Sunday, February 26, 2012

Activist Injured by Police Negligence


Forest Rescue activist Glen Pendlebury underwent surgery this morning after police badly injured his hands by slicing through his thumbs while unlocking him from logging machinery in Warrup forest.

Pendlebury, who attracted recent media attention after boarding Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru 2, received numerous stitches to both hands. His tendons were cut and bone chipped from a police extraction procedure that went horribly wrong.
Forest Rescue are alarmed that in their haste to get Glen off police used the unprecedented method of a drill-press over safe and established procedures. “The police have seen and extracted dozens of protestors from this type of lock-on before, and for them to use this new method came as a shock to us all” said Forest Rescue spokesman Simon Peterffy.

Moments earlier, officers had joked to Pendlebury about the possibility of cutting off his thumbs in the extraction process.

Forest Rescue are disturbed by police statements that frame the incident as Pendlebury’s fault when clear negligence by police is demonstrated. “I’m appalled that the WA police have shifted blame to the victim of their negligence,” said Peterffy. “The police have the same duty of care to an activist as any other citizen…safety should be their paramount concern.”

Peterffy says the incident demonstrates the police violence and misconduct that Forest Rescue activists have been subject to throughout their campaign to stop logging in Warrup Forest. “In this campaign, the police are acting as the security company for the Forest Products Commission and this is not their role.” Peterffy, who boarded the Japanese whaling vessel with Pendlebury last month, added "we were treated better by the Japanese whalers than we have been by the WA police at Warrup.”

Pendlebury said he locked himself to the machine "because there are left than one thousand numbats left in the wild, and its revolting that the government are encouraging the destruction of their largest colony."


  1. Play with big boys and you might get hurt. Put yourself in harms way and you get what you deserve.

  2. A senile Premier who thinks water flows downhill from the Kimberley to Perth,a police Commissioner who wasted one years policing arresting people who were trying to stop illegal works?
    Lots of unsolved crimes out there,are the "big boys" scared of the big crims?
    As for the Premier I hear the "Engineering Disasters" series has booked him in for an entire season.
    A few peacefull protesters deserve to be hacked to bits?
    What's your prescription for serious law breakers?
    Trying to prevent a species from becoming extinct is an honourable thing to do,promoting Draconian punishments for good people is disgusting.