Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jabirr Jabirr clan group voted to remove themselves from the original Goolarabooloo / Jabirr Jabirr Native Title Claim

Today the Jabirr Jabirr clan group voted to remove themselves from the original Goolarabooloo / Jabirr Jabirr Native Title Claim and splinter off. Following is a series of footage taken over the day, throughout the meeting, until I was asked to leave.

The Goolarabooloo claimant group application still sits in the Native Title Tribunal. Today, the real Traditional Owners for this Country in question, the Ngumbarl people (the quite ones) stood side by side with Goolarabooloo, in respect for each other position and their inherent legacies.

This meeting highlighted to me the division that this proposed LNG precinct is doing to the Indigenous communities on the Dampier Peninsula. Law Bosses from as far north as Bardi country traveled to Broome to speak and support Joseph Roe. But still, no respect was shown to them in regards to how decisions are made in regards to law & culture and the proper way in which decisions are made for country.

This video shows a lawyer addressing the gathering and asking "if they were happy if the Senior Law Men see and observe the process and sit in on the meeting?". Then the people were asked if they were happy to have the meeting filmed by anyone else?, except Kimberley Land Council ! and a show of hands were called for. Only a few raised their hands but Red Handed decided to leave because they did not want their presents, to distract from the real business.

Following the lunch break, the Jabirr Jabirr people decided to splinter off and left the meeting only to gather in the lawn in front of the Cable Beach Club, (interestingly to note that the shade tents had already been erected and were waiting) leaving the Goolarabooloo people at the conference venue.

Even when Red handed remained at a respectful distance, security were still instructed to stop me filming.

Upon their return, to the larger group, representatives from the splintering Jabirr Jabirr clan group informed the Northern Law Bosses, the Goolarabooloo custodians , the Jabirr Jabirr supporters and the rightful Traditional Owners for the Country in question, the Ngumbarl people that they had voted to splinter away from the original joint Native Title Claim and submit their own whole new claim. At this point, Kerrianne Cox, spokeswomen for the Ngumbarl people stated that they also have made the decision to stand strong and unite along alongside the Goolarabooloo Custodians and also submit a Claim.

Please note that the final section of this footage was filmed by a young Goolarabooloo women and not Red handed.


  1. All i can say is we are so lucky to have such great people as Joe Roe and Kerrianne Cox to stand up to those sick S.O.B.s that make their money by destroying everything.To have listened to this other mob for so many years, "blah blah my country this,blah blah my country that",to have them just roll over for the first S.O.B. to come along....well what a mob of frauds and stooges!!!More power to Joe Roe the underdog and the amazing Kerrianne.

  2. Ummmm, which gas plant land is Barnett going to buy?The 4sq.klm. one or the 250sq.klm. one?

  3. 258 square kilometers at broome prices, must be $50 billion at least.nah, they can't even afford a new footy stadium!