Thursday, June 11, 2009

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do!

John Bulter, Walmadan Heritage Concert, Broome.

People can change things, they are the only ones that can.

The community of Broome should not feel like you are being rail roaded, invaded or dictated too by multinational company or bullied by government. This is your community, your lifestyle and your children's future.

Red Hand questions why the Strategic Assessment document has only been provided to selected stakeholders, has not be posted on any of the State government's Web sites nor have copies been made available to the general public.

Where, when and who is undertaking the Social Impact Study, which according to the Kimberley LNG Precinct - (Scoop) of Strategic Assessment document's time line should be underway now. Members of the public are listed within this same document as Key Stakeholders but have you have heard anything? Do you feel like you are being kept in the dark? Are your rights to express your ideas, concerns or have some of your questions answered being sidelined?

In accordance with the industry guidelines for community involvement (DoE 2003),A consultation program should continue throughout the assessment process as a two-way flow of communication between government as the Precinct Proponent, industry Proponents and stakeholders. As stated in the Scoop Document, p179 "This will assist in identifying significant environmental and social issues and will enable an open, transparent and comprehensive exchange of information and views."

According to the Scoping Document for Strategic Assessment 13.3 Consultation Program it is clearly stated that Stakeholder consultation will be a continuing activity for the Kimberley LNG Precinct.The consultation program will be framed around key milestones for the assessment, and be provided by various means including briefings, community meetings, published material, web sites and other communication methods appropriate to the target audience. None of these activities (various means)have been undertaken.

These consultations were to take place in March - May 200 so as to inform and seek input from key stakeholders:State/Cwth Govt, Traditional Owners, NGOs, Industry, General Public of assessment process and the studies and investigations proposed to support the Strategic Assessment.

There has been no consultation, members of the Broome Community and the general public have not been informed about the development plans and decisions or have they been given the opportunity to contribute input.

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