Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wasteful James Price Point development hits another delay | Rachel Siewert

Wasteful James Price Point development hits another delay | Rachel Siewert:
“Time, resources and money have been wasted on plans to locate the LNG factory at James Price Point,” Senator Siewert said today.

“This is despite the fact that other locations exist which are already serviced by existing communities and infrastructure.

“While it is clear the WA Government favours James Price Point as a development site in order to pave the way to further industrialisation of the Kimberley, the joint venture partners must see the inherent benefits that come from piping the gas to a more appropriate processing location.

“This development has been flawed from the outset, including the planning and consultation with Traditional Owners.


  1. "Wasteful."
    Just as people,especially shareholders,thought Woodside had half a chance to do something the right way,they make one of the worst decissions ever.

    "OIL giants Woodside Petroleum and Shell are about to launch a $350 million drilling campaign within 10km of the Rowley Shoals, a premier diving spot off the Kimberley coast that the West Australian government says is "one of the most pristine marine areas in the world".

    The move puts Woodside and Shell on a fresh collision course with environmental groups, which say exploring for oil and gas so close to the coral atolls is fraught with danger because of the risks of an oil spill and the threat posed to marine life during seismic surveys."


    In another story the Australian says "Doubts grow over $40 billion Woodside project."
    Other people have said $46 billion,frankly if they did decide to build it in 18 months time and then take 5 or 6 years to build it,why not say $60 or $70 billion?

    But to roll the dice by drilling at the Rowley Shoals,with Shell,is pure madness and shows Coleman hasn't got his head screwed on right.It wouldn't matter who spilled the oil,anyone out there would share the blame.

    As for Ferguson and Barnett,and their governments,this is a very dangerous move - again - gambling with our future and our chilrens.

    The business groups are up in arms over too much green tape.


    "THE business community has united to demand Julia Gillard and the premiers slash unwieldy environmental assessments and approvals processes, warning "green tape" is jeopardising $900 billion in resources and infrastructure projects."

    So we get to the truth,the projects are no longer economical due to global conditions,but if we could get rid of environment and health and safety concerns,then maybe,just maybe,they could still make a buck.

    This is their dumb ass response to the challenge from Africa,U.S.,and other competitors and it would be fair to say they have lost it.

    Woodside have just won a fight with the state to only seal their wells at the base and yet they say it's their "environmental record"that makes it safe for them to drill at the Shoals."Because each well will be subject to environmental approvals."

    We enter another very dangerous time for our local environment.

  2. Anyone else ever notice everytime there is bad news for this JPP plan the next day an announcement is made that is sure to upset Green groups?
    Perhaps they don't realise this only hardens our resolve and sharpens our focus and in this day and age draws even more attention to the Kimberley cause.
    Also to add to the above comment there is the issue of "cheap foreign labour" to throw into the mix and of course the takeover of these marginal projects by China or India.

  3. Mark McGowan was on ABC Kimberley this morning,(interview is on their Facebook site),and the interview was just an attempt to maximise his vote and recycle old news.
    While in town he saw KRED,KLC,STK and Environs.
    When answering questions about the JPP gas hub,not only did he try and emulate the miracle of Jesus walking on the water,but attempted it hopping on one leg without causing any ripples.
    Needless to say,he didn't quite pull it off.
    Sadly the interview did not contain any questions about the planned drilling at Rowley Shoals,which would have been interesting,from a miracle point of view.

    "Burn the house down" Bill however had a chance to comment.
    Bill Marmion says he only found out about the permits after hearing about them on the radio and there's not much he can do.

    "It's outside our control, the Commonwealth have made the call on this," Mr Marmion said.

    "I would hope because they've made the call they've analysed the situation properly and made sure there's no chance of oil spills but I would have thought a courtesy call, even though it's not in my waters, probably would have been the right way to go."


    Mr. Gamblin was more concerned.
    Mr Gamblin said the decision to release more oil and gas acreage was at odds with the federal government's pledge to establish a network of marine sanctuaries around the nation.

    "The Rowley Shoals, Kimberley coast, Ningaloo, Margaret River, the areas off the Great Australian Bight - all of these areas are coming under increasing pressure from the oil and gas industry at a time when the federal government is supposed to be creating marine parks," Mr Gamblin said.

    "At a time when most of the world's coral reefs are under enormous threat or been significantly damaged, the Rowley Shoals stand out there as one of the last hopes the world has for protecting an outstanding, diverse and pristine coral reef system."

    Mr. Burke was his usual dull self and was content to offer some cardboard for us to chew on.
    Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke said his office had provided advice to the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism highlighting "key ecological features, such as the Rowley Shoals".

    "All proposals referred to the department are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and are subject to a rigorous and transparent assessment process, including an opportunity for public comment," Mr Burke said in a statement.


    Which is how the day went today.
    The news did Woodslide no good whatsoever and they finished down another 2%.