Wednesday, June 24, 2009


These Middens are within the area of the proposed LNG Gas precinct near Quondong as described in the Scope Strategic Assessment doc, page 35, area marked B, 60 kms from Broome on the Kimberely coast.

A Midden is a place where there is an accumulation of shell refuse that is derived from exploitation of a mollusc resource by Aboriginal people. Such sites may also contain artefacts, fireplaces, burnt shell and bones.
Therefore, at least two of the following pieces of evidence are required to establish that the accumulation of shells is of Aboriginal origin:
• Presence of charcoal, burnt wood, blackened shells, hearths.
• Presence of bones of other edible species.
• Presence of artefactual material.
• Presence of layers indicating cultural rather than natural deposition.
• Evidence that the shell fish have been exploited by human beings, e.g., broken open backs, edible size.
• Demonstrable selection of edible, mature, shell fish species.
• Ethnographic and/or historical evidence related to the accumulated shell refuse.

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