Monday, April 2, 2012

The case to slow down the mining boom

The case to slow down the mining boom: Would a monopolist bid against itself for scarce labour and infrastructure capacity (to get the minerals to port and onto ships)? Or would it invest in training and infrastructure before it began expanding production?

His point is not to advocate monopoly, obviously, but to make clear the potential for conflict between the interests of the miners and the interests of the nation.


  1. Smells fishy.Who hid what from whom?Coleman must be worried as this new mess comes to light.

    "EPA chairman Paul Vogel said the department, through lead partner Woodside, had unearthed more information about how the Kimberley project's dredging program would affect sea life in the area."

    It would take a lot of digging to unearth what Voelte,Barnett,Ferguson and Burke have burried.

    "Conservation Council of WA director Piers Verstegen said the blowout reflected a lack of preparation by the Government in choosing James Price Point as the site of the proposed gas hub.
    "I think it's symptomatic of a rushed approach to this project which has started to take into account a whole range of concerns, particularly very valid environmental concerns," Mr Verstegen said."

  2. Paywall

    Woodside prepares for Shell selldown

    by: Andrew Burrell
    From:The Australian
    April 05, 201212:00AM

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    OIL giant Royal Dutch Shell has reinforced its willingness to sell its $6.5 billion shareholding in Woodside Petroleum after further reducing its stake by declining to take up new equity in the Perth company's past three dividend reinvestment plans.

    Woodside told the Australian Securities Exchange yesterday that Shell's stake had fallen from 24.3 per cent to 23.3 per cent during the past 12 months.

  3. Shell would be hoping a successful start up of Pluto will happen soon and cash in on the rise in share price.
    Still no sign of gas from Pluto.

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