Monday, February 27, 2012

Yahoo!7 News

Yahoo!7 News: A group of protesters on board a Shell-contracted oil-drilling ship in Taranaki, New Zealand, are preparing for a third night on board but their water is running low.

The protesters, including TV actor Lucy Lawless, boarded the Arctic-bound Noble Discoverer and scaled the 53m drilling tower on Friday morning, using locks on the access ladder to barricade themselves on the derrick.

The group of six had a cold and uncomfortable night on Saturday with loud music blasting at 3am and spotlights shining on them all night, Greenpeace New Zealand says on its website.

"They're hungry, and water rations are low."

Ms Lawless, who played Xena the Warrior Princes, says she had some dark thoughts before dawn.

"You think is anybody listening? Is anybody out there? Does anybody even care about this like we do? So, you just don't know, but you've got to do what you believe is right."

The group were preparing to spend a third night on the ship and plan to stay as long as they can, a Greenpeace spokeswoman told NZ Newswire on Sunday.

They had taken supplies to last several days.

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    As we know Woodside are looking for overseas oportunities.PTTEP are battling with Shell for a big piece of the action in East Africa.

    This story has some interesting links to Woodside.

    East Africa has some of the worlds lowest wages,more oil and gas than Saudi Arabia,and the rush is on to develope it.