Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Camping On the Dampier Peninsula

All along the coastal strip of the Dampier Peninsular, from Willie Creek right through Barred Creek and right up past James Price Point up to Yellow River, there are campers everywhere, in all types of contraptions with all types of setups. By camping out, watching sunsets over the ocean, sleeping under the stars and waking to the sound of the birds’ gratification to the breaking of a new day, these campers are enjoying, living and embracing an integral part of their cultural heritage and distinctive part of the Australian lifestyle.

Some campers have come for the: peace and the quiet, others for the fishing, bush walking, whale watching, reefing, sand – surfing, others just to sit and watch the tide come in and go out, others to meet up with friends. Young families with parents using the environmental surroundings to teach their children about the rhythm of life and the ebb and flow of the tide. Others have come just because they can.

The Dampier Peninsula and its: user friendly qualities, easy access to pristine country and beaches, to traditional understandings and cultural exchange, to ocean views, to the privacy of camping and the ease of access to the lines of supplies from Broome. The Dampier Peninsula is an outstanding placed to visit and enjoy but in all reality its the last place, (if you’re heading north) to enjoy a swim in comparative safety or ease of access to beautiful clean beaches. If you are heading north into fresh water country you have to become very mindful of crocodiles, even when you reach Darwin you cannot swim or have the access to beautiful clean safe beaches like we currently do here, on the Dampier Peninsula.

Should the proposed Gas precinct go ahead at James Price Point not only will Broome locals and tourists be locked out of this newly polluted and destroyed country , there is really no other place (unless you can afford to hire a helicopter or seat on a cruise boat) to access this type of Country and camp and swim with ease. As a Broome local you will have to travel south to Eighty Mile Beach, and as a tourist you will have to travel to the east coast before you can enjoy the ocean again.

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  1. Thank You Red Hand. Love your work!! Great soundtrack/music; beautiful stills too! All our love and support to you, and all walking with you. Feel embraced!