Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kimberley Coral Reefs

Redhand acknowledges The Wilderness society for the text on the video

The Kimberley region contains a remarkable array of complex habits with high levels of biological diversity. The shelf edge reef atolls host some of the worlds most spectacular coral reefs in the world. The inshore reefs of the northern Kimberley coast are more extensive and diverse than Ningaloo and may well become known as a coral reef province of global significance. The region has a diversity of larger marine animals such as sea turtles, crocodiles, manta rays, whales, dugong and dolphins. Decision making in the region must be underpinned by high quality, contemporary science at both a regional and local level, to ensure the maintenance of these magnificent natural values. Quote from A turning of the tide. A Western Australia Marine Science Institution initiative 2008.

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