Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Redhand questions the process when it begins by failing to adhere to the Terms of Reference from the start.

Was the community of Broome aware that a Scope of Strategic Assessment Report has been released?

Has any individual seen a Public Notice published in the Broome Advertiser, the Western Australian or even ‘The Australian’ about the Draft Report being released?
The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 Part 10 Strategic Assessments Section 146 (1) Agreement which was made between the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts on behalf of the Australian Government and the Western Australian Ministers for State Development and the Environment & Climate Change. Section 6.3 The WA Government shall provide the Draft Report for public comment by Notice:

a) Posted on the Western Australian Government website; and
b) Published in a newspaper(s) circulating nationally, in Western Australia and locally in the Kimberley.

The Notice must advise that the Draft Report is available and how copies may be obtained, provide contact details, invite public comments on the Draft Report and set a period of 28 days within which comment must be received.

Additionally Section 6.4 of the same Agreement states the signatories will make copies of the Notice and Draft Report available electronically through their websites.

We call on the above Departments to immediately follow the Agreement and look into and publicly report why the process has failed to date.

The Scope of Strategic Assessment Report can be obtained from this site until the following above mentioned errors of judgment, over sights, has been rectified?

More on the contents of the Scoping document to come.

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  1. surely with the amount of water a project of this size will require plus the extra water broome and surrounding area will need, this opens the door for "the dam we must have". then cotton will be back on, followed by fertilizer and pesticide plants. there's no doubt this hub would be the end of the beautiful kimberley. also where is the mountains of rock and sand coming from for the concrete and roads? i remember when the derby r.a.a.f. base was built the closest rock for high m.p.a. concrete was mined out from the tunnel creek area. go red hand.