Friday, October 28, 2011

Study reveals bigger bilby population - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Study reveals bigger bilby population - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Eastern states ecologist Malcolm Linday has examined the number and location of bilby burrows on the peninsula, amidst concern the planned Kimberley gas hub could impact the threatened species.

He says it is clear bilbies are living in the area and have been for some time.

Mr Linday say he has found evidence of an active bilby colony outside the precinct but within in an area that Woodside has permission to clear.


  1. and Malcolm is a marine biologist so he probably wouldn't know a real bilby from a darryl lea version.

  2. This is very ammusing, they go on with it yet it is common knowledge within Broome that these animals are from Wildlife park.

    Broome Res

  3. Where the bilby colony argument loses credibility is that DEC claim that they have approached the relevant people for details of the sites but these details are not forthcoming.

    First question is "Is DEC claim true?"

    Follow up question, "If it is true, why will participants not reveal sites?"

  4. In addition to that last comment. It should be noted that if it is true that the bilby researchers are refusing to hand over the details to DEC then it does not necessarily follow that the animals come from the wildlife park, as the other writer suggested. It may be the case that the researchers simply do not trust DEC with the information. If this is the case then that is where the edge is on this conflict because now we are looking at establishing paralell process to those that already exist (i.e. DEC). Furthermore, if we are talking about paralell processes, then isn't this the "duplication of services" argument that is being made against the TOs behind the gas deal?
    Maybe I am all getting a little too far ahead of myself here but were I to be an activist with input, here, I would be fortifying my stance against DEC with a good understanding of the way they work and the person I would be speaking to is Jess Beckerling.

    woof woof.