Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AM - EPA approves gas hub for the Kimberley 17/07/2012

AM - EPA approves gas hub for the Kimberley 17/07/2012

Woodside has welcomed environmental approval for a massive gas hub in The Kimberley region. Western Australia's Environmental Protection Authority has said the 40-billion-dollar gas hub north of Broome can go ahead, but the process has proved controversial and environmentalists are flagging a legal challenge.

But Peter Robertson, the Wilderness Society's coordinator in Western Australia, says the decision can and may be challenged in court.

"This judgement seems to indicate that it is not appropriate for the remaining people on that committee, who were not conflicted, to actually make a decision based on a process that has involved people that were conflicted," he said.

"So that would be the matter that we would, you know, seek further advice on and potentially go to court over.

"If our subsequent advice from a barrister is that this is an arguable case and has the potential to win then we will definitely take this further because we believe the reputation of the EPA and its standing in the community is at risk here."

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