Saturday, October 22, 2011

Broome No Gas Community’s Third Quarter James Price Point Protectors Report: Summary

The Broome community run campaign opposing the proposed Browse LNG Precinct at James Price Point has had a productive and successful third quarter. We have had many major achievements that have led to thousands of hours of delays to Woodside’s Geotechnical investigative works.

Summary of achievements and outcomes of the No Gas Campaign:

- Number of SAR sections investigated by the community = 5
number shown to be inadequate = 5
(Paleontology, Marine Turtles, Whales, Dolphins, Bilbies/terrestrial fauna)

- Number of new nationally threatened species found on site= 1 (Greater Bilby)

- Significant dinosaur trackways revealed from James Price Point = over 500, minimum 7 new species, 1 new genus

- National Heritage listing for the Dinosaur Trackways of the Dampier coastline

- Illegal and prohibited activities committed by Woodside as revealed by ongoing surveillance by protestors on site:
a) 2 proven cases of illegal land clearing
b) 1 case of desecrating a listed site of cultural significance (under investigation by the West Australian Department of Indigenous Affairs)
Numerous alleged breachs of Broome council permits (under investigation)
c) Numerous alleged breachs to Woodside’s Environmental Management Plans

- Number of new council members elected to the Broome Council who oppose the Gas Hub = 3, including newly elected deputy Shire President, Anne Poelina

- Number of floats in the Broome Shinju Matsuri parade = 3, with hundreds of participants

- Number of International Solidarity events = Ireland 2

- Number of independent economic reports advising against the development of the Browse LNG Precinct at James Price Point = 2
(Citibank, Merrill Lynch)

- Number of racial slurs or racist letters connected to the campaign = 0

- Number of major events of cross cultural exchange between Traditional Owners and the protest community = 3
(Walmandan Corroborroree, Lurujarri Trail, Lurujarri Weekend)

- Number of rallies and benefit gigs held for the campaign around Australia = 20
(Byron, Melbourne, Bendigo, Perth, Fremantle, Broome, Denmark, Adelaide)

- Number of friends on Facebook:
Goolarabooloo = 3000, Save the Kimberley = 12,000

- Number of postcards signed in opposition to the gas hub = 13,000

- Number of votes on the online site Getup against the Gas Hub being built at James Price Point= 5,530

- Number of old families of Broome who signed against the Gas Hub = 5,000

- Estimated number of people who attended a free concert opposing the Gas Hub on Broome Beach = 7,000

- Number of ‘lock ons’ = 12
Number of ‘pole sites’ = 2

- Estimated percentage of completed works that were planned by Woodside for this dry season = 45%

- Number of hours of work delayed by protest campaign = 1033 hours of stopped work. With an average work force of 20 people = 20,330 personnel hours

We look forward to a very successful next quarter with many diverse and exciting ventures planned.


  1. A really great achievement,lets hope the next 2 quarters are helped along by heaps of rain storms and cyclones.Well done all of you.

  2. You idiots reading this crap, do you honestly think these 'stats' are even close to realistic???

    7 new Dino prints????
    45 percent productivity????
    12 lock ons????
    Threatened bilby species discovered????

    I cannot imagine the poor brain that could believe something this ridiculous

    Just a touch e

  3. Looks like the hostiles have access to email in their down time. Poor guys - Aggressive at work and pathetically deluded at rest.
    I wonder if the 2nd guy is trying to tell us that Woodside's figure of 45% productivity is an overstatement??

  4. Yeah yeah, all that in a quarter, you should have Woodside wrapped up by next month.....................................................................

  5. Don't forget the countless convictions, fines, and charges.

  6. You are such a beautiful and strong community becoming real warriors in front of a very powerful and rich multinational, that you make look so stupid... They're totally losing their credibility! Love your work guys!
    Strength in Community, Love for Country!

  7. Ummm..... the only people losing credibility are the protest group. Using disabled people and children under 10 to facilitate your plan is nothing short of disgusting.

  8. unless you are not there you really cannot comment untill you leave the country you cannot appreciate nature... it is a pity... To those strong souls up there: good on you stay strong do not let anyone brings you down for they do not know what they talking about!!! poor souls...