Monday, October 10, 2011

Woodside continue to trash the Lurujarri Song Cycle, with their ignorance and impertinence to Cultural Heritage

The following is a message to the international, national and the local communities from the Goolarabooloo people:

‘To our Friends,

Apart from the obvious environmental impact of this proposed industrialisation, which has been well documented, the significant issue of the preservation of our aboriginal cultural and spiritual heritage, has not been given due consideration.
The Law and Song Cycles of Walmadan are not ancient history, but present-day fact. This Law has been kept alive through my grandfather Paddy Roe and now through me.

If this proposed LNG development goes ahead, our Country is gone forever.

Our country holds our Heritage, including our burial sites, and most importantly the Song Cycle that runs through this country from the north of the Dampier Peninsula, south to Bidyadanga, the area below Roebuck Bay.

Your voice can draw attention to this great plight and help protect our ancient and sacred Song Cycles – Bugarigaara (Dreamtime).

Thank you.’

Joseph Roe,
Senior Law Boss and Law Keeper


This land, and the life it supports, were created at the beginning of time by those of the spirit. This is the Law, Burrgarrigurra. We, the Aboriginal Law-men, have held this knowledge unbroken since the first people inhabited this earth.

Some say the land is there for the benefit of people alone. But how can that be? It is not different from us.

Like humans, the wallabies and trees, rocks and water are all made of that same living, vibrating spirit. There is nothing in this entire world which is not of that spirit. When we know this intelligence, when we fathom what is at the ‘bottom’ of everything, we can, as human beings, realise our purpose and the meaning of our lives.

Paddy Roe OAM,
Traditional Custodian and Law-Keeper
of the land known as Waterbank Pastoral Station,
as interpreted by Joe Roe, 1992.

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