Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sonali Kolhatkar: Haiyan: A Disaster Made Worse by Greed -Sonali Kolhatkar -Truthdig

Sonali Kolhatkar: Haiyan: A Disaster Made Worse by Greed -
Sonali Kolhatkar -

 the fact that we are already in an age of superstorms like Haiyan, many individuals and organizations are in fact doing their best to curb greenhouse gas emissions. In Canada, First Nations people are taking action to halt fracking operations. Students in the U.S. are calling on their universities to divest from the fossil fuel industry. International activists working with Greenpeace are currentlybeing held in Russian prisons for challenging Arctic oil drilling. Even a former senior executive from the oil and gas industry has joined the fight against global warming

Indeed, if we are to survive as a species, urgent action is imperative. Hilo told me, “People have no other option but to organize themselves and fight back. From the fight against tar sands in North America, to the fight against large-scale mining in the Philippines, people are asserting their rights to exist.” She added on a personal note, “I have to channel my grief into action.”

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