Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When is the Broome community going to have its say regarding the proposed Gas Precinct at Quondong?

Are the communities of the Kimberley aware that currently there is a "Social Studies and Investigation Program" being compiled by Andrea Jardine Orr representing the Western Australian Government’s Department of State Development? This program is a requirement to proceed as part of a process known as a Strategic Assessment (SA). This SA is being prepared for the National Environment Minister Hon Peter Garrett to assess, with other documentation and reports, the proposed gas precinct at Quondong, (Murrdudun).

Andrea Jardine Orr , meets with the Broome Shire for a confidential briefing and with the Chamber of Commerce, however members of the Broome community are yet to have any opportunity to have their say, concerns or questions addressed? Why hasn’t this consultant exercised professional protocol by introducing herself to the community, informing the community about the study and its purpose? Why does it feel like the Broome community, its lifestyle, its heritage and its future is being treated with obvious irrelevance? It is as if this community, its very essence is totally inconsequential and insignificant?

The Broome Community and residents are listed within the Scope of Strategic Assessment Report as stakeholders to be consulted unlike the Broome Shire Council who are not named. As stated in an earlier blog, the WA government is under contract with the Federal Government and is therefore legally obligated to ensure that the Broome community and its residents are kept informed and consulted and that certain timelines and milestones are met. This is not happening and Redhand, again calls on the Federal Government to investigate and rectify this situation as soon as possible, on the behalf of the Broome community.

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