    The Home Office has been playing a 'cat-and-mouse' game with her for years, refusing to give her indefinite leave to remain and detaining her in Yarl's Wood on four previous occasions and trying to deport her.

    Over the past year she has been an active leader in the Movement for Justice group in Yarl's Wood.

    Sirah's detention and planned deportation is a cynical attempt to silence a brave fighter for the rights of women and immigrants and hide the truth about the regime of abuse in Yarl's Wood. Stop the Cover-Up! Sirah Jeng Must Stay!

    URGENT ACTION NEEDED NOW - We have less than two working days!

    Phone/fax/email the Home Office, quoting Sirah's Home Office Reference: J1140205/2

    Demand that Monarch Airlines refuses to collude with the UKBA's Cover-Up of Sexual Abuse:

    They must make the decision not to fly Sira Jeng to Gambia on Monarch Airlines Flight ZB6478 from Gatwick at 9.00am on Tuesday, 5th November. She is a witness in a criminal investigation into sexual abuse at Yarl's Wood, to accept her as a passenger is to collude in cover up and obstruction of a criminal investigation.

  4. Serco Group

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Serco Group plc

    Public limited company

    Traded as
    LSE: SRP

    Government Services


    Hook, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

    Key people
    Alastair Lyons (Chairman)
    Christopher Hyman (CEO)

    £4.832 billion (2012)[1]

    Operating income
    £314.8 million (2012)[1]

    Net income
    £245.9 million (2012)[1]

    100,000 (2013)[2]


    Serco Group plc is a British[3] government services company based in Hook, North Hampshire in the United Kingdom. Among its operations are public and private transport and traffic control, aviation, *MILITARY AND NUCLEAR WEAPONS CONTRACTS*, *DETENTION CENTRES AND PRISONS AND SCHOOLS*. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.


    The Union of Christmas Island Workers highlighted the systemic failure by Serco to manage the Christmas Island Detention Centre. The centre detains a large number of refugees including a 1,000 children.[64]Under Serco, there has been an increase of deaths in custody, self-harm, and of Serco staff beating prisoners. As well, there has been a deterioration of facilities leading to the decline of the physical and the mental health of detainees and of staff. Ombudsman Allan Asher on the Australian radio show AM said, "In the first week of June when I visited Christmas Island, more than 30 incidents of self-harm by detainees held there were reported."[64] Serco, in a staged memo leaked to The Australian, blamed the detainees for "creating a culture of self-harm," in order to use it as a "bargaining tool."[64] The former manager of the Serco run detention centre stated the centre was grossly understaffed whereby it was "typically 15 staff members short every day."[64]


    What is Serco hiding?

    Date May 7, 2013

    ...................Good business

    There is good money in detention centres.

    And given the cherished position of companies which win mandates to run privatised government assets, their duty of disclosure and transparency should be greater, not less.

    Serco occupies a dominant position in the market. It has 8000 people in its care (almost 3000 of this country's 5000 people in immigration detention) and there are the interests of many stakeholders to be considered, not least the taxpayer, on whose behalf elected officers in Canberra have struck billions in secret contracts.

    The lobbyists register shows Peter Costello's lobby group ECG Advisory Services (Jonathan Epstein, Peter Costello, David Gazard) has done work for Serco. What deals have been done? We do know that Serco has won $1.86 billion in contracts. Why are there no 'related party transactions' disclosed in the Serco accounts? What consultants are doing what? What are they earning, care of the taxpayer?

    As the economic and political status of Serco has increased, rather than diminished, there is no justification for this plunge in reporting standards and disclosure.

    “Serco and Deloitte seem to have taken a path of doing whatever it takes to avoid disclosures,” says Jeff Knapp. “Serco and Deloitte have some explaining to do. Who is going to hold them to account? The government, the corporate regulator (ASIC), the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia?

    “Serco's transition from reporting entity in 2003 to non-reporting entity in 2012 is another in a growing list of known examples of bad financial reporting practice. That list seems to be growing in size even faster than Serco.”

  5. Australia :


    (mentions JPP protests)

    Antony Loewenstein - Profits of Doom

    "................The effects of policies crafted in Western capitals have clear ramifications for citizens all around the world, but only if we care to look. This book considers the view from below, the experiences of people who are all-too-often invisible in the daily media cycle.

    John Pilger writes in the introduction to his book Heroes that citizens in the developing world are mostly framed in the West as ‘demons or victims’, a characterisation that automatically excludes perhaps the dirtiest word in modern English: imperialism. There isn’t a country I visit in the context of this book where this legacy hasn’t scarred the landscape and its people, and the offence is worsened by its omission from Western media reportage. It’s comforting to imagine that this ideology disappeared along with the age of sepia-tinged film, but that’s not the case. The propaganda has simply become more sophisticated and its proponents more brazen........"

    ..............For this book, I visited places that provide unique insights into the cashed-up world of disaster profiteers, resource hunters, war contractors and aid leeches. The narrative of supposed progress is seemingly unstoppable and beyond critique. After all, who doesn’t want to help the people of Papua New Guinea (PNG) become independent through mining if this is the path to nirvana? But the facts on the ground tell a different story.

    Australia has privatised all of its detention centres for asylum seekers, which are now run by multinational companies. Few other countries have so comprehensively outsourced such facilities to so few companies and with so little government oversight and media scrutiny. I visited two of the more remote facilities, to investigate the reality of this privatised world and how it affects refugees and the staff who work there.

    The struggle for valuable resources is happening not just in developing countries but much closer to my home. The Kimberley in Western Australia is experiencing a monumental fight over a proposed Woodside-managed liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant at JAMES PRICE POINT. The area could become one of the world’s major providers of gas in the coming decade, and I delve into the conflict taking place between environmentalists, the state and federal governments, and the local Indigenous community. This is a proxy battle in the coming war against catastrophic climate change amid conflicting ways of achieving a cooler earth.

    I travel to PNG, the recipient of the greatest amount of Australian aid annually, to see whether its mining boom has helped or hindered the country. Like so many other poor nations blessed with abundant resources, PNG is plagued by multinationals that have operated there for decades, investing billions of dollars in exploiting what lies beneath the ground while residents recoup few tangible benefits and see little effect on their standard of living. The environmental costs have been massive. Corruption is rife. The so-called resource curse is alive and well.

    The role of privatised militaries and intelligence gatherers since the attacks on New York and Washington on 11 September 2001 prompt me to visit Pakistan and Afghanistan, the heart of the West’s war on terror. It’s a murky world, far away from the slick rhetoric voiced in London, Washington and Canberra. There, I meet muscled contractors making a packet in the pursuit of profit ideals that have nothing to do with democracy or freedom.

    Finally, in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, which is still recovering from the devastating earthquake of January 2010, I see the collusion between multinationals, NGOs, government officials, armed UN troops, aid groups and donors, all of whom regard the outsourcing of essential tasks to for-profit companies as progress.

  6. G4S and Serco woes deepen with British fraud investigation

    LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has opened a criminal investigation into G4S and Serco's electronic monitoring contracts, increasing pressure on the embattled contractors.

    The SFO investigators will now decide whether to take the companies to court after an audit showed that, under a 2005 government contract, they charged for tagging criminals who were either dead, in prison or had never been tagged.

    The investigation could ultimately lead to fines or prosecution and neither G4S nor Serco can win further British government work until the completion of a second investigation by the Cabinet Office into every deal it has with the companies worth more than 10 million pounds. The result of that investigation is expected by the end of November.

    Britain's Ministry of Justice says that it spent 107 million pounds on the two tagging deals with the companies in 2012/13.

    Since the scandal first broke in May, both companies have lost their chief executives, launched their own internal inquiries and begun top-down reorganisation.

    Both companies said that they will cooperate fully with the SFO investigation.

    Serco faced allegations in August of fraud on a contract for prisoner escort services, resulting in some staff members being referred to the police and the contract being placed under Ministry of Justice supervision.

    The government has asked Serco to prove that it has overhauled its corporate practices or face being barred from future government work.

    G4S and Serco compete against each other in Britain, Australia and New Zealand to run prisons, tag criminals and escort prisoners to and from court. They also come up against Sweden's Securitas, the world's second-largest security company behind G4S, and French-listed Sodexo when bidding for criminal justice work.


    Though G4S and Serco cannot sign new contracts, they are allowed to bid for future work. Both are believed to be interested in probation services contracts worth about 500 million pounds in total.

    Serco is the preferred bidder to run three prisons in Yorkshire, with the award depending on the outcome of the investigations.

    The Shadow Justice Secretary, Labour's Sadiq Khan, said that the government should not allow G4S to win any further contracts until the SFO has completed its investigation - a process that can take years in some cases.

    G4S earns about 10 percent of its annual revenue from British government contracts, against about 25 percent for Serco.

    To prosecute the companies, the SFO must show that the boards of directors were complicit in wrongdoing; a much higher burden of proof than that required by equivalent U.S. agencies.

    SFO director David Green called in October for a law change to allow the body to prosecute more companies.

    Among recent high-profile investigations of large government contractors was that into defence supplier BAE Systems, which paid the SFO 30 million pounds in 2010, along with $400 million to the U.S. Department of Justice, to settle a long-running corruption investigation.

  7. Andrea Davison, Jimmy Savile, SERCO and How it all Fits In With Child Abuse, Covert Arms Shipments and Government Fraud

    Details have emerged from Court Documents and colleagues about ex spy Andrea Davison, who fled the UK in July 2012 after years of persecution by the British Authorities. Continuing the persecution DC 2056 Robinson of the Derby Police recently told Andrea Davison's stalker, Internet troll Gordon Bowden, where she was. The Derby Police told him she is living in Argentina and was not, as widely speculated, in the Ecuador Embassy with Julian Assange.

    Andrea was well known in Parliament and in the Media as a superlative investigator into covert arms deals, financial corruption and paedophilia in the Police, the Judiciary and the Government. She rose to notoriety during the 90’s when she was at the forefront of exposing the Conservative Government’s secret and illegal arms deals to Iraq. Working with the strange and enigmatic Spy Frank Machon she was given thousands of documents to prove the covert supply line and sent on a mission to expose to the Labour party that the Conservative Government was illegally selling arms to Iraq and Iran.

    Around this period Andrea also found time to work tirelessly to investigate paedophiles named by victims in the Police and the establishment such as Tory Peter Morrison MP, and Tory Derek Laud. Both were close friends of Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a close friend of Jimmy Savile who recently was exposed as a paedophile. She started to work with the then shadow Home Secretary Tony Blair who tried to get the then Home Secretary Kenneth Clarke to take action against the Police. But Clarke who years later as Justice Secretary would make sure Andrea was prevented from having a fair trial refused to help and instead protected the paedophiles in his Government and in the Police. Last Month Ben Fellows accused Clarke of being a paedophile

    Andrea and journalist Pete Sawyer continued the exposure through Scallywag magazine who’s co founder, and editor of its successor Spiked, Angus James Wilson, died mysteriously in Cyprus around 1996. Scallywag also exposed that MI5 took foreign diplomats and important people to the North Wales homes and secretly filmed them abusing and torturing boys to use the tapes for blackmail. This is a classic Intelligence modus operandi with regard to child abuse by the famous and influential – especially politicians that they want to control. The cover-up of child abuse over decades indicated the hand of the State Agencies. This all linked covert arms deals and child abuse.

    In Interviews victims had named a number of police officers including Fraud Squad officer DC Stephen Winnard who later arrested Andrea in 2010, senior judges, celebrities, and Politicians including, Derek Laud, McAlpine and Peter Morrison and also the Duke of Westminster. Victims claimed they were collected from the Children's Homes in expensive cars, including Jimmy Savile's Rolls Royce and taken to be abused by an elite paedophile ring. These interviews and other evidence were kept by Andrea.

    ........................Late 2009 she felt able to began a new investigation and was instructed to look into SERCO and who really owned Britain Nuclear deterrent. Silent Players were making fortunes from the grant of lucrative contracts involving billions of tax payer’s money and other secret money which appeared to be gathered from Government sponsored International fraud. SERCO was winning contracts in every area of British life from emptying the bins in Milton Keynes to running Prisons and providing probabtion services. Its power was staggering and it was slowly and incrementally taking over the Criminal Justice System.

    1. Serco tilts at legal aid bonanza

      SERCO, the outsourcing giant, may bid for lucrative government contracts that could deprive defendants in criminal trials of the right to choose their own lawyers.

      The move would give the company unprecedented power over Britain’s penal system, from operating prisons and transporting and tagging prisoners to providing solicitors.

      Under proposals from the Department of Justice, private companies would be allowed to tender for multimillion-pound deals to arrange representation for defendants. The move heralds the most wide-ranging reform of the legal aid system in decades and has been designed to save £220m a year.

  8. Andrea Davison, Jimmy Savile, SERCO and How it all Fits In With Child Abuse, Covert Arms Shipments and Government Fraud ..............cont...............

    Evidence indicated people in SERCO were covertly selling nuclear technology to anyone who would pay and in 2009 a massive on-going fraud network began to surface possibly linking the City of London Police and SERCO with frauds around the Globe. But just as this evidence was being compiled in January 2010 the Derby Fraud Squad working with the City of London Police Raided her small flat and removed all the evidence. At the same time they stole thousands of documents on arms to Iraq, the Jillings report and interviews with the victims of sexual abuse naming Police Officers and High profile abusers.

    Then followed years of persecution by the Derby Police and the State culminating in a trial in her absence, allegedly about documents the police had seized in January 2010 two and a half years earlier. During the trial there was no mention of SERCO or the paedophiles or the thousands of documents on Arms to Iraq. The Prosecution called in the Barrister Felicity Gerry whom they could trust to withhold evidence.

    Felicity Gerry rose to fame in 2011 when it emerged she had lied to the Crown Court in Nottingham to get the Ratcliff Power Station Activists convicted. Gerry acting for the Prosecution was directly responsible for the conviction of the Ratcliff power station activists. Following their conviction the activists appealed and during the hearing of their appeal it emerged that Gerry's key witness Mark Stone was actually an undercover cop Mark Kennedy. Kennedy had given evidence using a false name and was using false ID to live undercover as Mark Kennedy. He was using different identities and false ID and had been committing acts of terrorism and other crimes for years all sanctioned by the Police.

    Corrupt Barrister Felicity Gerry convinced a jury that intelligence agent Andrea Davison was a bad person because she used different identities, although no-one had lost any money because of this. Gerry also convinced judicial investigators that Mark Kennedy was acting perfectly normally because as an undercover Police officer he was entitled to use false ID and different names and commit serious crimes. You could not make it up!

    Bringing the case against Gerry up to date we have two stories. 1) 5th of April 2012 Despite an IPPC investigation no-one was charged with misconduct in public office and Gerry was not prosecuted or disbarred for lying to the Court


    2) October the 11th 2012 Felicity Gerry wrote an article published in the Times Newspaper entitled 'Jimmy Savile the Case for the Defence' in which she defended Jimmy Savile. These Paedophiles have no fear because they are fully protected by the Police and the Courts and by SERCO who runs major parts of the Criminal Justice System.

    Fortunately Andrea Davison was not without friends and although DC Stephen Winnard gloated to Andrea's stalker Gorden Bowden "we have seized her passport" she easily managed to escape from the United Kingdom and fly to the safety of Argentina. Andrea is now believed to be writing a very revealing book and script together with a well know author. The Movie should be a thriller.

    One question arises, on who's behalf did the British police prosecute an important British Intelligence Agent and who in the Tory Government authorised it? Something must be very wrong in the United Kingdom! It appears to me that Andrea is part of a Secret Intelligence war and who can tell who is working for who?

  9. Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile OBE

    ".................his mother Agnes, nicknamed the Duchess, who died in 1973. He lived with her for her last 16 years and has described the five days he spent alone with her body after her death as the best of his life."

    "..........I was first told about the real Jimmy Savile in the late 1990s in conversations with people who had serious insider knowledge about the British royal family and they said that Savile had been a close friend of Prince Philip until they had fallen out after a ‘big row’. When I questioned why someone like Savile would be so close to the royal family I was told about his paedophilia and necrophilia (sex with dead bodies) and, of course, his famous voluntary work at hospitals would have given him potential access to the mortuaries."


    Former Minister says Thatcher aide was paedophile who preyed on boys' home - and Hague should have known

    •An ex-Tory minister has claimed Sir Peter Morrison was implicated in the child abuse scandal that engulfed children's homes in North Wales
    •An inquiry discovered up to 650 children in 40 homes were sexually, physically and emotionally in the 1970s and '80s

    •Rod Richards, a former Tory MP, said he had seen evidence linking the former aide to Baroness Thatcher to the scandal

    A former Tory Minister last night made incendiary claims that one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest aides was implicated in one of the most harrowing child abuse scandals of recent times.

    Rod Richards, a former Conservative MP and ex-leader of the Welsh Tories, made the shocking allegation that he had seen evidence linking Sir Peter Morrison to the North Wales children’s homes case, in which up to 650 children in 40 homes were sexually, physically and emotionally abused over 20 years.

    Mr Richards also linked a second leading Tory grandee – now dead – to the scandals at homes including Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn Hall, both near Wrexham.

    He said official documents had identified the pair as frequent, unexplained visitors to the care homes.

    Mr Richards – who helped establish the inquiry that unearthed the scale of the abuse – said bluntly: ‘What I do know is that Morrison was a paedophile. And the reason I know that is because of the North Wales child abuse scandal.’

    He added that William Hague, who was Welsh Secretary at the time of the inquiry, ‘should have seen the evidence about Morrison’.

    Morrison was Lady Thatcher’s parliamentary private secretary and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party.


    How to protect every paedophile in Britain

    International children’s services provider, Core Assets Group has announced the acquisition of Carter Brown Associates Ltd – the UK’s leading family expert witness firm. It is at best regulatory indolence and at worst a disgrace that this acquisition is being allowed to go ahead.

    This latest acquisition by Core Assets – a rapidly expanding service supplier in the children and families sector – may make eminent sense for their business, but it makes no sense at all on the dimensions of justice and a level playing field for dysfunctional families; and while I would stress that absolutely no scandal I know of attaches to CAG, we must all wake up here and work out how paedophile rings operate.


    ....................Running straight after Fellows’ interview Oxford economist & terrorism expert Martin Summers, reminded us lawyer Kurt Haskell spotted the 2009 Underpants bomber being allowed onto the plane without a passport… again by private security.

    He also pointed out the alleged 9/11 hijackers boarded the doomed planes in Boston via private security firms. If those attacks are being carried out by a private military company ICTS & G4S could, far from preventing, be the facilitators of terror attacks said Summers.............."

  10. The Waterhouse Report

    By Simon Regan

    20 February 2000

    The fact that the Waterhouse report went as far as it did is highly commendable, and obviously long overdue. But the trouble with any investigation which tries to break through a ‘cult of silence’ is the lingering doubts that it will ever get down to the whole full truth of the matter. Waterhouse is probably merely the tip of the iceberg.

    The report suggests there is ‘no evidence’ that Freemasonry had anything to do with the scandal. Yet there were two inadequate and inconclusive police inquiries, including one into a senior officer, by a force in North Wales riddled with freemasons.

    There was a consistent lack of initiative on the part of the local Clwyd CC in the face of overwhelming evidence of consistent child abuse at Bryn Estyn, ostensibly because the council insurers advised against any action. This in itself insults democracy in a way that borders on the criminal. By a policy of non-action, both the police and the council became embroiled in a blatant cover-up.

    Anyone who has even vaguely become acquainted with paedophilia knows very well that they will go to the ends of the earth to keep their activities absolutely secret. They are professional experts in covering their tracks.

    In the early nineties, in the now defunct Scallywag magazine, which I founded, we interviewed in some depth twelve former inmates at Bryn Estyn who had all been involved in the Wrexham paedophile ring, which the tribunal acknowledges existed. Most of these interviews were extremely harrowing and disturbing, but were gently and sensitively conducted over pub lunches where the victim could relax. We subsequently persuaded ten of them to make sworn affidavits which we proposed to use as back up to half a dozen paedophile stories we later published.

    Two of these young men, who had been 14-years-old at the time, swore they had been not only introduced to the paedophile ring operating in the Crest Hotel in Wrexham but had later been escorted on three or four occasions to an address in Pimlico where they were further abused.

    We took them separately to Pimlico and asked them to point out the building where this had taken place. They were both positive in their identification. It turned out to be the private flat of a well known, and since highly discredited lobbyist who later went into obscurity in some disgrace because of his involvement with Mohammed al-Fayed and the ‘cash for questions’ scandal. At the time we ran a story entitled ‘Boys for Questions’ and named several prominent members of the then Thatcher government. These allegations went to the very top of the Tory party, yet there was a curious and almost ominous lack of writs.

    The lobbyist was a notorious ‘queen’ who specialised in gay parties with a ‘political mix’ in the Pimlico area – most convenient to the Commons – and which included selected flats in Dolphin Square. The two young men were able to give us very graphic descriptions of just what went on, including acts of buggery, and alleged that they were only two of many from children’s homes other than North Wales.

    There was, to my certain knowledge, at least one resignation from the Conservative office in Smith Square once we had published our evidence and named names.

    Subsequently, over a rent dispute which is still a matter of litigation, Dr. Julian Lewis, now Conservative MP for New Forest (East) but then deputy head of research at Conservative Central Office in Smith Square, managed to purchase the contents of our offices, which included all our files. It had been alleged that we owed rent, which we disputed, but under a court order the landlords were able to change the locks and seize our assets which included all our files, including those we had made on paedophiles. It was apparently quite legal, but it was most certainly a dirty trick.

    All of a sudden very private information, some of it even privileged between ourselves and our lawyer during the John Major libel action, was being published in selected, pro-Conservative sections of the media.


    UK Intel: Andrea Davidson, Dr. David Kelly, Julian Assange and Other Key Stories

    Veterans Today via Peter Eyre

    What do Julian Assange and Andrea Davison have in common?

    Why isn’t the world media camped outside this place?

    Because our government and others don’t want you to know what lies within!!

    What do they have in common…..they both become political asylum seekers in the Ecuador Embassy inLondon!!

    Have you ever asked yourself why the founder of WikiLeaks always reaches the front pages of our daily and international newspapers and yet this unknown entity (Andrea Davison) has little or no coverage!!

    We are all led to believe that the information that has been made available via WikiLeaks is explosive in its content and in some cases is an embarrassment to certain leaders and countries. However I do not totally agree with the intentions of Julian Assange as most of the highly sensitive information is totally out of date and no longer serves any purpose in today’s fast moving world……..I would even go a step further by saying all of this WikiLeaks garbage was a well orchestrated plan by the CIA and other intelligence agencies to make it appear to be a scoop and that Julian Assange forms part of that network.

    It is clear to me however that Andrea Davison has certainly more to offer the British and international media than Julian Assange could ever dream of and it ceases to amaze me why our Zionist controlled media is not camped outside of the Ecuador Embassy in London with their satellite dishes and reporters waiting to pounce on anyone coming from within.

    Andrea Davison is an ex Arms to Iraq investigator who had direct access to No10 Downing Street and more importantly should have been a “Star Witness” at the Chilcot Inquiry (Iraq Inquiry) but was never called, despite the fact that she did give evidence at the previous Scott Inquiry (held in camera).

    Maybe it is time to expose this elusive lady whose knowledge could easily bring down not only the current Prime Minister and his government but also many of the past PM’s and other senior MP’s and members of the House of Lord’s…… who is she?

    I think it is better for the lady herself to describe who she is rather than for me to enter into a pile of dribble and so here are her very own words and her story with the title being: Arms Spooks and Danger dated 1st July 2010:

    Dr David Kelly and Andrea Davison have several things in common both were experts on Biological Weapons and both were involved in the arms that went toIraqand WMD’s and both were whistleblowers.

    Andrea was an intelligence adviser to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on Arms to Iraq and also gave evidence to Scott Inquiry into Arms to Iraq, It was her whistle blowing to the then opposition leader Niel Kinnock that revealed that the then Conservative Government were selling arms to Iraq. In December 2009 she was getting a file together to send to the Chilcot enquiry

    David Kelly was allegedly ‘suicided’ in 2003 after meeting Andrew Gilligan, a BBC journalist who had spent some time writing about the war inBaghdad.. The Hutton enquiry was established to cover-up this dark deed and save Tony Blair embarrassment. For more details read

    US Air Force officer Mai Pedersen’s, Dr Kelly’s friends and colleague recently wrote to the attorney general Dominic Grieve saying that Mr Kelly could not have committed suicide. Two weeks earlier Andrea Davison had written to Dominic Grieve asking him to look into the seizure of all her documents into Arms toIraq.

  12. UK Intel: Andrea Davidson, Dr. David Kelly, Julian Assange and Other Key Stories


    In January this year 13 male officers raided Andrea’s home with a warrant issued under the Proceeds of Crime Act. They took from the building everything of value, confiscating her passport, drivers licence. all the keys to her property and vehicles and 7000 documents about Arms toIraqamongst a treasure trove of other documents and valuables including her watch. 6 Months later none of these have been returned.

    Following the raid, orgainsed by Derby Police in an effort to discredit her, Andrea’s home and car has been broken into. Her car tyres have been let down several times and doors that were locked have been opened and widows likewise. She has had three brake-ins that were reported to the police but no-one has been found.

    Andrea is afraid she may be ‘suicided’ and cannot protect herself because in April the Court made her virtually penniless by issuing a Restraining Order. This Court Order prevents her from spending any of her own money and also invidiously prevents her paying for legal advice or assistance to challenge the Courts Order.. Without a passport and made penniless by the Order of the Court she feels they are driving her towards suicide but states they will not succeed.


    It also so happened that on the same day Andrea Davison again did her own second press release in relation to the death of Dr. David Kelly which was titled:


    US Air Force Officer Mai Pederson who was part of Dr Kelly’s inspection team inIraqand his close friend until his death states Dr Kelly could not have killed himself.

    Mai was previously prevented from giving evidence to the Hutton Inquiry the farcical cover-up arranged by Tony Blair to get himself of the hook. Mai emphatically states Dr Kelly 59 could not have cut his own wrists due to an elbow injury.

    Writing to the New Attorney General Dominic Grieve Mai said that also Dr Kelly had difficulty swallowing pills, casting serious doubt on the Hutton Inquiry conclusion that he swallowed 29 painkillers before slitting his left wrist.

    Mr Grieve who is known to be a fair and good man has already said he believes the case could merit a further inquiry.

    Mr Grieve has also been asked to look into the case of Andrea Davison a former Arms Investigator and Intelligence adviser to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on arms toIraqwho’s house was raided in January 2010 by the Derby Police on spurious grounds. This raid resulted in the seizure of 7000 documents on arms toIraqsome of which were destined for the Chilcot Inquiry.

    Dr Kelly was found dead in woods near his home in 2003 after the Government exposed him as the source of a BBC report questioning Tony Blair’s government’s case for war inIraq.

    The evidence concerning the post-mortem of Dr Kelly has been classified for an amazing 70 years making the cover-up blatantly obvious.

    Insiders know there is a dark underbelly to the Intelligence game and David Kelly like Andrea Davison may have been caught up in a web of deception with powerful people out to destroy their ability to harm them. David Kelly may have lost his life killed by the same team who also murdered Johnathan Moyle and Johnathan Aiken’s PPS Milligan. Their trade mark is the bizarre. Or again he may have been driven to suicide.

    Mai’s call for an independent inquiry is not before time let us hope that Dominic Grieve will heed her call and make a stand against any question of cover-ups by the former Government and the ongoing action against Andrea Davison.

  13. UK Intel: Andrea Davidson, Dr. David Kelly, Julian Assange and Other Key Stories


    Ms Davison did further attempt to bring things into the public domain when she wrote the following article titled:


    Iraq Inquiry headed by Sir John Chilcot is calling on Andrea Davison to supply sensitive evidence which was seized by the Derby Police mid January 2010. Andrea a former adviser to the Trade and Industry Select Committee on Arms toIraqis struggling to know what to do. As she did when giving evidence to the Scott Inquiry into Arms of Iraq she expected to do so in total secrecy but the actions ofDerbypolice have made this impossible.

    The Iraq enquiry set up by Gordon Brown is convened for the purpose of examining the United Kingdom’s involvement in Iraq, including the way decisions were made and actions taken, to establish as accurately and reliably as possible what happened, and to identify lessons that can be learned. The Inquiry is considering the period from 2001 up to the end of July 2009.

    Gordon Brown (then Prime Minister) told the House of Commons, “No British document and no British witness will be beyond the scope of the Inquiry.” The Government has assured the Inquiry of the full co-operation of the relevant Departments.

    But conversely Brown either colluded, organised or aided and abettedDerbypolice seizing documents, mid January 2010, which were pertinent to the inquiry implicating himself in a cover-up. Five weeks later he would himself be called to the Inquiry to give evidence.

    TheseIraqdocuments were seized by DC Steven Winnard on the 13th of January just weeks before they were due to be presented to the Iraq Inquiry. Although by now everyone in the New Coalition Government knows about the seizure of the Iraq Documents from Andrea they have not been returned.

    Hywell Williams MP of Plaid Cymru whose party originated and led the call to impeach Tony Blair, in 2004 because of Blair’s decision to engage in an illegal war with Iraq, is making enquiries but so far without success.

    This begs the question will Iraq Inquiry be just another cover-up !

    UPDATE: The Iraq Inquiry closed and all attempts to get the ‘arms toIraq’ documents to the Inquiry failed. James Brokenshire MP Home Office Minister wrote to Hywell Williams MP but the documents still have not been returned.

    End of Andrea’s article.

    I am sure by now you are sitting on the edge of your seats wondering what this is all about. Well my friends Gordon Bowden and I have been writing about this and many other topics for some time and yet the main line media has failed to cover what we consider to be the “Biggest Scoop Of All Time.”

    Gordon and I are currently involved in our own court case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London because Ms Davison took exception to our many stories that accused her of fraud and so she took us to court on grounds of deformation etc but that’s another story.

    We have covered almost every topic available in our many articles from illegally purchased nuclear bombs (that were later stolen) to massive corporate fraud involving the senior executives of companies, banks and very senior MP’s and House of Lords including our dear current Prime Minister, David Cameron!!

    I will continue to feed you more information on the elusive Ms Davison and the information that she herself printed and in doing so open up a hornet’s nest of government lies that I will call WMD’s (weapons of mass deceit).

    Stay tuned for more nail biting stories that you will not read about in any of the censored British media or in fact any other media in the world……..why you may ask?……because it is the truth and that is what our respective governments do not want you to know!!


    Second Chance is a Queensland group monitoring and exposing the privatization and outsourcing of the prison estate in Queensland, where Serco are a major player. What they show is that the Newman Government is seriously considering privatizing most of Queensland prisons. This is based on the recommendations of a Commission of Audit undertaken by former Howard Government Treasurer Peter Costello. And who does Peter Costello's lobbying firm count as a client- you guessed it Serco.

    The overcrowding became prevalent after the Campbell Newman administration put their cost cutting regime into effect. The allure of contracting out management of prisons lies within the costs, with privatisation being reported as 10% cheaper to operate. This is because there are generally fewer staff per prisoner.

    The Newman government is now considering privatising all Queensland prisons, starting with Lotus Glen in the state’s far north.


    Queensland's anti-corruption watchdog claims it does not have the powers to investigate a complaint made against former treasurer Peter Costello.
    The Crime and Misconduct Commission on Tuesday said it could not investigate a "complaint of alleged official misconduct against Peter Costello" because it "falls outside the CMC's jurisdiction".

    Epstein Costello Gazard (ECG) Advisory Solutions - the private lobby group owned by Mr Costello and two of his former parliamentary staffers - was registered as the lobbyist for SP AusNet, Primary Health Care, ASG Group and Serco Asia Pacific while Mr Costello was overseeing the audit.

    The complaint lodged with the CMC - which included an 85-page dossier of company searches, invitations to Liberal National Party fund-raisers and details from official lobbyist registers - linked Mr Costello's roles as a co-owner of ECG, that company's lobbying work, and the former treasurer's close relationship with Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls.

    In a statement the CMC said: "Based on available information, a complaint of alleged official misconduct against Peter Costello, falls outside the CMC's jurisdiction ... the matter is closed."


    The Serco Group is the private contractor governed to operate and manage the SQCC facility. According to the companies opaque financial statements Serco Australia Pty Ltd enjoyed a rise in net profit from $49 million to $128 million last year, making the business of incarceration a very profitable one. The United Kingdom department of Serco is currently under investigation for the mismanagement of funds.

    According to a 1993 government inquiry titled, the Economic Aspects of Prison Privatisation: The Queensland Experience, various issues with the privatisation of prisons were expressed.There are varying problems associated with the state contracting out prison management. The management of prisons, and the functions of prison officers, cannot be reduced to the carrying out of mere administrative or routine tasks. By its very nature, the operation of prisons involves the exercise of coercion by one group of people over another. Another fundamental ideological difficulty with the privatisation of prisons relates to the premise that the setting and enforcing of the laws of society are inherently and essentially functions of the state, and that incarceration of offenders is an integral part of the legal process. It is even conceivable that an unscrupulous corrections entrepreneur would perversely rig parole recommendations to release prisoners who are troublesome, dangerous, sickly, or otherwise expensive to detain, while holding on to the more profitable inmates.


    "A Western Australian parliamentary enquiry found in June 2012 that Premier Barnett didn't follow the appropriate procedures when picking SERCO to run the hospital.

    ............The way in which a company like SERCO lobbies government was revealed when Western Australian treasurer Troy Buswell released a report of a visit to Britain in 2010 when he met with SERCO executives.

    ...........It was revealed in 2013 that former Australian treasurer Peter Costello ,who has been equally enthusiastic about granting SERCO contracts in Queensland and leading an "independent audit" of the states finances,part owns the consultancy Epstein Costello Gazard, which has lobbied for SERCO Asia Pacific.


    Who's running the place?


    1. Serco gets prisoner security nod

      GARETH PARKER, The West AustralianMay 5, 2011,

      The State Government has announced prominent government-services company Serco has been awarded preferred tender status to run WA’s prisoner transport, court security and custodial services operations.

      Serco has been in the public eye in recent months over its handling of the contract to manage Australia’s immigration detention centres in the wake of asylum seeker riots at Christmas Island and Villawood.

      Serco is set to win the WA custodial services contract from incumbent G4S, which presided over the tragic death of Aboriginal elder Mr Ward who died in the back of an unair-conditioned prison van in January 2008.

      Today’s announcement coincided with the Department of Corrective Services pleading guilty in the Kalgoorlie Magistrate’s Court to charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act in relation to the Mr Ward case.

      It faces a maximum $400,000 penalty when it is sentenced on a date to be fixed.

      Serco is also in line to win a lucrative contract to provide a raft of services to the new Fiona Stanley hospital – something that is the subject of a union campaign.

      Corrective Services Minister Terry Redman said the new contract would run for five years with two options that could see it extended to a maximum of 10 years.

      He claimed the new contract would deliver “improved quality of service” with “a focus on duty of care and the delivery of all services in a safe, humane and decent manner”.

      The existing $25 million-a-year contract provides that it can be terminated only after two separate deaths in custody in a year, it was revealed in March to a parliamentary committee.

      At the time, Department of Corrective Services Commissioner Ian Johnson said the new contract would see that provision changed in the new contract to just one death.

      G4S and two prison guards have been charged by WorkSafe under occupational health and safety laws over Mr Ward’s death.

      Serco will negotiate a contract with the Department of Corrective Services. Assuming negotiations proceed smoothly, Serco will take over custodial services responsibilities on July 31.

  16. It's like the Roma gypsies and the McCann case.

    As soon as the police released the 2 identikit pictures of the 2 suspects the gypsy stories were all over the place.

    As everyone knows when the shit hits the fan blame it on the gypsies.It has always been that way.

    So the best guess would be they got close to the well connected people involved in the paedophile ring that took her and the trail had to be covered up.

    But you can bet your last dollar that to get that level of cover up the trail led right to the top as usual.


    Serco recently won a West Australian government contract to manage a new, one-of-a-kind youth prison that will house 18 to 24-year-old male offenders from mid-2012.

    .............Another flaw in the tender process was the 'public sector comparator' — the estimate of what the proposed project would cost if the public sector were to undertake it. The standard comparator was carried out by the WA Government's independent body of choice, KPMG. However, KPMG has worked with Serco on a number of state, national, and international contracts in the past, and there is currently speculation that the consultants were advising both the State government and Serco at the same time. The government will neither confirm nor deny the allegations, according to Shadow Minister for Corrective Services Fran Logan. Logan questioned Corrective Services Minister Terry Redman in parliament about the matter, stating:

    "My understanding is that KPMG were called in to give advice to the government over this contract. There's allegations that they were also advising Serco about contracting out services, and possibly at the same time, but at this stage there is no evidence. My understanding is that KPMG are Serco's advisor of choice both here and in New South Wales."

    Redman avoided the question.

    ...............Indigenous rates of incarceration are distressingly high throughout Australia, but none so high as those of Indigenous males within the vulnerable 18-25 year age range. Taking into account adult, youth and juvenile incarceration rates, one in 20 Western Australian Indigenous males is currently in prison or detention.

    Gerry Georgatos, who is doing a PhD on deaths in custody in Australia, believes Serco lacks the track record to manage the new centre. "It greatly distresses me to know that young people, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, will be at the hands of Serco," he told New Matilda. "Serco fails asylum seekers in terms of cultural understandings, why all of a sudden will it have the awareness to understand Aboriginal people?"

    Although Serco has never run a youth facility in Australia, it currently runs two in the UK — one of which is the Hassockfield Training Centre. In 2004, a 14-year-old boy committed suicide at Hassockfield after mistreatment and mismanagement by Serco guards. He was the youngest person to die in custody in British history.

    Colin Penter, who is spokesperson for the community group Serco Watch, told NM: "There is a constant pattern of excessive use of force and disregard for the wellbeing of people in Serco's care. They are essentially a law unto themselves. As they care for more and more vulnerable people, the worry grows."


    New inquest ordered into teenage boy's death in custody

    Judge rules that unlawful force was used to restrain 14-year-old who hanged himself in a secure unit

    The high court has ordered a fresh inquest into the death of a teenage boy who hanged himself in a secure unit.

    Adam Rickwood, 14, from Burnley, became the youngest person to die in custody in modern times when he hanged himself at the Hassockfield secure training centre in Consett, County Durham, in 2004.

    Following a five-week inquest last year, a jury found that Adam had deliberately taken his own life.

    But his mother, Carol Pounder, of Burnley, took the case to the high court because the coroner had refused to rule on the legality of physical restraint methods used on Adam hours before his death.

    Today, Mr Justice Blake said the force used on Adam was clearly unlawful.

    "A proper inquiry into factors that might have contributed to Adam's death and formed a material circumstance as to how he came by his death, required consideration of whether the staff of the centre were operating in accordance with the law in the use of force on the children assigned to their care," he said.

  18. New inquest ordered into teenage boy's death in custody


    The judge sent the case back to Durham coroner Andrew Tweddle for him to conduct a new inquiry before a fresh jury.

    The court had heard that Adam killed himself at the 40-bed secure unit just six hours after being forcibly restrained by four adult guards and subjected to the "nose distraction technique", in which pressure is applied to the nose with the deliberate intention of causing pain.

    Adam was described as "a deeply troubled and deeply vulnerable child" who, despite his youth, had a history of drug abuse, self-harming and suicide attempts.

    ..............Today, Mr Justice Blake said that, "unsurprisingly", no one had sought to argue during the high court hearing that what happened to Adam was in accordance with the law on disciplinary regimes for children in custody. Adam was not causing, threatening or inciting violence, and the order to return to his locked cell was against the rules.

    It was equally wrong for such non-violent disobedience to be met with the "first response" procedure of calling for emergency assistance.

    The physical interference with Adam was also a breach of the rules and, strictly, an assault on him.

    And the use of the nose distraction technique was unjustified and disproportionate.

    "On top of all that ... it can now be seen that, not only was there no lawful authority to do any of this to Adam, but doing this to him was subjecting him to at least degrading treatment contrary to Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights," the judge said.

    The coroner's withdrawing from the jury the question of the legality of the force used on Adam had "undermined the integrity of this inquisition".

    The judge quoted from a letter left by Adam for his family: "Lately, over the past two months or so, things have been very hard for me and it's all just got to the point where my head goes."

    In his written description of the incident, he said: "My nose started bleeding and swelled up. It didn't stop bleeding for about one hour and afterwards it was swelled badly and really sore and hurting me a lot.

    "When I calmed down, I asked them why they hit me in the nose and jumped on me. They said it was because I wouldn't go to my room so I said what gives them the right to hit a 14-year-old child in the nose and draw blood and they said it was a restraint."

    Mr Justice Blake said: "If Adam's question had been answered by the coroner or left open to the jury to consider with appropriate directions, the answers would have been clear.

    "There was no right to hurt such a child in these circumstances."

    It was "fanciful" to suppose that such an answer would have had no impact on the jury's consideration of factors contributing to the death.

  19. Devon NHS children's services set for privatisation

    Outcome of tendering process for core services for vulnerable families could provide foretaste of NHS break-up, critics fear

    ..............The Guardian has learned that NHS Devon and Devon county council have shortlisted bids led by two private, profit-making companies – Serco and Virgin Care – to provide frontline services for children across the county, including some of the most sensitive care for highly vulnerable children and families, such as some child protection services, treatment for mentally ill children and adolescents, therapy and respite care for those with disabilities, health visiting, and palliative nursing for dying children.


    END CHILD DETENTION NOW exposes UKBA’s misleading claims to parliament on damning medical report.

    This piece was written by Clare Sambrook and first appeared at OpenDemocracy

    Back in October, a study by NHS paediatricians and psychologists, Lorek et al, found that babies and children were being harmed at Yarl’s Wood detention centre.

    The doctors recorded children’s ‘increased fear due to being suddenly placed in a facility resembling a prison’, their weight loss and tummy pains, how older children were so stressed they wet their beds and soiled their pants.

    The study related the photographing and the fingerprinting, the roll calls and the body searches, the ID cards that children must carry at all times, the ten locked doors between freedom and the family centre, the steep deterioration in parents’ mental health and parenting abilities, the self-harm and the suicide attempts.


    "Christine Rau, the sister of Cornelia Rau who was held unlawfully in the Baxter detention centre and Queensland jails, causing a furore over Immigration detention in Australia, has slammed the preferred immigration tenderer - UK jail services contractor Serco's Australia subsidiary - in an opinion piece this morning in the Sydney Morning Herald," WA Human Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

    "Ms Rau, a free-lance journalist, points at the human rights abuses of the company in the UK, where the company was subject to an inquiry ordered by the British High Court,

    "Last week, Australia's Immigration Minister Senator Chris Evans, announced that Serco Australia, who also operates Western Australia's Acacia prison - where several deaths in custody raised many questions in the early 2000's - has become his preferred tenderer to operate Australia's Immigration detention centres, but the company has a history of deaths in custody in the UK and it was subject to several inquiries," Project SafeCom's Jack H Smit said.

    "Serco is a company under a cloud, and Labor in persisting on the privatisation of refugee jails is once again manipulating its supporters, voters and adherents in backpeddling on its own confirmed party policy under which it promised that when elected it would return the running of immigration detention centres to the Australian public service."

    "It is deplorable that the Immigration Minister, under pressure of the "jail-happy" agents in his Immigration department, is continuing a situation where he risks further human rights abuses and even detention deaths by wanting Serco to run Australian detention centres," Mr Smit concluded.



    Children and Young People

    Improving the lives of children and young people through highly integrated services, is at the core of local government's work to shape the communities we live in. The 'Every Child Matters' agenda presents both opportunity and challenge, at a local and national level, to develop child and family centric services which have a positive impact on children and young people, across the full range of the 5 outcomes.

  20. Who's running the place?

    "We around the globe are now being led by the most inept fukwits history has ever known"

  21. Who's running the place?


    The House of Windsor were officially the German House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha) until they changed their name to Windsor during the First World War as an exercise purely in public relations with Britain at war with Kaiser Wilhelm and their other relatives in Germany.


    BELGIUM’S KING ALBERT II announced his abdication yesterday, handing the throne to his son, saying that after two decades at the helm of the tiny country he felt too old and frail to continue.

    The 79-year-old intends to step aside on 21 July, Belgium’s national day.

    ............Albert has faced tough times this year.

    Last month a 45-year-old sculptor, Delphine Boel, went to court to win official recognition as his natural daughter, not long after a financial scandal that triggered a government decision to force the royal family to pay taxes on its state allowances for the first time.

    As the second son of King Leopold III (1901-1983) and Astrid of Sweden (1905-1935), Albert was never destined to reign but was forced to ascend to the throne in 1993 on the death of his older brother King Baudouin, who passed away without an heir.

    His decision to step down is the first voluntary abdication in the history of Belgium. The country gained independence from the Netherlands in 1831.

    .................Six kings from the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha — now known simply as the royal house of Belgium — have headed the constitutional monarchy since independence.


    "Bloodlines of the Illuminati"
    "p. 205) and his speeches Fritz Springmeier cites a secret castle situated near the village of Muno in Belgium. This castle according to Springmeier, is a center of the occult and has a cathedral with a dome containing 1000 lights. The castle is referred to as the Mothers-of-Darkness castle and Monarch programming is supposedly performed on children there. This castle is also known as the "Castle of Kings". Its real name is "Chateau des Amerois" and it is located in Bouillon (Belgium), near the village of Muno. This castle and its domain, the Muno forest once belonged to Prince Philippe of Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha, Count of Flanders and father of King Albert I. He purchased the property in 1869 to the Marquis van der Noot d'Assche.The castle of Romantic style was built in 1877 for Philippe of Saxe-Cobourg Gotha by the architect Gustave Saintenoy. It has 365 windows. This castle was later bought by Alice Solvay, niece of the Belgian scientist and industrialist Ernest Solvay and today is apparently still owned by the Solvay's.


    Prince Philippe of Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha

    He was born Prince Ferdinand Philipp Maria August Raphael of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha-Koháry, he was the eldest son of August of Saxe-Coburg-Kohary and Clémentine of Orléans.
    excerpt from Dutroux X Files:
    "From personal experience, X2 mentioned having seen Prince Laurent, the brother of Belgium's present crown prince. Laurent apparently was more interested in masturbating at child abuse orgies than taking part in the actual abuse (199).


    (Paedophilia File: The Scandal of the Dutroux Affair) p. 259, Jean Nicolas and Frédéric Lavachery also mention the Amerois castle as a place where satanic ritual parties with children sacrifices allegedly took place. A report of the Dutroux affair refers to the letter of a retired gendarme talking about his castle. At the beginning of April 1996, he hosted a Mexican priest. A Dutch friend of the priest came to pick him up. The Dutch mentioned the Château des Amerois as a place where satanic soirées took place with children sacrifices. An American from the NATO, who allegedly took part to one of these parties and felt disgusted, gave this information to the Dutch.


  22. Who's running the place?


    Dutroux affair haunts Belgian police

    When Marc Dutroux was arrested and charged with the kidnap and murder of four young girls in 1996, the Belgian public reacted with shock and outrage.
    These feelings were compounded when it became apparent that police and officials had shown gross incompetence in allowing Dutroux to evade capture.

    Officials were accused of ignoring informants, mistreating the parents of the victims and failing to pass on vital information

    Dutroux had been released on parole after an earlier conviction for raping five girls, and despite a string of clues and tip-offs, police failed to make the connection between him and a series of abductions.

    Their most notorious failure came when officers searched his home, but failed to find two eight-year-old girls - Melissa Russo and Julie Lejeune - held prisoner in the basement.

    The pair later starved to death after Dutroux was arrested on a completely separate issue - car theft.

    Officials have also been accused of mistreating the parents of the victims, and of failing to pass vital information between prosecutors and police.

    The police faced further humiliation in 1998 when Dutroux suceeded in escaping for three hours after overpowering an officer who was guarding him.

    Their humiliation deepened when it was revealed that Dutroux had been allowed to leave the prison where was being held, in order to view documents which would be used in his trial.


    Dutroux had finally been arrested in August 1996, and charged with kidnapping and murdering two girls and two young women.

    While in custody, he admitted being involved in the four abductions - and in kidnapping two other girls who were found alive.

    But Dutroux insisted he had had nothing to do with the four murders.

    The bodies of the two eight-year-olds, Melissa and Julie, were found on 18 August 1996, in the garden of one of Dutroux's homes near Charleroi.

    The two others, 17-year-old An Marchal and 19-year-old Eefje Lambreks, kidnapped on 22 August 1995, were found on 3 September 1996, in the house of one of his alleged accomplices, Bernard Weinstein.

    Weinstein was himself killed - and his body found in the garden of one of Dutroux's homes. Dutroux said he had drugged his friend and buried him alive in March or April 1996 after Weinstein tried to double-cross him.

    Call for reform

    In the wake of Dutroux's arrest, hundreds of thousands of Belgians took to the streets to protest at officials' handling of the case, and called for sweeping reforms of the judicial system.

    The government - shaken by the immense scale of public anger - promised changes to the constitution to reduce political interference in the judicial process.

    The country's then-Prime Minister, Jean-Luc Dehaene, promised to end political appointments of judges, and to establish an information centre on missing children.

    A special commission was created to investigate the handling of the case, and several police officers were disciplined on charges of negligence and corruption.

    Dutroux is currently in prison serving a five-year sentence he received for threatening a police officer during his 1998 escape.

    He is expected to face trial early next year.


    Published on Nov 9, 2012

    A man who was abused in North Wales care homes has told how he was routinely taken to London and forced to take part in sex parties.

    He alleges he was regularly abused as a 12-year-old boy by members of the establishment in a smart London flat.

    Michael was 10 when he was first taken into care at the former children's home called Bersham Hall near Wrexham, North Wales.
    He quickly became drawn into the abusive regime at the home.

    But he says it was when staff from another home called Bryn Estyn in Wrexham moved to Bersham Hall that the abuse became worse.

    Michael, who is now 44, was one of a number of boys who would be taken down on a minibus that belonged to the home to London on a Friday evening.

    He told Sky News: "I'm going to be blunt, we were taken to sex parties and we'd be traded off and displayed and we would be picked out one by one."

    He said: "To us it was great, we could drink, we could smoke we could be naughty we were in the adult world - fantastic.

    "Then uncle 'whoever' would pat his knee and call you over and he'd give you another drink and he'd talk to you.

    "A lot of them were quite old men, 50s or 60s, very posh. They would take us away to separate bedrooms where we were abused.

    He has now reported allegations of rape at the parties to his local police force.


    In 2008, Paul Kidd, a Buckingham Palace butler was also caught for rapes he committed on children for 30 years, while working for the Royal family.


    In 1999, an international enquiry under the code name Ore led to arrests in Holland & England, where the cops established links with Labour party pedophile members & the prostitution of trafficked children from Belgium & Portugal [6]. Blair’s ass was so much on the stove he imposed the media not to spill out any names [7].


    The orphans were also used by the MI5 to record their sexual acts with foreign diplomats on film.

    Mountbatten was also the one to get Jimmy Savile to be the first civilian to be decorated by a green beret, a military distinction, in 1966.

    Edward VIII & Mountbatten were also under the suspicion of sharing homosexual relationships, even though they were cousins.

    He died in the explosion of his ship in 1979, blamed on the IRA, though several rumors pointed towards the secret services. Furthermore we know he was with a 14YO boy, Nicholas Knatchbull, when the explosion occurred.


    Simon Regan (deceased) was editor of Scallywag Magazine

    Read more:- link to one actual Scallywag article about McAlpine written by Angus James

    The final paragraph in Scallywag's Article reads "and by the way just for the record the editors of Scallwag absolutely hate satsumas"

    This Satsuma reference is to Stephen Milligan who was a Tory MP and Parliamentary Private Secretary to the notorious Tory cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken. Stephen Milligan the PPS who knew too mutch. On 7th February 1994, he was reported to have been found tied to a chair with a plastic bag over his head and a satsuma stuffed into his mouth. The usual embarrassment surrounding these cases seem to have prevented the press from carrying out an in-depth investigation into various discrepancies in the case. Aitken, was known to have an particular interest in Sado-Masochistic sex - Milligan wasn't. He was a normal guy engaged at the time to a woman who is now a Tory MP. More relevant perhaps is Aitken's well-documented links to intelligence agencies and his role in shadowy arms deals that were conducted in the Ritz hotel in Paris in 1993.At this time Aitken was the head of an International Intelligence Service called Le Cercle and Milligan was taken out in this bizarre way perhaps as a warning to Aitken or perhaps to silence him. Aitken quickly toppled from his high perch shortly after Milligans Death.


    And that is that ...............we all know who is running the place!


    1. MI6 'spy in the bag' Gareth Williams probably died in accident say UK police

      (No this is not a Monty Python sketch)

      A British MI6 codebreaker whose naked body was found padlocked in a holdall inside a bathtub three years ago, most likely killed himself by accident, police have said.

      A fresh review of the mysterious "spy in the bag" case has concluded that 31-year-old intelligence analyst Gareth Williams was not murdered but had climbed into the bag without assistance.

      The police findings contradict those of a coroner who concluded at an inquest last year that another person was probably involved in Williams's death.

      "My personal view at the end of the investigation is that what happened was an accident," Martin Hewitt, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of London's Metropolitan Police, said.

      "I am convinced that Gareth's death was in no way related to his work."

      He admitted that several "odd" factors remained - notably the fact that no DNA was found on the padlock, and there were no handprints on the bathtub.

      "Most of the fundamental questions in relation to how Gareth died remain unanswered," he said.

      "It is unlikely that his death will ever be satisfactorily explained."

      The decomposed body of the talented mathematician was found locked in a North Face holdall inside the bath of his apartment in London's upmarket Pimlico district in August 2010.

      Coroner Fiona Wilcox concluded at the inquest last May that Williams probably died of suffocation or poisoning.

      She had heard from experts who had repeatedly failed to padlock themselves into bags identical to his holdall.

      One expert said escapologist Harry Houdini "would have struggled" to pull off the feat.

  24. Marquess' claim to mining rights prompts 'peasants' revolt'

    Homeowners launch campaign after landowner applies to assert 'manorial' right to extract minerals from under houses

    A wealthy and politically powerful landowner has applied to the Land Registry to assert his "manorial" rights to extract minerals from under hundreds of properties in the London commuter belt.

    Lawyers acting for the Marquess of Salisbury, who owns land in Dorset, Hertfordshire and London and who is worth an estimated £300m, has written to residents in Welwyn Garden City to claim his ancestral rights, which stem from a Victorian court case. These include "market and fair rights, sporting rights and rights in respect of the mines and minerals beneath the property". The letter goes on to say: "In reality it is the mineral rights which are of the most significance."

    Mineral rights offer the potential to extract resources – although digging would require permission from the land holder. The letter said the lord of the manor had to act, as the right would have been "extinguished" by a piece of legislation passed by Tony Blair's government in 2002.

    Furious residents, however, have launched a "peasants' revolt" on Facebook and plastered the town with printouts expressing anger over the move. "We are here to tell the good lord to frack off," said Amanda White, a psychologist, who has received the landowner's letter.

    White says she wants the peer, who is descended from Elizabeth I's adviser Lord Cecil, and whose forefathers include three ministers, to give up his claim to the land.

    "I am in the middle of selling my house, and had to reveal that to the buyer. I sold it in 24 hours and got the asking price, but since I've had to tell them that the marquess can hunt and shoot and dig up my back garden there's been no communication."

    Others complain that they have had little help from councillors or the local MP, Tory party chair Grant Shapps. Shapps's office told White that there were few people who were "aware of the intentions of the Marquess of Salisbury, and it may just be to safeguard a right that was due to expire".

    Kim Thomas, another member of the campaign, claimed: "We just got the brush-off from Grant [Shapps]. It is understood Shapps has been contacted by approximately two dozen constituents and has written to them to say he believes their property rights will not be affected.

    The current marquess is a former Tory leader in the House of Lords. On Saturday, the local Conservative Association is hosting its annual Christmas market at the riding school in Hatfield House, the Salisbury family seat.

  25. Tony Abbott set to crack down on politicians' dubious travel claims

    The government has tightened the rules on politicians’ travel expenses, after a Fairfax Media campaign revealed MPs were regularly claiming taxpayer money to attend weddings, football matches and check on their far-flung investment properties.

    The rule changes, detailed by Special Minister of State Michael Ronaldson in Melbourne this morning, will clamp down on politicians claiming expenses on weekend stopovers at destinations en route to Canberra.

    The changes will also stop politicians employing relatives in parliamentary or electoral offices.Mr Ronaldson said that MPs will have to sign a strengthened travel declaration where they acknowledge that they would have to repay the claim, with a fine of an additional 25 per cent, if it is later found to be unwarranted


    WA politicians on the gravy plane

    Taxpayers will be stung with a hefty bill to fly WA-based ministers and Liberal MPs, spouses and children to Canberra on a luxury RAAF jet for next week's opening of Parliament.

    The Weekend West can reveal one of the Government's 737 Boeing business jets has been booked to fly three Abbott Government ministers, six Liberal MPs and seven of their family members to the nation's capital.

    The plane will be flown empty from Canberra's Fairbairn base tomorrow morning for the Perth pick-up.

    The opening of the new Parliament will be held on Tuesday.

    Among those on the flight are MPs already under the spotlight for their use of parliamentary entitlements.

    Canning MP Don Randall, his wife Julie and daughter Tess are booked on the flight, as are Liberal MP Steve Irons and wife Cheryle.


    The plane is due to leave Perth at 2pm tomorrow, more than 1½ hours before the last direct flight to Canberra leaves Perth.

    Under the Rudd, Gillard and Howard governments, Perth-Canberra VIP flights ahead of parliamentary sitting weeks were invariably scheduled after the last direct flight to Canberra, to encourage the use of cheaper flights on Qantas or Virgin.

    Fuel costs for the VIP flight - including the empty Canberra-Perth leg - will be more than $30,000.

    But wages for the seven crew, landing costs, maintenance and refreshments for the passengers will see the total cost for the trip run much higher.

    One parliamentary worker said bringing the departure time forward had encouraged more family members to take the VIP flights, forcing many staffers on to commercial flights at taxpayers' expense.

    "Staffers are being bumped because ministers and MPs want to use the aircraft as their family holiday vehicle," the worker said.

    Flight-Lt Paul Kennedy of RAAF 34 Squadron warned last week that some staffers would miss out on the flight because politicians' spouses would take priority.

    New Defence Minister David Johnston, who is flying with wife Toni Hodge, signed off on the aircraft being used for the trip.

    Justice Minister Michael Keenan's wife Georgina and their two young children will also be on the flight.

    The largesse comes at a time when the Abbott Government is demanding big savings from the public service.

    A spokeswoman for Senator Johnston said the flight was within entitlement.
    "As is long-standing practice, special purpose aircraft are used in accordance with Commonwealth Government guidelines to transport entitled persons to meet their official commitments," she said in a statement.

    1. Federal budget: New report predicts $10 billion deficit blowout

      A respected economic forecaster is predicting a federal budget deficit blow out of nearly $10 billion this financial year.

      Treasurer Joe Hockey is putting the finishing touches on the mid-year budget which he is likely to release just before Christmas.

      The last official budget forecast came during the election campaign when the Treasury said the budget would be in deficit by $30 billion this financial year.

      But the Budget Monitor from Deloitte Access Economics says the deficit will be $39.7 billion.

      Deloitte Access Economics' Chris Richardson says Mr Hockey's decision to inject $8.8 billion into the central bank will hit this year's bottom line.

      "Basically, the Reserve Bank lost reserves in recent years," he said.

      "It wants to see them rebuilt; that is a cost to the budget; it's all fallen this year.

      "It's a lot of dollars. You might eventually see some of those dollars head back to the Government, but it gives a really rotten budget deficit this year."

  26. No waffle: Belgium's king says $1.3m not enough

    Belgium's former king is finding it hard to live in a style befitting an ex-monarch on his €923,000 ($1.3 million) pension, and is seeking a royal pay rise.

    Among the improvements ex-king Albert II would like are getting the Belgian navy to take over the running of his $6.5 million luxury yacht.

    The government in Brussels has ruled out any increase in the €923,000 allowance paid to Albert since his July abdication, despite reports he sees it as too little to live on.

    "The government is not going to change one comma of the accord thrashed out earlier this year on annual payments to the royal family," Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo told parliament.


    "The government has no intention, directly or indirectly, to change anything at all in this important reform," Mr Di Rupo said as the story topped local news bulletins.

    The prime minister, whom the king had singled out for praise in his abdication address, was responding to reports Albert II felt he had been short-changed.

    The king "says he has not been treated as he had hoped and that he now finds himself in difficulty", one unnamed source told the Le Soir daily.

    Up until his abdication after 20 years as king, Albert enjoyed a yearly tax-free allowance of €11.5 million to pay for the upkeep of the whole royal household.

    But on stepping down in favour of his son Philippe, the popular monarch was handed €923,000 before tax - €700,000 net - under the new payments regime.

    Though also provided with a team of 10 aides, he is "complaining bitterly about the annual payment", said Le Soir's court correspondent.

    Certain "associates", worried by his "poor morale and recriminations", are trying "to find a solution to increase his income indirectly", the daily said.

    Luxury yacht

    Several options were reportedly being considered - the government might pay the costs of his official residence or the navy take over the running of his luxury yacht, said to be worth €4.6 million.

    Other unnamed sources cited by Le Soir said Albert II had even taken his gripes to the government, including to Mr Di Rupo, but that given its effort to stick to a tight budget there was no hope of change.

    The monarchy is a key symbol of unity in a Belgium sharply divided between its Flemish north and French-speaking south but it is not immune to controversy or criticism, especially over its cost.

    In June, the government made the royal household pay taxes for the first time ever after an outcry over former Queen Fabiola's decision to set up a private foundation at the age of 84 for her nephews and Catholic charities.

    The move was widely criticised as a way of avoiding 70 per cent death duties on her estate even though Fabiola receives a state allowance - which was cut from €1.4 million to €923,000, in keeping with the new guidelines.

    Another skeleton in the royal cupboard concerns Albert II more personally - Belgian sculptor Delphine Boel is seeking to win official recognition as his natural daughter.

    As king, Albert II enjoyed legal immunity but having abdicated he faces court action after Ms Boel named him and her legal father Jacques Boel in a suit to establish her true paternity.

    Her mother is Mr Boel's former wife, Baroness Sybille de Selys Longchamps who, according to a 1999 book, had an affair with Albert in the 1960s before he became king.

  27. Energy giant Chevron buys first piece of land in the Elizabeth Quay development for $64 million

    Energy giant Chevron has purchased the first parcel of land at the new Elizabeth Quay development on the Swan River.

    Chevron bought the 6,795sqm site on the corner of Barrack Street and the Esplanade for $64 million.

    Eight other lots are available for purchase at the site.

    The premier Colin Barnett said it expected to secure $440 million from land sales at Elizabeth Quay.

    "Chevron's decision is a significant milestone for the Elizabeth Quay project and a sign of confidence in both this waterfront precinct and the future of the State," he said.
    Design guidelines for the project will allow Chevron to build a tower up to 36 storeys.

    Chevron's construction is expected to start in late 2016.

    The Planning Minister John Day said Chevron paid more for the land than what the Government had budgeted for.

    "It is a very good result," he said.

    "It is a substantial price that Chevron is paying but it is also a very high quality precinct in probably the best real estate in Perth in Western Australia."


    Gorgon offer may not stop strike

    EMPLOYERS have offered pay rises totalling 16.5 per cent and job security guarantees to a group of offshore oil and gas sector workers, but the offer may not avert strike action at a contractor servicing Chevron's $52 billion Gorgon project. The Maritime Union of Australia has been given two weeks to accept the offer, which does not deliver on a range of other key union demands, including a cut in the number of consecutive weeks they spend working offshore. The Fair Work Commission yesterday approved a union application for a ballot of about 100 cooks, stewards and seafarers employed by contractor Tidewater to consider strike action.

    MUA assistant national secretary Ian Bray said the ballot would start in a fortnight and be run over six weeks with any decision to take strike action unlikely before early January.The union is seeking annual 6 per cent pay rises totalling 24 per cent over four years.

    The union wants Tidewater to agree to employ local workers before foreign crews are considered. It is also seeking to have employees move from a five weeks on, five weeks off roster to a more "family-friendly" four weeks on, four weeks off roster "to bring them into line with other workers in the industry".

    The Australian Mines and Metals Association, which represents Tidewater and the bulk of vessel operators in the sector, said the contractor had put a fresh offer that included an initial 4.5 per cent wage increase followed by three annual 4 per cent pay rises.

    It said the employer offer also sought to address the union concerns over job security.However, the offer is conditional on the union dropping its other claims, including the change in rosters.

    If the union does not accept the offer in two weeks, it will be withdrawn and replaced with a reduced pay offer of 2.3 per cent a year, with all other claims to be negotiated.

    1. Barnett defends Quay land sale

      Colin Barnett has admitted raising the prospect of Chevron buying land from the Government at Elizabeth Quay during discussions about the resource giant’s application to expand its footprint at Barrow Island.

      Chevron last week committed $64 million for the first commercial lot at Elizabeth Quay which, at $9200/sqm, set a record for CBD land and was higher than the amount the Government had budgeted to receive from the sale.

      Today, the Government introduced changes allowing the Gorgon joint venture, which Chevron leads, to expand the land it can use at the A-Class nature reserve by 10 per cent without any environmental offsets.

      In Parliament this morning, shadow state development minister Bill Johnston said it was “improper” for Mr Barnett to negotiate the two issues with Chevron at the same meeting.

      Mr Johnson was forced to withdraw the remark under rules stipulating that MPs cannot accuse others of improper motives without moving a motion to that effect, but continued to press the issue.

      He asked: “What was the link that the Government created between this 34ha of land and Elizabeth Quay?”

      In March, Chevron renewed a lease at the QV1 building to secure its tenancy there until 2023.

      Mr Johnston said it needed to be explained why Chevron had now decided to start construction of its new premises at Elizabeth Quay in late 2016.

      “Traditionally large corporates don’t tie their money up in property assets,” he said.

      “BHP doesn’t own Brookfield Tower, it’s owned by Brookfield. If Chevron took a lease at Elizabeth Quay you could understand that, but the fact they have purchased the land needs to be explained by the Government.

      “There has been plenty of scuttlebutt that the Premier has been putting pressure on Chevron to buy land at Elizabeth Quay. We want to know did that pressure include discussions about the 34ha on Barrow Island. Was that part of the deal?”

      Mr Barnett confirmed through interjection that the two matters were discussed at the same meeting, with the Elizabeth Quay land raised by him, but were “not inter-related”.

      “We can walk and chew gum at the same time," he said.

      Planning Minister John Day said the record amount paid for the Elizabeth Quay land was a good outcome for the State but also for Chevron.

      “It is higher than any amount that’s been paid for land in the CBD previously but given the quality of the development around the precinct, the public investment that is being made ... I think it is a good outcome for Chevron and for the State,” he said.
      Mr Day said the negotiations for the sale had been handled by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority on behalf of Government with the utmost integrity and had not been influenced by the Gorgon project.


  28. High costs risk $156bn in LNG: UBS

    7 Nov, 3:09 PM
    Resources and Energy

    UBS says up to $156 billion worth of liquefied natural gas projects is being thwarted by Australia's high costs, The Australian Financial Review reports.

    According to the newspaper, energy analyst at the investment bank Nik Burns told an energy round table the sector was concerned with high costs preventing brownfield expansions and other projects from being developed.

    UBS says Australia has $189 billion of potential LNG ventures in the pipeline other than those already underway, including the expansion of Chevron's Gorgon project and Woodside Petroleum Ltd's floating LNG project, the AFR reports.

    “The cost is the major issue for more than three-quarters of those projects,” Mr Burns said, according to the newspaper.


    QCLNG eyes CSG zone

    Thursday, 7 November 2013

    QUEENSLAND Curtis LNG project operator QGC is seeking federal environmental clearance to develop a new area of its Surat Basin acreage, with 400 coal seam gas wells planned.


    OPEC Sees Less Demand for its Oil to 2018 Amid Shale Boom

    OPEC acknowledged it underestimated the significance of the North American energy boom as it tripled estimates for shale oil produced there and predicted a decline in demand for its own crude through to 2018.

    The need for crude from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which produces about 40 percent of the world’s oil, will fall by 1.1 million barrels a day to 29.2 million barrels a day between 2013 and 2018, the Vienna-based group said today in its annual World Oil Outlook. Oil production from shale formations in the U.S. and Canada is seen climbing to 4.9 million barrels a day in 2018, compared with an estimate of 1.7 million barrels a day in last year’s report.

    “The big picture is obviously surging shale production,” Mike Wittner, head of oil market research at Societe Generale SA, said in a telephone interview from New York before the release of the report.

    OPEC’s analysis shows how growing oil output in North Dakota and Texas will prevent the 53-year-old group of 12 oil producers, mostly situated in the Middle East, from capitalizing on the 4.8 million barrel-a-day increase in oil demand it expects over the next five years.

    The supply surge has also contributed to a decline this year in the price of oil grades on the U.S. Gulf Coast that influence the price of exports from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. The Gulf crude Mars Blend has fallen 12 percent this year to $93.05 a barrel yesterday, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

  29. Exxon, BP Among Explorers Urged to Disclose More Fracking Data

    North American shale explorers led by Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) and BP Plc (BP/) are failing to disclose enough data on how they’re reducing risks associated with hydraulic fracturing, according to a study.

    “Hydraulic fracturing operations are under intense scrutiny for potential harm to neighboring communities and the environment -- from air and water pollution to increased noise, traffic and crime,” Danielle Fugere, president of As You Sow Foundation, a non-profit focused on environmental and corporate responsibility, said in a statement today.

    No company disclosed information on even half of the 32 indicators that investors need to assess business risk, the report showed. Exxon, based in Irving, Texas, and London-based BP placed near the bottom of 24 companies evaluated. Encana Corp. (ECA), the best performer, provided information on only 14 of the 32 indicators. Only one company, Chevron Corp. (CVX), quantified its reductions in the use of toxic chemicals and it failed in 29 other categories.

    Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, cracks rock with a mixture of millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals so oil and natural gas will flow. Coupled with horizontal drilling that exposes thousands of feet of petroleum-bearing rock to well bores, it has revived growth in U.S. oil and gas production. Checklist items in today’s report range from the absence of diesel fuels in fracturing fluids to traffic congestion policy and disclosure of fines.

    The report was released by Boston Common Asset Management LLC, Green Century (GCEQX) Capital Management Inc., Investor Environmental Health Network and As You Sow.

    Reduce Disruptions

    Companies that disclose steps to reduce disruptions by fracking “will reduce regulatory and reputational risks; enhance their likelihood of securing and maintaining their social license to operate; reduce liabilities associated with poor performance, spills, contamination, and lawsuits; and thereby increase their access to capital,” the authors wrote.

    One of the co-authors was Richard Liroff of Investor Environmental Health Network, whose 2011 report on fracking was the basis for the checklist.

    “Investors thrive on quantitative information,” Liroff said today in a phone interview. “It gives us a sense of the extent to which various practices are being adopted that can, one, reduce environmental risk and community impact and, two, save the companies money.”

    The report defined disclosure as public information on company websites and financial statements.

    As You Sow is based in Oakland, California, Boston Common (BCAMX) Asset Management and Green Century are based in Boston and the Investor Environmental Health Network is based in Falls Church, Virginia.

  30. Former UN climate chief: 'Australia should send minister to Warsaw talks'

    Yvo de Boer stresses importance of COP19 climate change talks as it emerges Australia's environment minister will not attend

    Australia should be sending a minister to international climate negotiations starting next week, the UN's former climate chief has told the Guardian following the revelation that the Abbott administration will not be sending its environment minister to the talks.

    The remarks by Yvo de Boer, who stood down as executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change standing down in 2010 to take up a position at KPMG, come as the UK's former top climate diplomat called the move by Australia "puzzling."

    Justin Lee, a diplomat and Australia’s ambassador for climate change, will instead represent Australia, marking the first time the country has not sent a government minister in 16 years. The UK is sending energy and climate secretary, Ed Davey, and more than 50 officials from government.

    De Boer, who famously cried in frustration at progress of the talks in Bali in 2007, said: "I think it would've been really good to have had Australia represented at the talks [at ministerial level]." Such political representation was crucial to make breakthroughs at the complex and long-running negotiations, he said.

    He added: "I cannot remember a previous occasion when a major player in this process has not been represented at ministerial level at the high level segment of the talks."

    But he said that he had recently met the environment minister, Greg Hunt, and was convinced he was committed to tackling climate change, despite advocating a different approach to the Labor party. "He is very committed to this issue, he understands it, he understands the implications for Australia, he wants Australia to be part of the solution, but he's not very excited about the pill box that the previous government created to do that."

    De Boer said that while talks in Warsaw were not expected to produce any huge achievements, they were an important stepping stone towards 2015, when countries have agreed to produce a deal on tackling climate change that comes into effect by 2020. "No major breakthroughs are expected at this conference but it is an opportunity to provide political guidance on the roadmap for [a deal] at Paris in 2015."

    The UK's former top climate diplomat at the foreign office, John Ashton, told the Guardian that the decision by Australia was puzzling. "We are now in the phase of building momentum [towards a climate deal in Paris]. We are now in a critical two years, we won’t get another bite of the cherry." Against that backdrop, he said that "for a major player not to send an elected representative is a pretty puzzling decision".

    He added: "If people draw the conclusion that that this is a country that would rather stick to a business a usual approach rather than building a low-carbon growth model compatible with [temperature rises of] 2C, no one should be surprised."

    Agreeing a strong deal in Paris would require more clarity from world leaders soon, de Boer said, citing such a lack of agreement as one of the reasons talks in Copenhagen floundered in 2009.

    "What is supposed to be agreed in 2015 is still an open question. We left Bali on the road to Copenhagen with a lack of clarity and that lack of clarity didn't make negotiations on the end result [in Copenhagen in 2009] any easier," he said.

    UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has invited heads of state to meet next year to lay the groundwork for a 2015 deal, for the first time since they met in Copenhagen. "You need heads of state guidance, and the earlier you get that, the better," said de Boer.

  31. Shale gas chemical disclosure site reaches 10-well milestone

    NGS Facts, the voluntary oil & gas industry web-based European chemical disclosure platform, has published its tenth well disclosure sheet. Launched in June 2013 by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP), it gives public access to information about the contents of the fracturing fluids being used for shale wells in Europe.

    In addition to providing well disclosure information, NGSFacts answers frequently asked questions about the exploration and production of unconventional gas. The queries cover central topics such as water, chemicals, seismicity and greenhouse gas.

    “This milestone shows that the upstream industry continues to support our efforts to address public concerns about one of the most promising energy technologies,” says the Association’s Executive Director Michael Engell-Jensen.

    “As the European industry develops, we are committed to developing the site into a major, centralised information source for anyone interested in shale gas exploration and production. This will mean disclosure sheets for all NGS wells in the European Economic Area (EEA).”

    OGP is reaching out to increase operator participation. In order to participate they must commit to submitting data in a timely manner for all of their EEA-located NGS-directed hydraulically fractured wells.

    The ten well sites featured on are all in Poland. The data come from Conoco Phillips/Lane Energy, ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Poland Sp. Z o o, Marathon Oil Polska and Chevron Polska Energy Resources.

    OGP is pleased to announce that Shale Gas Europe and Eurometaux have formally indicated their support for the initiative.

    A similar website, FracFocus, provides information about the contents of the fracturing fluids being used in US and Canadian shale gas wells.

  32. Who's running the place?

    A look at our US "cousins".


    "Dedicated to the children who have been, or will be, abused because of the Franklin cover-up."

    The Franklin Cover-Up, Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska
    by Senator John W. DeCamp


    John W. DeCamp (born July 6, 1941) is a former Republican member of the Nebraska Legislature and author of the book The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska.


    Born in Neligh, Nebraska, DeCamp joined the United States Army during the Vietnam War. In 1975 he initiated Operation Baby Lift, which evacuated 2,800 orphaned Vietnamese children.[1] He was later assigned to serve as an aide to former CIA director William Colby, who was Deputy Ambassador to Vietnam at the time. Beginning his campaign for election while still stationed in Vietnam, DeCamp was elected and served four terms as a Nebraska state senator, from 1971 to 1987.

    After the legislature[edit]

    Decamp is currently a practicing attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska. He served as a lawyer for the Militia of Montana, a constitutional militia movement group, in the 1990s.[2]

    In the May 2006 election, he was rebuffed in his attempt to return to the Legislature.[citation needed]

    In 2012, he talked with the Ellis County Observer about how he linked Sandusky and Penn State child sex abuse scandal years prior.[3] In 2004, the links were previously disclosed in the transcripts from an interview on The Alex Jones Show.[4]

    The Franklin Cover-Up and White House Call-Boy Scandal[edit]

    DeCamp was also the lead perspective on Conspiracy of Silence, an unaired Discovery Channel documentary about the Franklin Cover-Up that documents a U.S. child sex abuse and pedophilia ring whose involvement leads to the highest levels of government.[5][6] This was confirmed by The Washington Times, “Mr. Spence arranged at least four midnight tours of the White House, including one June 29, 1989, on which he took with him a 15-year old boy whom he falsely identified as his son.” [7] The boy Mr. Spence claimed to be his son, was later identified as foster child prostitute, Paul Bonacci. On February 27, 1999, the U.S. District Court of the District of Nebraska awarded Bonacci $1 million in compensatory damages and punitive damages, related to the Franklin Cover-Up and the Washington Call-Boy Scandal. Omaha’s Franklin Community Federal Credit Union handler, Lawrence E. King Jr., was held responsible for the damages done to Bonacci.[8][9] Decamp was Bonacci’s defense attorney for these related scandals


    Drugs and The Monarch Project
    On August 18-20, 1996, a California newspaper, the San Jose Mercury, published a series of articles implicating elements of the U.S. government in running tons of cocaine into U.S. cities during the 1980s. Based upon recently declassified government documents, eyewitness reports, and court records, Mercury reporter Gary Webb provided a detailed account of how the Contras financed their war against the Sandinista regime of Nicaragua by flying tons of cocaine into the West Coast, where it would be turned into the deadly, instantly addictive "crack," and sold to such street gangs as the Cryps and the Bloods.

    All of this began after the U.S. Congress in the early 1980s passed the Boland Amendment, which stopped all official financing for U.S. intelligence's "covert war" in Nicaragua. The whole project was taken "off-line," and financed by drug sales-the subject of Webb's articles.



    Indignation exploded when Mercury series hit the streets. Maxine Waters, Congresswoman for South-Central Los Angeles, one of the areas hardest hit by crack and drug-related violence, sent a letter to Central Intelligence Agency chief John Deutsch demanding an investigation of the Agency, in which she said, "As someone who has seen how the crack cocaine trade has devastated the South-Central Los Angeles community, I cannot exaggerate my feelings of dismay that my own government may have played a part in the origins and history of this problem. . . . The impact and the implications of the Meneses/Blandon/Roiss Contra CIA crack cocaine connection cannot be understated. We all have an obligation to get to the very bottom of the origin, development, and implementation of this seedy enterprise."

    While many were shocked at the news of apparent U.S. government drug-pushing, to me it was one more confirmation of a key aspect of the Franklin case. As I had discovered early on (as had Gary Caradori), the sexual abuse of children was only one part of the Franklin story. During the 1980s, many of the children, such as Alisha Owen and Paul Bonacci, said that they had been used as drug couriers to bring cocaine in from the West Coast for Alan Baer, Larry King [not Larry King of CNN talk radio fame; this Larry King is a black man who ran the Franklin Credit Union], and others.

    Then, on September 11, 1996, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Representative Harold James, chairman of Pennsylvania's Legislative Black Caucus, and a former undercover narcotics cop himself, also put out a call for an investigation. In the course of that press conference another name popped up, that I knew well from the Franklin investigation: George Bush.

    Flanked by political leaders of both the city and the state, James declared: "As a retired undercover Philadelphia police officer who worked on narcotics cases, I know we can better impact the flow of drugs if we stop drugs from coming into this country, arrest those at the top levels of control, and punish the white-collar dealers who try to keep their hands clean while they run the entire operation. On this occasion, we must not allow anyone to use the 'pretext of national security to accomplish another cover-up. We need an investigation that goes right to the top."

    As to where the "top" might be, James charged, in his release to the press, "previous investigations of the Iran-Contra scandal, particularly the U.S. House and Senate joint hearings in 1987, revealed the central role played by then Vice-President George Bush in covert intelligence operations. . . . One of Bush's key lieutenants was Lt. Col. Oliver North. Bush was also appointed by Reagan to run the National Narcotics Border Interdiction Sys- tem, which supposedly coordinated efforts of all federal, state and local anti-drug agencies, especially along the south Florida coast. Bush was responsible for the White House anti-drug effort while, at the same time, according to the recent newspaper reports, tons of cocaine were allegedly supplied to street gangs by CIA-related networks."

    Concluded James, "There's something wrong with this picture." In response to a question from one of the ten reporters in attendance about the role of Bush, Philadelphia City Council President John Street replied, "If George Bush is involved in it, someone should find it out. This kind of activity has been going on for well over a decade."

    Lt. Col. Oliver North - whom at least one witness reported seeing at a party thrown by Larry King-had overseen the Contra resupply effort, and had been fully aware of the plane-loads of drugs coming into the United States. A U.S. Senate subcommittee report under Massachusetts Senator John Kerry cited extensive evidence that the Contras were involved in drugs, and North had noted the fact in his publicly exposed note-books.



    "Franklin Case Witnesses Implicate FBI and U.S. Elites in Child-Torture and Murder."

    What is the FBI Protecting?
    Since the 1992 publication of John DeCamp's book, The Franklin Cover-Up, Paul Bonacci has filed new affidavits and has given extensive interviews to investigators including reporters for Executive Intelligence Review and New Federalist. Bonacci's disclosures have been cross-gridded with evidence supplied by authorities in law enforcement, psychiatry, and the intelligence community. The result goes a long way to explain the high stakes involved, and the frantic nature of the Franklin cover-up. . . .

    Paul Bonacci has described in detail being dragged to Washington for use as a sex toy for Larry King's clients. Bonacci told investigators he was in one of the private White House tours for young male prostitutes conducted by lobbyist Craig Spence, a close political associate of Larry King in the cloak-and-dagger Contras enterprise. Spence turned up dead in a Boston hotel room in 1989, soon after his and King's "compromising" business was exposed in a Washington Times June 29, 1989 story, headlined: "Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry Ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush."

    'Monarch' or Auschwitz - Take 2
    From very early childhood, Paul Bonacci was subjected to tortures as profound as any the Nazis inflicted on their captives. This is not merely a comparison; rather it is an actual continuation, as we shall see. From sexual degradation, from witnessing and forced participation in Satanic cult murders, Bonacci suffered the cracking of his mind into what is called "multiple personality disorder" (MPD). Tens of thousands of American children have been diagnosed MPDs; virtually all of them are thought to have resulted from sexual abuse, of which perhaps 85 percent were cases of Satanic ritual abuse.

    Psychiatric professionals specified in Paul Bonacci's legal proceedings that through it all, Paul's different "personalities" have emerged incapable of lying, with an ultra-sharp memory. In one instance detailed in The Franklin Cover- Up, Paul was taken by Larry King and others to a wooded area in California - identified after publication as the Bohemian Grove. There Paul and another boy were forced to do sex acts with and to consume parts of a child whom they had watched being murdered by the cultists. The body was to be disposed of by "the men with the hoods." A "snuff" pornography film was made of these events; it was directed by a man the party had picked up in Las Vegas whom Paul identified as "Hunter Thompson" -the same name as a well known sleaze-culture figure.

    Paul has told investigators that the ring which plunged him into Satanism was centered at Offutt U.S. Air Force Base near Omaha; that he was taken to Offutt to be sexually victimized by a babysitter's boyfriend when he was about three years old, around 1970. Offutt is the headquarters for the Strategic Air Command, and has had a cadre of thousands of intelligence personnel.

    At Offutt, and later at other military installations, Paul says this ring "trained" him by tortures, heavy drugging, and sexual degradation, while instructing him in military arts including assassination. In fact, his personal knowledge in these realms can scarcely be accounted for other than by crediting the indictments he has made.

    1. Washington Times June 29, 1989 story, headlined: "Homosexual Prostitution Inquiry Ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush."

      FULL TEXT.....

      From Ken Adachi, Editor
      November 18, 2011

      The Washington Times, June 29, 1989 (Front page story): Homosexual prositution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush~Full text (Nov. 18, 2011)

      The June 29, 1989 issue of The Washington Times newspaper seen below was gathered up and collected from news stands and newspaper vendors in Washington D.C. within an hour of the paper hitting the street. I suspect that the White House, working through the Secret Service, played a leading roll in arranging to have these newspapers recalled. While many web sites have posted a scan of the front page headline seen below, I couldn't find a typed out text of the entire story, so I decided to type out the text myself so more people can read the story. I also included an enlargement of both the front page story and the continuation of the article inside the paper on page A7 for those who want to read the original text as it appeared in the newspaper.

      You will notice that the bizarre and unaccountable conduct of the Secret Service in inserting themselves into this investigation and seizing at least one box of files taken from the house raided by police on 34th Place NW in Washington D.C. is completely outside of their authorized sphere of activity and control, despite their ludicrous claim that they had jurisdiction and authority to investigate and search the 34th Place house based on the assertion of credit-card fraud. Since when is the U.S. Secret Service in charge of credit card fraud investigations in the United States?

      (The typed out text of the entire story is seen below the Washington Times front page scan immediately below.)

      Ken Adachi



    "Franklin Case Witnesses Implicate FBI and U.S. Elites in Child-Torture and Murder."

    Larry King, FBI agent Gerry Wahl/ Alan Baer, Harold Andersen, and former Omaha Police Chief Robert Wadman have all been reported as collaborators with this Satanic military-based ring. King reportedly told Paul's captors at Offutt, "He's young-but you trained him good." A member of Nebraska's Concerned Parents group reported hearing from two North Omaha witnesses that "King used to send limousines down to Offutt Air Base to pick up CIA agents for parties." Larry King reported his own adoring relationship to the late CIA Director William Casey in a Sept. 7, 1988, interview in the Omaha publication Metropolitan.

    Psychiatrists who have treated a growing number of MPD cases, victims of Satanic ritual abuse, report an alarming pattern of findings in many of their child patients. There is a structure to the personalities, conforming to what is evidently a deliberate breaking and reshaping of the mind. This phenomenon was identified to Paul Bonacci by his tormenters, and to other victims and witnesses, as the "Monarch" project. At Offutt Airbase, Paul was told that what he and other children were being subjected to was in aid of national security.

    The use of mind-altering drugs, sensory deprivation, and other brainwashing techniques on U.S. citizens as subjects was the admitted practice of the CIA, certain military arms and private institutions joined in the MK-ULTRA, Artichoke, and Bluebird projects beginning in the early 1950s. A national security pretext often cited was the need to keep up with the Soviets in the race to develop a workable Manchurian Candidate human robot. With the "Monarch" (or whatever official title may be attached to it) project, the idea is extended to the production of a horde of children in whom the soul is crushed, who would spy, whore, kill, and commit suicide.

    The material presented here, on this subject, must be under- stood to be only a bare introduction to a complex story with immense political and strategic ramifications. It is a beginning. Professionals probing the child victims of "Monarch" say there are clearly two responsible elements at work: the government/military, and cooperating Satanic (or more exactly pagan) cults. These are multi-generation groups, where parents donate their own children-who are proudly called "bloodline" or simply "blood" cultists - to be smashed with drugs and electric shock, and shaped. Other children are kidnapped and sold into this hell, or are brought in gradually through day-care situations.

    Paul Bonacci and other child victims have given evidence in great depth on the central role of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino in this depravity. Aquino, alleged to have recently retired from an active military role, was long the leader of an Army psycho- logical warfare section which drew on his "expertise" and personal practices in brainwashing, Satanism, Nazism, homo- sexual pedophilia and murder.

    A former director of the CIA was asked directly, "what about 'Monarch' "? He replied angrily, and ambiguously, "We stopped that between the late 1960s and the early 1970s." If a statement of fact, this would presumably relate to official participation of the CIA.



    "Franklin Case Witnesses Implicate FBI and U.S. Elites in Child-Torture and Murder."

    .....................Some Codes and Assignments
    The disclosures of Paul Bonacci, which cohere with reports of MPD professionals in other cases, point to a particular artificially induced mental structure as common to many victimized children. Space permits only the briefest treatment of this here; this is intended mainly to begin to "blow the circuits," so to speak, when followed up by professional therapists and investigators.

    These are some of the widely occurring separate "persons" which have been formed under torture, and the corresponding "triggers":

    . General personality-accessible under the code name ALPHA, with possible Alpha-001, Alpha-009, etc. "persons" with distinct task orientations.

    . Sex programs, accessible through code name BETA; particular programs (and thus commands) are for pornography, acting, oral sex, etc.

    . Assassination programs, utilizing very specific modes, and espionage, accessible through code DELTA.

    . OMEGA, self-destruction programs, ranging from self mutilation to suicide by many different specific possible acts.

    . GAMMA, system deception, amnesia and disinformation programs. Under this or 'other codes are track-covering false origins for the structure, giving the child memories of tormenters dressed as space aliens or Mickey Mouse or in Wizard of Oz costumes.

    There are said to be such other personality levels as Master Programmer, Black Master, and different mental levels of backup programs. There are reported to be personnel who have large numbers of child-victims' assignments and triggers neatly filed in their little computers.

    Paul Bonacci reports the following "Monarch"-related activities, often involving his "Commander" at Offutt AFB, Bill Plemmons, and Lt. Co!. Michael Aquino:

    . Picking up cash in exchange for drugs at various Tennessee locations. Bonacci identifies several country music personalities as contacts.

    . Trips on behalf of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), the pedophile group now given semi- official status by the United Nations. Paul cites travel to the Netherlands and Germany carrying child pornography for sub- sequent "import" to the U.S.A. to avoid prosecution. In Amsterdam, he names "Charles Hester," and the British "Tommie Carter," who had on computer a global list of child pornography users. NAMBLA is also cited for organizing auctions of children.

    . Travel to Hawaii, New York, Washington (in connection with Craig Spence) to compromise public figures by performing homosexual pedophile sex with them.

    . The trip to California where the boy was ritually murdered, accompanied by "Monarch" contact, Mark Johnson of Denver, Colorado,

    . Travel to .Mexico for the transportation of drugs, guns, and children. Paul was accompanied by the gangster-figure "Emilio," who otherwise directed the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch of Des Moines, Iowa. Johnny Gosch's parents commend Paul Bonacci as an accurate witness relative to that crime.

    . Training under "Captain Foster" (survival skills) at Fort Riley, Kansas, under "Lt. Dave Bannister" (intelligence) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, under "Col. Harris Livik" at Fort Defiance, Virginia, who is said to run a military school and to have housed "Monarch" boys. "Col. Bill Risher" of Bamberg, South Carolina, is said to have supplied children for Michael Aquino.



    "Franklin Case Witnesses Implicate FBI and U.S. Elites in Child-Torture and Murder."

    As a Vietnam veteran with thirty percent disability, DeCamp has been the attorney and state lobbyist for both the Disabled American Veterans and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and a national committeeman of the VFW and member of the American Legion.

    John DeCamp has emphasized that in his mind, his experience in saving the defenseless children who were victims of war, and his commitment to save children victimized by the pedophile ring, are equivalent. At the beginning of 1991, DeCamp filed a twelve-count suit in federal court, charging sixteen prominent individuals and institutions, including Larry King, Harold Andersen and the Omaha Police Department, with conspiracy to deprive Paul Bonacci of his civil rights. DeCamp's suit detailed slander, false imprisonment, child abuse, assault, battery and infliction of emotional distress suffered by Bonacci.

    DeCamp has been the target of energetic and systematic efforts to bankrupt him, by behind-the-scenes pressures to deprive him of law and lobbying clients, as a result of his Franklin-related work.

    Since taking Bonacci's case in 1990, DeCamp has also been on the receiving end of personal threats. He told a journalist that during the previous year, "enough events, and mysterious deaths, and personal communications to me from extremely credible and responsible people, have made me believe that there is a very grave potential for getting killed. . . . " Bonacci's life, he added, "I think. . . is on a lot, lot, lot thinner string than even mine."

    On June 21, 1991, the day Alisha Owen was convicted, DeCamp received another message, suggesting that he leave Nebraska for his and his family's safety. DeCamp treats these signs of danger seriously, but says he can't turn back. John DeCamp's actions speak loudly and clearly


    The Franklin Cover-up by John DeCamp

    This is the book that exposes the disgusting and deplorable abuses handed out to children across America at the hands of the political and corporate elite.

    The book is externally hosted in PDF format here, here, and here (different version than first two).

    There is a documentary about the horrors that took place and the bloody cover-up that transpired entitled “Conspiracy of Silence”. In addition to the full PDF eBook I have included the documentary below.

    I must warn you the subject matter is extremely disturbing and thus I highly recommend viewer discretion.

  38. Who's running the place?

    SATAN - that's who !


    A mirror image of what was happening in London - Pimlico & Dolphin Square...............

    "................The Webbs said I was going out of town for the weekend. Not going wasnt even a choice. I would€™ve gotten beaten. We didnt have choices. We did what we were told to do.€ On the two trips I was on, Boys Town kids were on the planes,she said. The boys knew they were going to be used for sex, but it didn€™t bother them, because they were being taken care of with clothes and money and access to cars.I want to say the parties were elegant — champagne was served and the older men were wealthy and dressed very nicely.Money was exchanged, and the men would leave with the boys. I was ordered to wear a gown at the party they masturbated in front of me."

    "Priests, Paedophiles, and Boys Town

    Boys Town, the distinguished Catholic orphanage on the outskirts of Omaha, Nebraska, was established in 1917 by Father Edward Flanagan. Its altruistic purpose was to offer “help, hope and healing to abused, abandoned, and neglected children. Having begun with a population of six boys, Boys Town currently houses thousands of boys and girls at numerous sites across the country. Â

    Caradoris œLeads List cites a number of Boys Town students who were the purported victims of sexual exploitation, and his Investigative Report of April 20, 1990 notes that he interviewed the sister of a former Boys Town student who was allegedly exploited. She said that her brother was extremely scared because the State Patrol and FBI had been œvery harsh with him ."


    Alex Jones Interviews John DeCamp, Author of “The Franklin Cover-up.”

    Alex Jones Show | July 21 2004

    .............."................anyway Larry is the man that’s singing there and opening the convention and on a election day 1988, when George [HW] Bush, that would have been when George Bush was elected in November. The Fed's raided his little credit union there in North Omaha. It was suppose to be serving the minority community, particularly the black community and they shut her down. They said there was a lot of missing money.

    ........ They were coming from kids all over. Young kids - 16, 14, 13 - kids telling about how they had been on Larry's private jet to this party or that party. Or that they had been at the Republican National Convention here or they had been at this political event in Washington and the stories had to do with they were there and were used as drug couriers. You know 13, 14-year old kids back then going through the airport could get through without anyone asking twice about anything. They pack them full of cocaine or whatever on little packs they'd carry on their bodies, between their legs, etc, etc. - young boys, young girls. And the kids also were telling these stranger tales that seemed bizarre at the time: that they had had sex or were involved in sex with this or that famous politician or businessman or whatever.

    And I was one of the first ones who stood up and said this has got to be the most hilarious, ridiculous story I've ever heard. First of all, I knew Larry King. What the heck! I was head of banking at the time he was when he was doing his banking stuff, the head of the senate banking committee here in Nebraska. So I said, “It's absurd.” Well the stories started cropping up more and more and I said something else and I said look if I believe even one of these crazy stories I'd be the first one to stand up and demand that something be done. Then I got a letter from a kid named Paul Bonacci who was in a jail in Omaha. And he said, “Look, if you come and talk to me, I can show you that these aren’t just fake tales.”

    ...............".............AJ: One more point, Senator John Decamp, because I've actually seen the Discovery Channel documentary that never aired and we actually played it here locally in Austin. I was sent a copy of it. They found hundreds of videotapes in King's office. The police saw it and freaked out, hid it and never released it and for all those other children, people actually got convicted of this stuff.

    JD: Oh, yeah.

    AJ: I want people to understand. This all happened folks.


    The Franklin Cover-up by Former Green Beret John DeCamp.

    The book that exposes it all; and shows you where some of the other pieces are; not for the squeamish or the weak; find out about the secret & hidden networks of power, and what is the currency that makes the world go round; This is a tragic story of hidden political realities in the west by some who worship Satan and claim that they do no harm. This item has been posted previously and has been made available online for download and access. Get it while you can. This story has many many sides to it. The author is a former green beret who served his country in Vietnam. He came back and found himself dealing with child ritual abuse, mind control networks, and the training and abusing of the next generation. He stood up while the bodies kept piling up around the investigation. The Nebraska legislature has yet to release their report, and there are many issues left unsettled. More shocking than swordfish (the book) or Tragedy and Hope by Quigley [though some of those network are visible herein], many of the networks were left untouched, and their reach is all over this nation. If you want to know who runs much of the political infrastructure, download it while you can. Seek truth

    1. Conspiracy of Silence

      "...........the production had originally been scheduled to air on The Discovery Channel on Tuesday May 3rd 1994....................but at the last minute some individuals had arrived at the production studio and purchased the rights to the film for a quarter of a million dollars and removed all known copies of the film."

      However the entire film can be viewed or downloaded from :






    Protecting legislators at the expense of children

    Protecting legislators at the expense of children

    John Decamp told that Franklin child-abuse witness "Alisha Owen was convicted of lying as a minor. She was placed in solitary confinement for years--the most brutal treatment of a female inmate in Nebraska history for a first-time offense," to which Decamp added, "it was done to keep her silent and away from other inmates, but also as a warning to the other children."

    21 year-old Alisha Jahn Owen was sentenced on August 8, 1991 to serve nine to twenty-seven years in prison for telling a grand jury that she was sexually abused as a juvenile by a Nebraska District Court judge, by the manager of the Franklin Credit Union and others.

    DeCamp said "Alisha witnessed abuse of other children and functioned as an illegal drug courier traveling nationwide for some of Nebraska's wealthiest, most powerful and prominent businessmen." But a local and a federal grand jury indicted the victim-witnesses for perjury--throwing the key young people in prison to cover up child-sex and illegal drugs.

    The Nebraska State Senate’s primary Franklin Committee investigator Gary Caradori's March 14, 1990 notes revealed that on the day of the federal agents' raid on Franklin Credit Union, "a large amount of pornographic material was taken out of the credit union, including videos and photographs depicting sexual acts. I was told that if Friedrichs or any of the other people working for the CPA firm contacted by the government [audit] would say anything, they would automatically lose their jobs."

    That evidence was never made available to the Nebraska Senate's Franklin Committee, nor was its existence publicly acknowledged by the FBI; and all raid warrants were sealed by United States Magistrate Richard Kopf--the same court official who ordered to have Larry King taken by federal agents to a federal psychiatric facility for "tests," on February 7, 1990 as President George H. W. Bush was coming to Omaha for a fundraising event.

    Alisha Owen testified to the Franklin Committee on June 11, 1990 that the FBI attempted to influence federal witness testimony--that her former lawyer Pam Vuchetich had come to see her in the spring: "giving a proposal from the FBI that if I recanted my story then nothing would happen to me; I could get out of prison and no charges would ever be brought against me...they would write letters to the judge asking for my sentence reduction..."

    Her parents, Donna and Alvin Owen told the committee about the incident on June 21, 1990: "Q: You testified that your husband was there?...sitting in the living room, I remember...Q: Did she tell you who in the FBI made that deal, made that offer to her?...Mickey Mott...He works closely with Rick Culver and John Pankonon...


    Protecting legislators at the expense of children


    Curiously, state policeman Gary Caradori, died July 11, 1990 in a small-plane explosion, one month after FBI officials attempted to coerce a key child witness to recant her testimony--and even though a deputy sheriff first at the crash site said there was child pornography scattered all over the farmer’s field and the farmer said he witnessed the plane exploding in mid-air before crashing to the ground.
    Johnny Gosch’s mother, Noreen, said "undisclosed sources told her the FBI immediately arrived with three flatbed trucks [modus operandi of FBI and Gov. Jeb Bush confiscating 9/11 hijacker documents at Venice, Florida’s Huffman flight school?], grabbed the evidence from the sheriff’s hands, cordoned off the field, walked the field, picked up every piece of evidence, took the plane and all its parts and put it on the flatbed trucks, and told the peace officer, ‘This is confidential information and don’t ever speak of it again.’ The evidence has never surfaced again in Nebraska’s Franklin investigation or any other investigation."

    DeCamp's book reveals more clear evidence of witness tampering and possible accessory to murder: On the evening of July 11, 1990, the day her husband crashed to his death, Sandie Caradori received several phone calls from [key Franklin child-abuse witness] Troy Boner. She wrote in her notes: "I am familiar with his voice and can be 100% assured that I did in fact receive telephone calls from him...Troy: Gary wasn't lying. He didn't tell me what to say. What I told him was the truth. (He spoke rapidly, fighting back tears) They made me take it back. They threatened me...You don't understand, they threatened me. They made me take it back. I was so scared..." [pp. 186-187]

    In 1990, according to DeCamp, "Troy Boner was going to provide the information in open court, under oath, that would blow the lid off the Franklin case and force a new trial for Alisha Owen...As Troy came into the courthouse, he was immediately ushered into a private room by county judicial authorities...the hearing was delayed for one hour...Troy was in the room with a "Special Attorney" and with other officials from the prosecutor's office--the very same prosecutorial team Troy was about to testify against."

    "...Troy leaned over and whispered to me, "Oh God, forgive me. They guaranteed if I talk here today, they will put me away for twenty years...told me I would be charged with perjury for my original testimony if I opened my mouth today in court...Look what they did to Alisha...Look what they did to my brother." [found dead after playing "Russian Roulette"]

    DeCamp's 2005 edition incredibly reveals, "In late 2003 [just before the 2004 election campaign started to heat up], Troy Boner [key abused child witness to national sex-ring] walked into a hospital in New Mexico screaming "they're after me, they're after me because of this book." The book Boner was waving was The Franklin Cover-up. Boner was '...mildly sedated and calmed down...and put in a private room for observation.' "

    "When nurses came back to check on him early next morning, Boner was sitting in a chair, bleeding from the mouth and quite dead. No news stories were published on Boner's death despite his "notoriety" in the Franklin case." (John DeCamp, The Franklin Cover-up) Another witness was gone.

    DeCamp added that the FBI had also confiscated Larry King’s flight manifests from various airline charter companies, thus helping to cover up proof of sexual exploitation of children and interstate transportation of minors across state lines for sexual purposes.

  42. FBI child-pimp raid ignores pedophile elite

    The FBI announced Monday that it has arrested 150 people suspected of child sex trafficking.

    Unfortunately, those arrested appear to be low-level operators - not the well-connected kingpins who pander children to the wealthiest and most powerful Americans. Elite pedophile networks connected to elements of the CIA, including the “Finders of Lost Children” and the Franklin Scandal group, have operated shamelessly and without fear of prosecution for decades. They have even peddled young prostitutes during midnight tours of the White House.


    Pedophilia and male prostitutes in the White House: the Franklin Affair and Bush's Jeff Gannon

    Pedophilia is at the core of US government. Fully documented and called “The Franklin Affair,” the CIA ordered that a child prostitution ring involved with political “leadership” of both parties not to be investigated, despite damning evidence.

    Most Americans are unaware that a gay male prostitute was allowed over 200 visits to the Bush White House between 2003 and 2005 with a “press pass” issued by White House leadership. According to Secret Service public records of check-in and check-out dates and times (here and here), most of the prostitute’s visits included several hours of time before and/or after press conferences, 32 times on days without press conferences, and 14 visits without checking-out in apparent overnight stays at the White House residence of Mr. Bush.

    The prostitute, Jeff Gannon, had no previous experience as a journalist and no association with any media when he began attending White House press conferences. The 3-minute video from the new documentary Invisible Empire below shows pictures of Mr. Bush kissing, fondling and embracing Mr. Gannon. Despite this damning evidence of Mr. Bush engaged in prostitute sex during White House business hours on our tax money, Congress refused to investigate.


    The FBI has had a reputation for dirty tricks and blackmail for its entire history. The revelations about COINTELPRO, the campaign of harassment against the left during the 60s, were shocking to anyone with a concern for freedom of speech. If it became known that the FBI covered up a pedophile ring of the rich and powerful, I think most Americans would react as they reacted to the Penn State scandal, and the FBI would be drastically reorganized. Minimally, a number of agents in the Omaha office in the late 80s and 90s are guilty of the worst sort of malfeasance.

    If it’s bad for quack psychotherapists “implant” false memories in their patients, how much worse is it when the FBI does the implanting with threats, beatings and perjury trials?






    The almost endless DOCUMENTATION paints a chilling portrait of what is really going on in the upper echelons of what is often called the "ruling elite" here in America. The story involves children from orphanages in Nebraska, from Boys Town, from "foster care" being flown around the United States by top Republican officials in order to engage in child sex orgies with America's politicians, news media employees, rich contributors to both parties, high-level military, foreign "dignitaries", and even a few religious leaders.
    It is a fact that during the 1980's, child sexual services were provided by top Republican officials to key bureaucrats and diplomats but most importantly, there is a chilling proximity of all of these events and personalities to the President of the United States at the time, George H.W. Bush. There have been victims who, under oath and in interviews, claim that the President himself engaged in the illicit, perverse activities.

    It is a tale of child sex, murder, espionage, blackmail, and huge payoffs. And all the players involved, from the White House to the CIA to the media barons to the Republican elite - right down to the orphanages and foster homes where they procured their victims, have gone mostly unpunished and the names of those involved have, in several instances, been "CLASSIFIED". One repeat offender whose passport had been confiscated was given back the passport and left the United States.
    This story was the second biggest scandal of the 1980's but media coverage was rapidly and completely obliterated by the Bush1 White House... a complete coordinated blackout by the ruling elite in cooperation with the American television networks and almost every mainstream media source in America. Boy prostitutes, 15 years old (and younger) were taking midnight tours of the White House. There are 19 more Washington Times articles in full text about this case available here,18,01.htm

  44. SO................WE COME BACK TO BROOME AND THE GRAFFITI..............666 and the Eye of Horus........Scout Hall and all...........McAlpine and the Illuminati........or “globalists,” if you prefer.


    Who Are The Illuminati?

    Photo to right: Just one of thousands of corporate icons showing allegiance to the New World Order gang. The All-seeing Eye of Horus is symbolic of Lucifer, the angel of light. Most people have no idea just how powerful the Illuminati is, evidenced by the subtly by which they orchestrated the 911 attacks and now mock us right before our very eyes.

    The Illuminati is an improper term. Today they are called “globalists,” who are an evil group of elite and powerful people, who are rarely seen in the public's eye, who know not the Lord Jesus Christ. They serve and worship Lucifer, the god of this world (2nd Corinthians 4:4). They are the sworn enemies of American sovereignty, Biblical Christianity, our Bill Of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. They are the perpetrators and architects of the New World Order (NWO). They are demonically influenced and controlled by Satan and are the sworn enemies of the cross of Jesus Christ. Many are homosexuals and pedophiles, blackmailable if one ever ever turns against the group, likely killed. They are devout Luciferian worshippers, and when seen in public they flash the El Diablo satanic hand-sign. Here's a disturbing picture with U.S. President Bush flashing a satanic hand-sign...

    George W. Bush is just a small fish in the globalist empire of darkness. His father George H. Bush is higher up on the food chain. Aleister Crowley, the self-proclaimed "World's Most Wicked Man" ate the feces of women during bizarre sexual acts involving Luciferian worship and Satanism. According to the shocking documentary film titled, "IN SEARCH OF THE GREAT BEAST" directed by Robert Garofalo and produced by Lyn Beardsall (2007), Barbara Bush (wife of President George H. Bush) is the daughter of the world's most infamous Satanist, Aleister Crowley. The truth is stranger than fiction.

    Through cleverly designed newsmedia propaganda, white-washing and deliberate disinformation (lying and deceiving), the globalist owned and controlled newsmedia has been able to suppress the blatant horrendous crimes of the global elite themselves [which includes the 911 attacks, the Iraqi war, and the ongoing farming of opium (heroine) crops in Afghanistan and thug stealing of Afghan's little girls to supply the insatiable pedophile appetite of the globalists.]

    Opium Brides (heroine & 7-year old girls taken in Afghanistan for pedophile global elite)

    Goldman Sachs Caught Investing In Sex-Trafficking Ring (Mitt Romney's wife invested too)

    Homosexual Prostitution, Child Molesting, the CIA and Washington D.C. Officials

    Why is Goldman Sachs running a sex-slave fund? Oh, did I mention the List Of 37 Names of GOLDMAN SACHS People in the Obama Government?

    The White (Goldman Sachs) House (Goldman Sachs in the White House)



    by Fritz Springmeier


  45. SO................WE COME BACK TO BROOME AND THE GRAFFITI..............666 and the Eye of Horus........Scout Hall and all...........McAlpine and the Illuminati........or “globalists,” if you prefer.



    The word Illuminati means 1. People claiming to be unusually enlightened with regard to a subject. 2. Illuminati Any of various groups claiming special religious enlightenment. Latin illmint, from pl. of illmintus, past participle of illminre, to light up. See illuminate. These definitions are taken from "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language".

    Those people are the top players on the International playground, basically belonging to the thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world, and they are the men who really rule the world from behind the scenes (yes, they are mostly men, with a few exceptions). They are the "Black Nobility", the Decision Makers, who make up the rules for presidents and governments to follow, and they are often held from public scrutiny, as their action can't stand being scrutinized. Their bloodlines go back thousands and thousands of years, and they are very careful with keeping those bloodlines pure from generation to generation. The only way to do so is by interbreeding.

    Their power lies in the occult and in economy - money creates power. The Illuminati own all the International banks, the oil-businesses, the most powerful businesses of industry and trade, they infiltrate politics and they own most governments - or at least control them. An example of this is the American election for presidency. It is no secret that the candidate who gets the most sponsorship in form of money wins the election, as this gives the power to "un-create" the opposed candidate.

    And who sponsors the "right" candidate? The Illuminati do. More often than not they sponsor both sides to have a game going. They decide who will be the next president, and they see to that their man wins, even if they have to cheat like they did in Florida when President George W Bush "won" over Al Gore. Most president campaigns are financed with drug money, which is understandable if you know that the Illuminati run the drug trade industry as well. Elections are really not necessary, but they let us vote so we can have a game, and by letting us, they pretend to follow the Constitution.

    But is the President really running the game? Not the least. The power does not lie with the politicians, but with the Illuminati, whose top members are mostly International Bankers. The leading candidates for Presidency are carefully chosen from the occult bloodlines of the thirteen Illuminati families, and if we research all the Presidents of the United States from the beginning and up to now, we will see that almost all of them are of the same royal bloodline, and they are all "family"; related by ancestry and family trees. Royalty is equivalent to the Illuminati.

    So what are the goals of the Illuminati? To create a One World Government and a New World Order, with them on top to rule the world into slavery and fascism. This is a very old goal of theirs, and to understand it fully, one must realize that this goal isn't of a kind that's supposed to be obtained within one lifetime - it has been a goal that slowly is to be accomplished over a long period of time.

    This goal has been planned away from the public's prying eyes, in secrecy within the Secret Societies. All Secret Societies with secret grades of initiation are owned and controlled by the Illuminati, and Freemasonry is maybe the best known. The persons who control the societies and the Illuminati are occultists and Satanists, and they practice Black Magic. Their God is Lucifer. "The Light Bearer", and by occult practices they manipulate and influence the masses. It doesn't matter if you and I believe in this or not, as long as they do. And they take it very seriously.

  46. ......................the men who control the Illuminati are members of thirteen wealthy families. Who they are have been a well hidden secret, and the leadership has gone from man to man over generations. Nevertheless, no secrecy is kept forever, and sooner or later there will be leaks, so also in this case. Not many people know who these families are exactly, but quite recently this has become known, due to people from Illuminati who have left the Order and revealed the most remarkable data. So here are the names of the 13 families - the Secret Government (and here is another link, in case one of the websites goes down).

    1. Astor
    2. Bundy
    3. Collins
    4. DuPont
    5. Freeman
    6. Kennedy
    7. Li (Chinese)
    8. Onassis
    9. Rockefeller
    10. Rothschild
    11. Russell
    12. van Duyn
    13. Merovingian (European Royal Families)

    The following families are also interconnected with those above:

    1. Reynolds
    2. Disney
    3. Krupp
    4. McDonald

    Also, in addition to those four families, there are hundreds of others that are connected more distantly to the main 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Although significant, they are not mentioned here; they are considered less powerful and less pure by the 13 Elite Bloodlines.

    All the families above can be studied in much more detail in Fritz Springmeier's excellent book: "Bloodlines of the Illuminati".


    godfathers of the earth

    Today, public money is in the private hands of the illuminati ruling families who own all of the world's leading banks including the privatized central banks. How did they do it? It started with the very first banks. In the beginning, banks were a safe place for people to store their gold. When the bankers discovered that people left most of their gold in the bank for safe keeping, they started lending out the gold that didn't belong to them and charging interest on it. Soon, Kings and royalty were borrowing gold from the bankers to finance their wars. Since wars were extremely good for business, the bankers started stirring up conflicts that led to more wars...then they lent out money to both sides of the wars and collected interest at loan shark rates.

    Out of every $1000 that each of their customer's deposited in their banks, the bankers kept only $100 on hand. They took the rest of their customer's money and made loans with it, invested it and started up other businesses – like the steel business to create rails for their railroad companies to transport oil for their oil companies. Pretty soon, their businesses grew into giant corporations. Those giant corporations turned the world's oceans, lakes, rivers, air and soil into corporate toilets.

    Eventually, the banksters got so rich that they built banks all over the world. They made millions in interest just by loaning out other people's money that didn’t belong to them. They bought mansions and fancy clothes and hosted extravagant parties. The royal families of Europe were the banksters biggest customers and granted them high society titles like ‘baron’ and ‘lord’ and ‘sir’.

    The banksters used their money and royal influence to sponsor corrupt politicians into power so that they could change the laws of nations. By changing laws, they were able to put the world's central banks, mints and the money supply into private hands - their private hands. When profits from all of their oil, mining and drug companies soared, the banksters became the world's richest men...but their greed had no limits. They wanted to own the entire world…so they put their heads together and came up with an ingenious scheme to take control of all of the world's money and riches. They figured out that whoever owns all of the world's money - owns the world!

  47. They are above the law.........they are the overworld and they are above the underworld.........they believe they can do what ever they want and are above the law.....



    Skull and Bones member, Alphonso Taft, catapulted his son, William Taft right into the top job at the white house. President Taft’s 17th amendment to the United States constitution guaranteed the right of big money insiders to hand pick senators and buy control of the United States senate. Today, the most influential members of the CIA, the U.S. government and big finance are Skull and Bonesmen. The Skull and Bones brotherhood is rooted in cabalism and in European freemasonry which practices similar death and re-birth rituals. Freemasons are blindfolded, symbolically slain with a noose around their neck and lowered into an open grave. Once raised from the grave, they must look towards a light called “the morning star”. The Latin translation for morning star is “Lucifer”. The phoenix bird and double headed eagle are important symbols in freemasonry. In Egyptian mythology, the phoenix bird is a god who rose to heaven in the form of a star like Lucifer after his fire immolation of death and re-birth. Death and re-birth themes and satanic witchcraft are marketed to youth in movies like Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings. The Hollywood movie lots are owned by the illuminati Lehman Brothers, Rothschild agent, Kuhn & Loeb, and Goldman Sachs.

    Freemasonry has a pyramid structure. The highest level is a 33rd degree mason. It is no coincidence that Solomon’s Temple in Israel was built at the 33rd parallel. Most Masons remain at the 3rd degree and provide a cover through their community charitable activities. The illuminati at the top of the pyramid is the all-seeing-eye. At the voluminous bottom are the unthinking, hard working, law abiding, tax paying, god fearing debt slaves who they call the “goyim’ or sheep.

    Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-­1872) was a 33rd degree mason who replaced Adam Weishaupt as head of the Illuminati in 1834. Mazzini was a member of the Italian Carbonari and created the Mafia, the blood rituals and the secret oath. He gave the dreaded Cosa Nostra the name “Mafia”. MAFIA is an acronym spelling the names of the original mafiosa godfathers. “M” for Mazzini. “A” for Autorizza. “F” for Furti. “I” for Incendi. “A” for Avelenameti. The Mafia arrived on American shores in the 1890’s with Illuminati financing to establish underground networks and the black market system. Hollywood movies and the media routinely criticize the Italian Mafia, yet they are not accused of being “anti-Italian”...but anyone who dares to criticize the Jewish Mafia is labelled anti-Semitic or a neo-Nazi.


    1. To establish a One World Government/New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. The One World Government began to set up its church in the 1920's and 30's, for they realized the need for a religious belief inherent in mankind must have an outlet and, therefore, set up a "church" body to channel that belief in the direction they desired.

    2. To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride, which was a primary consideration if the concept of a One World Government was to work.

    3. To engineer and bring about the destruction of religion, and more especially, the Christian Religion, with the one exception, their own creation, as mentioned above.

    4. To establish the ability to control of each and every person through means of mind control and what Zbignew Brzezinski called techonotronics, which would create human-like robots and a system of terror which would make Felix Dzerzinhski's Red Terror look like children at play.

    etc etc etc..............

  48. They belong to all nations and nationalities................

    There is no end to all this on the internet.........

    BUT there is no doubt who is running the place !

  49. The WA experience no different........

    The former head of a specialist team inside WA Police that targeted paedophiles has called on the national royal commission into child abuse to investigate why the unit was shut down.

    Before its closure in 1999, the paedophile investigations team had made more than 100 arrests - including priests and an ABC television presenter - and compiled a database with names of 900 known or suspected child sex abusers.

    Internal police documents reveal that in its first year the team had identified 15 paedophile networks in WA, prompting a high-level memo from an assistant commissioner to the deputy commissioner.

    "These papers demonstrate an extensive network of paedophiles in Western Australia," the 1995 memo read.

    Despite the mountain of intelligence and active investigations, the team was axed four years later.

    "We were starting to make some inroads and bit by bit were climbing the social levels," former detective Andrew Patterson told _The West Australian _. "We had made some good arrests and there were some pretty tantalising leads out there, including a judge."



    We were starting to make some inroads and bit by bit were climbing the social levels," former detective Andrew Patterson told _The West Australian _. "We had made some good arrests and there were some pretty tantalising leads out there, including a judge."

    Mr Patterson, now the ombudsman at a big NSW council, became disillusioned with WA Police, claiming he was "forced out" of the team he created midway through 1994.

    "The easy way was to shut it down and to get rid of me," he said. "Who on earth could make a decision to get rid of a team like that, which wasn't costing much by way of resources and was clearly doing good work.

    "Why would you close that down unless there was another agenda?"

    Operations Amulet, Swap, Utility and others netted more than a dozen paedophiles, including ABC radio and television presenter David Ellery.

    In February 1995, Mr Patterson was asked before a Federal parliamentary committee.

    "We currently know of the existence of at least 15 paedophile networks in this State," he said in a presentation.

    "One network we are aware of has planned to set up a holiday resort in this State - one of their members having inherited a vast sum of money."

    By September 1996, the computer database featured more than 900 known or suspected paedophiles and WA Police top brass were left in no doubt about the size of the problem.

    Regardless, resourcing was still a major problem and in a no-nonsense memo in July 1997, Mr Patterson described it as a "critical issue".

    1. Abbott's response to child sexual abuse by clergy angers victims

      Prime Minister Tony Abbott's support for Cardinal George Pell over child sex abuse is inappropriate and factually wrong, victims say.

      This new controversy came as the Speaker of the Victorian Parliament, Ken Smith, accused the former Melbourne vicar-general, Gerald Cudmore, of committing perjury in evidence he gave to a parliamentary inquiry in 1993. Mr Smith said highly placed Catholics stifled his inquiry's report.

      Mr Abbott told Fairfax Radio that Cardinal Pell, a former Catholic archbishop of Melbourne, was the first senior cleric to take sexual abuse by clergy seriously.

      Asked whether Cardinal Pell, now Archbishop of Sydney, carried any responsibility for the failures described by the report of the Victorian inquiry into the church's handling of child sexual abuse, Mr Abbott said he hadn't read it.

      ''As is pretty well known, I have a lot of time for George Pell … my understanding is that the first senior cleric who took this issue very seriously was in fact Cardinal Pell.''

      The report, Betrayal of Trust, said the cardinal was reluctant to acknowledge and accept responsibility for the church's failings on criminal child abuse. It also strongly condemned the current Catholic leadership, saying it trivialised and minimised abuse, treated it as ''a short-term embarrassment'', and betrayed the church's purported values.

      Advocate Chrissie Foster said Mr Abbott's friendship with the cardinal coloured his thinking. Mrs Foster, two of whose daughters' lives were ruined by paedophile priest Kevin O'Donnell, said after Mr Abbott was elected, she watched him on the platform with his wife and ''three beautiful daughters. I thought of my beautiful daughters and what became of them. The only difference is that my children went to a different Catholic primary school''.

      Wayne Chamley, of advocacy group Broken Rites, said Mr Abbott needed to ''check the history''. The first senior cleric to tackle sex abuse by clergy was Sydney Bishop Geoffrey Robinson in the 1990s.

      As the architect of the national church abuse protocol Towards Healing, Bishop Robinson quit in 2004, disillusioned with the church's response. Just weeks before that protocol, Cardinal Pell launched the Melbourne Response, which only applies in that city and deflects responsibility for responding to victims away from the archbishop.

  50. I don't recall our local government ever discussing this?

    Company Interview question:

    Do you have final costing for export of oil from Wyndham and what do you think the costs and timing are likely to be for export through Broome?

    Managing Director, Keiran Wulff

    Export of oil through Wyndham was driven by availability of existing infrastructure at that port and the shorter trucking distances compared to the initial operation where we trucked the initial clean-up production to BP at Kwinana.

    We have recently completed negotiations for the trucking contract with Hampton Transport and we are very pleased that we have been able to support a very competitive local Kimberley based contractor. Early export from Wyndham gives us the ability to get SE Asian refining customers familiar with Ungani crude which is high quality. Using Wyndham also provides local jobs and utilises local suppliers which is a core objective for the Company.

    To support the anticipated expansion and commitment to full field development after the drilling of the Ungani appraisal well we are actively evaluating closer options to reduce trucking and export costs. Following our announcement to initially commence export from Wyndham, we received very strong indications from the Broome local government, business and community that they are very much anticipating us using Broome in due course.

    The great thing about Broome is that the port has extensive existing facilities and until fairly recently, crude had been exported from the port for many years. A significant amount of refined product is now imported through the port utilising the existing crude oil export tank and facilities. As that existing crude oil storage tank is now being used for diesel storage, before we export from Broome we need to find a storage solution for Ungani crude. Apart from that, there is really nothing else that needs to be done – as I said, the wharf and port are already used for large volumes of petroleum products and the previous Canning Basin oil production all went through Broome. As for costs, we need to finalise our commercial negotiations but we would expect to see a dramatic reduction in costs through Broome.

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