Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Will the rightfull people please stand Up.

If nothing else, it is hoped that today's meeting will finally bring the truth out, not only about KLC's questionable tactics to railroad the Cultural Law Bosses but the real Traditional Owners the Ngumbarl people will finally stand up and take their rightfull place at the table.

Like many Indigenous people the Ngumbal people suffered greatly when they were removed from their Country and taken to Beagle Bay as the stolen generations. It was because of this that Paddy Roe, Joseph Roe grandfather, from Goolarabooloo was given both the law and custodianship for this particular Country and for the last eighty years have look after the country, the law and the Songline. The Djaberadjabera mob who's language is Jabirr Jabirr have no cultural rights over this country and they will need to move back to their country which is north of Coulomb Point and travels north to Beagle Bay.

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  1. Not only that but who in their right mind would sign a deal in the middle of the worst global financial crises in 70 years? The price of l.n.g. in April 2009 was the lowest in 6 years.L.n.g. demand is going to skyrocket in the next 10 years.They are giving the stuff away!And of course what was Barnett thinking with his stupid threats in the middle of all this?I have never seen a more incompetent process than this ever!Woodside must be having the laugh of their life over all this,with 3 company men,[Bergman,Barnett and Ferguson],on the inside how could they possibly go wrong?