Friday, July 10, 2009

Camera Man & His Assistant

By walking along this aged old trail, you are sharing in the Dreaming, an ongoing state that draws together past present and future. For at least 6000 years this coastline has been at the level it is today. Indigenous people have walked, foraged and camped at the places featured on the Trail. Join the students, their teachers, the story tellers and the Goolarabooloo people as they move through Country. If the proposed LNG gas precinct goes ahead at James Price Point this will be the last Trail. Please help us Keep Country alive and the trail open for another 6000 years. Support HandsoffCountry


  1. I LOVE THE VIDEO !!!!!!!!!


    ciao ciao, missss u guys

    Francesco & Elena

  2. just feel so much love watching your videos,following the trail!
    ...yearning for the country!!
    There are things worth taking an uncompromising stand for!
    Stand up for our planet!!!
    hands off country...politicians must be crazy.

  3. Wow i am loving keeping up to date with your blogs, it was an amazing journey of discovery and history walking on the trail.
    you are all an inspiration
    you are not alone down here in Victoria we will help you fight
    Save the Kimberley's
    Love Kate