Saturday, February 25, 2012

Outrage over order to dump toxic spoils on reef | The Australian

If the proposed liquefied natural gas export industry extends its arms to James Price Point, we can all say goodbye to our beautiful coastal environment of the Damiper Peninsula and especially Broome.

Goodbye Cable Beach, a beach voted the 3rd most beautiful in the world and farewell Roebuck Bay, an international listed Ramsar site.

With the toxic spoils from the dredging, mixed with the biggest tides of the world, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the impacts on marine life will be despicable, recreational and commercial fishing will be obliterated, the tourism industry shattered, our national heritage listed sites devastated, community and lifestyles demolished and our dreamt future for our children and theirs crushed.

The Broome Shire has the moral obligation and social responsibility to fund and instigate a fact finding mission to Gladstone with representatives from our local recreational clubs, non-government agencies, social services organisations, tourism representatives, environmental groups, fishing and sporting clubs and small business advocates.

Their mission would be to simply investigate the facts on the impacts the LNG development has had on Gladstone’s community and social fabric, their local economic base and the environment and report their findings back to the Broome community in an open public forum.

Open public discussions, with complete and true information about the LNG proposal at James Price Point needs to be undertaken in Broome in order for the community to really understand the turmoil, the sickness and the trepidation a massive destructive project of this nature will have on the Damiper Peninsula.

Every member of the Broome Community should be shouting from their rooftops for their rights to FREE AND INFORMED CONSENT to ensure we do not have to experience what the Gladstone community is suffering or be traumatized in trying to mitigate total ecological wreckage and the social lunacy that comes with it.

Outrage over order to dump toxic spoils on reef | The Australian: MILLIONS of tonnes of potentially toxic dredge spoils from coal and gas port expansions along the Queensland coast have been earmarked to be dumped into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

The federal government has told the park authority to raise working capital by imposing a dumping fee of between $5 and $15 per cubic metre.

The proposal has enraged fishing and conservation groups, which have called it "pay to pollute" environmental vandalism.

The plan coincides with long-running concerns over the impact on marine life of dredging at Gladstone Harbour to make way for the $70 billion liquefied natural gas export industry.

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  1. Brilliant idea!Let's see these people get their heads out of the clouds ( of money ) and get their feet firmly on the ground with a solid dose of reality.

    No no more Mr Nice Guy.
    Mr Nice Guy don't cut it no no more.