Friday, October 21, 2011

Protest Taken to New Heights At James Price Point

Media Release

October 21st, 2011
Community halts Kimberley land g

Woodside Petroleum’s Third Quarter Financial Report for 2011 has coincided with the occupation of a communications tower at James Price Point and a rally at Woodside’s Broome office by protesters opposed to what they see as a land grab by the Barnett Government.
At James Price Point a 30m communications tower that allegedly breachs shire approvals, has been scaled and occupied by a protester stopping all investigative ground works by Woodside. When asked how long he will stay there, he remarked ‘for as long as it takes for Woodside to leave’.
Simultaneously at Woodside’s Broome headquarters, community members opposed to the gas hub released their own Third Quarter Protestor Report. This report celebrates and documents the community’s major achievements which include thousands of hours of delays to Woodside’s geotechnical works.
“This is about compulsory acquisition – a land grab in the Kimberley, Woodside and its joint venture partners Shell, BP, BHP and Chevron don’t seem to care that Indigenous people’s land is being taken away by a Premier hell bent on industrialising our traditional lands.” said Traditional Owner and Senior Law Boss Joseph Roe on behalf of Goolarabooloo and Jabirr Jabirr Traditional Owners opposed to the gas.
“Woodside can try and paint this proposal in a positive light but they should tell investors the truth about the problems they have in the Kimberley – the thousands of hours of delays to work and it’s only going to get harder and harder.” Traditional Owner and Law Boss Joseph Roe.


  1. Lets hope he can stay up there longer than the pole protest!

  2. Contrary to popular belief we are still drilling holes and scoring goals in country! How's the radiation up there Scotty?

  3. Lets see what shape woodslide is in after a lovely long wet season.Odds on you will be feeling a lot more cooked than Scotty.