Friday, April 13, 2012

WA Premier rejects Browse Gas fears | social impacts | women

WA Premier rejects Browse Gas fears | social impacts | women:

 An independent report warning of adverse social impacts to women in Aboriginal communities if the controversial Browse LNG is developed at James Price Point, has been rejected by West Australian Premier Colin Barnett.


  1. Wow Barnett and Campbell didn't like that at all!
    A whiff of Joh and old Queensland in there,"nothing going on here."
    Throughout history large male construction workforces have always had prostitution,drugs and violence.It makes up for most of the bragging for working on these projects!Denial of this is stupid.

    Barnetts dreams of a Chinese free for all investment deluge have been dealt a blow with the Chinese feeling the sting from some high profile failures.

    "CHINESE authorities are cracking down on outbound foreign investment following a string of troubled projects that have run up tens of billions of losses, including two major resource deals in Australia.

    In a decision that will have implications for Australia's booming resource sector, China's State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) has published new rules that will hold state-owned enterprises and their executives accountable for bad overseas investment decisions"

    Australian LNG projects take another hit with Russia ready to match US low gas prices in what they see as a developing global market "war".

    "The shale gas boom is having a psychological impact even in markets North American producers can’t access as buyers realize there is plenty to go around, and they are no longer chained to the demands of sellers.

    It comes down to the perception of scarcity in the market. The United States no longer needs to import gas, meaning others believe there’s more for everyone else. Further, while vast amounts of North American gas may not be reaching import terminals overseas, foreign buyers now believe gas could transform into a global commodity, easing their reliance on neighbouring producers."

    "Russia’s production may not shrink, but previous forecasts for its growth may now be out of reach. Australia’s growing liquefied natural gas industry, and Qatar, home to the world’s largest LNG producer, could also be dented."

    "Russian president-elect Vladimir Putin urged energy producers from the world’s biggest natural gas exporter to “rise to the challenge” of a changing market as the U.S. boosts output of shale gas. U.S. shale gas production may “seriously” restructure supply and demand in the global market, Mr. Putin said Wednesday in an address to the Russian lower house of parliament."

    "Because of [Europe’s pipeline network], you can substitute supply. Russian gas needs to be price competitive ... in a way it never has before.”"

    And after all his huffing and puffing Barnett has admitted today that a legal challenge to the Mining Tax would most likely not succeed.

  2. All this news of competition in the LNG market place has really started a panic reaction from the various business groups such as the Australian Chamber of Commerce.
    Seeing the $900 billion investment pipeline evaporating before their eyes,their kneejerk panic reaction is "cut green tape,cut occupational health and safety,cut union power,etc."
    None of this is going to help them.It may lead to a disaster or two and more workplace accidents,but it will not improve government decission making or the lack of brains or morals of developers.

    The truth is the glory days are over for the new kid on the block,there are bigger kid's there now and they are prepared to be far more ruthless than the "never had it so good" Aussies.

    They can rush and rush and plan and build all the coal mines and gas plants they want,but the truth is none of them will make money,and bashing Greens,safety,health,and governments will not change that.

  3. Bob has retired just as a new wave of madness has hit us.

    ''The federal government, frankly, needs to delegate the powers of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act to the states,'' Mr Newman said.

    Read more:

    Dear God,the mistakes and disasters that now await us should scare the living daylights out of even the business community.