Monday, April 2, 2012

Rare sea turtle nests in Kimberley at proposed gas refinery site « Earth First! Newswire

Rare sea turtle nests in Kimberley at proposed gas refinery site « Earth First! Newswire: The findings from the recent sea turtle study were released yesterday, casting further doubts over the scientific integrity of the W. Australia Government’s environmental impact assessment for the James Price Point gas hub. reported the nesting of the sea turtle in December and posted a video of the unusual sea turtle with the details here.

The peer-reviewed study into marine turtle nesting in the James Price Point area led by University of Melbourne marine biologist Malcolm Lindsay found 14 turtle nests and 38 false crawls over the 2011/2012 nesting season, including the first ever recorded hawksbill hybrid in Australia.

Traditional Goolarabooloo elder, Phillip Roe, commented yesterday: “[W.A. Premier] Barnett can try to paint James Price Point as insignificant, but we know that there are dinosaur footprints, bilbies, turtle nests, whales, songlines, registered sacred sites all here, this is a sacred site worth protecting for all Australians, black or white.”

“The hybrid hawksbill is exciting news, but even more so is the science that supports local knowledge that James Price Point is important to sea turtles,” said Teri Shore, Program Director at in California. Shore has provided expert comments and testimony on the environmental analysis of the Browse Basin natural gas projects. She has traveled to the Kimberley to help monitor flatback nesting beaches and lend support to local activists striving to halt the fossil fuel expansion.


  1. Coleman wasn't happy with the way Voelte went about Pluto at all.He has sacked 5 CEO's from the bungled project and having gone over the gas claims scrubbed 2 finds Voelte claimed were of production quality and downgraded them to dusters.April 3 and still no gas from Pluto.
    He is having the dredging effects on JPP modelled again,so he is aware of the shoddy work that Voelte had done on Browse.This could mean other areas will have to be re done as it seems he is not a man to make decisions on poor information.If he cares to dig deeper he will find the whole thing has been rigged to produce a fake positive outcome for govs and Woodside.The shareholders should be very worried indeed that their company is dicing with their money in such a reckless manner.
    It should be back to the drawing board for the entire project,or save time and money and send the plans to the scrapheap.

  2. via Josh Coates and STK:

  3. The same guy that was involved in the faked bilby claims? Yeah real credible. Any turtles missing from the wildlife park?
    There is only one CEO at Woodside and Coleman hasn't sacked himself so best go back and do your research. Browse is good to go, heaps of gas that was discovered way before Voelte came about so you are also barking up the wrong tree there to.

  4. CEO's was how the media put it,you'll have to take your point up with them.
    Like your constant claiming that nothing exists anywhere Woodside want to build their gas plant,very amusing.
    Pluto's start up is going to effect any decission on the future of Browse,and the news from the Burrup isn't good.Insiders are predicting another delay announcement any day.
    This is not confirmed but rumours from workers employed there are flying around.
    Odds on neither Burke or Coleman will commit untill all the shonky reports have been re done to an acceptable standard.Could take years.
    And on and on it goes.What next you say?Mermaids?

  5. Well we could be in for another Ice Age,but it could be some time before JPP freezes over.
    $50 bucks says not in this century.

    Woodslides last 3 years of profit wouldn't come close to covering the Pluto blowout.

    Walmadan is considered unique by a good many folk for a good many reasons.

    Have you any good tips for "the good oil" you could share with us?