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The Kimberley: The Right Thing Or Ka-Ching? | The Global Mail

The Kimberley: The Right Thing Or Ka-Ching? | The Global Mail

If someone tells me to stop imagining that we are having an impact, than I will refer them to WOODSIDE Petroleum chairman Michael Chaney’s words“protesters are really a handful of people who I think are anarchistic in their approach -- that is, they don't accept the decision of the umpire and they go their own way and try to stop projects,"

So what is Mr Chaney really saying? That 79% of the Broome community are only a handful of people who are anarchistic because they seek to ensure that their environment, lifestyle, and that a healthy future is left intact for their children; that we don't accept the decision of the umpire because we have all come to realize that the game has been match fixed.  He has been drawn out of his safe assured cocoon of corporate illusion and is starting to feel that maybe, just maybe the Broome community with its unbridled commitment will stop this idiocy.

What Mr Chaney needs to understand is the fact that this community has been watching this so called process unfold over several years now. During that time they have witnessed how corruption seems to be the blue print that has been written into the process itself. Outrages acts of intimidation, devaluing  of cultural heritage and connection to Country, manipulation of the science, the hiding of facts, the buying of silence and changing of the science, disempowerment of our elected local government, the sidestepping of  legal consequences, the criminalisation of a small community and a complete arrogant indifference  shown to our community.
This community has realized that the umpire (the WA state government) is actually the proponent, that the rules are changed throughout the game and the fact that not only are the goal posts being constantly moved but so are all the boundaries lines of decency and integrity.
Many Broome residents, who were originally sucked into Woodside propaganda and really thought that being gassed would be good for them and their children, are starting to change their mind.  Even if they supported the project itself, its all the erosion of social justice that are turning their heads. The division it has created in the community, the imposition of having our town turn into a police state overnight, the manipulation of the courts and the diminishing of a community’s strongly hold their values of mutual respect for cultural differences. People like to see justice serviced because it is just, not something that is based on what you can afford.
The delays, blockades and court challenges have created time, which has enabled us to snap the community out of the hypnotic corporatism coma, into the light of rationality and truth;  a space in which the community has been able to educate themselves about the ramifications and the impacts of being gassed.
They have also witness firsthand what Woodside have already brought to this community, hundreds of police to intimidate us from objecting to their evil plans to destroy community, country and culture.  A new power order that has more influence and control over us than our elected local government or dare I say police force.
Chaney’s elites drinking mates would hate to acknowledge it, but when large numbers of ordinary people are moved to action, it is a major concern but when a whole community starts to turn against you, you are forced to come out and start calling them names. Who is this man to speak of respecting legal process?  Like someone noted on the blog recently “This is what the Nazis did prior to WW2, they observed legal process in Germany at the time. The Nuremberg laws were simply a means to an end for them to feign legality for their real intentions.” I have seen so many similarities and over the last five years imposed on this community, by Woodside as they try to bully us into being a community that is subservient to them, their wants and needs regardless of everyone or anything.
It is the biodiversity of this Campaign’s approaches and all-encompassing angles of defense, research, education and protection on local, nation and more and more international levels and it is this environment that has finally drawn Cheney out of his illustrations of grandeur.
The goal of this man and the corporate state that supports his Woodside’s baby is like that of any totalitarian entity, they seek to create a society where no one has the capacity to resist and if communities do, they resort to using a police force to carry out their will, fine people out of the debate or serve move-ons notices or strict bail conditions to keep them out of Country.
This Campaign has proved through vigorous community science and research that Woodside are not being honest when they speak about the whales, billies, Monsoonal Vine Thickets, water use, dinosaur track sites, turtles, social impacts and the economics of this proposed project.
Every one of those issues has its own nail for this proposed project’s coffin. This Campaign has a whole series of tech-screws holding down the lid of this proposal, but still it refuses to lie down and die.
Why? because corporations do not actually live, therefore they cannot die. Everyone reading this is going to die.  You are, I assure you and so will I because it is this gift of death is what defines us. That gift is what makes us human, the arc of our days ensures that we would live a life that is measured. Corporations do not die and they have no conception of death. They just go and on and on, and on because there is no arc to them. There is nothing human in them but the only thing that can stop them is the human in all of us.

What has taken placed just to get Woodside and the state government this far along this so called process has been degrading and fraudulent. This process which our community has been dragged through can only have one predetermined and managed outcome, that Woodside get everything they want and the state government get their massive port installation on the Kimberley coast.

We have been subjected to the whittling down of local planning regulations, Illegal works, destruction of Culture heritage sites, retrospective changes to laws and planning approvals, manipulation of scientific reports, conflicted members of a so called independent EPA board, debatable report & unethical process, two compulsory acquisition, an Improvement Plan,  political influence and interference in the courts, criminalization and surveillance of a whole community,  manipulation of media that goes on and on and on.

It is pretty obvious really! People do not support or like this type of corporate behavior or the antics of a state government acting as a dictatorship. The Broome community is living in the era of the ascendancy of the corporation who are endowed with the rights of people and none of the responsibilities. Woodside has proven they have no actual concern for community or human values and are highly corrosive to all issues associated with social justice. Why do they not have the courage to look at the truth about their proposed flawed proposal, say “we have made a silly mistake” and leave?

This Campaign is just about to really find it’s feet, why because many more people are understanding that this campaign is now much more than just the Browse gas this is now a campaign that also seeks to bring ethics back into this sphere of debate. It’s not about name calling it is about not leaving this world more shittier, damaged or polluted. Hands Off Country


  1. Half our problem is being lumped in with a lot of mining areas and Barry Hasse.Troy Buswell,the member for Vasse,which takes in all of the shire of Busselton and the northern parts of the shires of Augusta and Margaret River,screamed blue murder when the coal mining proposal was first announced,"I'll loose votes,we will loose the seat."The two biggest towns in his electorate are Busselton and Margaret River.
    So in Broome we have the situation where the mining companies do not want any fair assessment by the EPA.
    In Vasse the mining companies,after Moore announced ,NO COAL MINING AT ALL,ARE DEMANDING VERY FULL AND COMPREHENSIVE EPA STUDIES be carried out.
    Exmouth has just found out what "no" means to oil and gas development,there is no local government power.
    Or perhaps we should say,Buswell won't loose any votes so screw you.

    Cousins has definately got under their skin,he can talk clearly and makes a very good case for the gas going elsewhere.
    So much so that Shell says the greatest threat to LNG land based plants going ahead are the high Aussie dollar,high wages etc.

    Some of the costs are due to the high dollar, but Australia also needs to look at the "broader investment conditions" for companies like Shell, she said.

    "If we can't keep the prices down and we can't find a way to improve the productivity, onshore LNG plans will become increasingly difficult to build," she added.

    "ROYAL Dutch Shell’s top Australian executive said that rising construction and labour costs in the country may threaten new investment in the expanding liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector."

    But Norman Moore says it is Geoffrey Cousins and his anarchist friends.

    "A gas conference in Perth has been told that green activism and labour shortages are two of the biggest challenges facing Australia's gas industry.

    Addressing the conference, Western Australia's mines minister Norman Moore said Australia could become the world's largest producer of LNG.

    Last week, the WA Government was criticised by high profile businessman, Geoffrey Cousins, for continuing to pursue an LNG precinct, north of Broome, despite environmental concerns.

    Mr Moore dismissed Mr Cousins' opposition."

    Despite all their efforts their lousy plan is failing.It now makes news around the world.Their cronyism and corruption is on the world stage for all to see,and they don't like it one little bit.
    The only difference between Brian Burke and Colon Barnett is Burkie went to jail,Barnett will do his time in Graylands he is so loopy.

  2. It's a shame the presenter misinterpreted Cousin's comments on corporate governance as being about Woodside when he was referring to the EPA. His comments were right on the money and hopefully it is something that gets further scrutiny.

    1. Yes "good corporate governance."

      It would be interesting to hear Barnett on the subject if say,the Woodside board exscused itself,all except the chairman,and decided Browse at JPP would not go ahead.

      We wouldn't need a radio or tv,we would be able to hear the screams of "terrible and unacceptable corporate governance" from Walmadany.

  3. Michael Chaney has been here before. He was the Chairman of Westfarmers (who owned Bunnings) during the Forestry campaigns of 1994-2001. Bunnings were the main players back then both in milling saw logs, producing woodchips and actually cutting the trees down. They lost.

  4. There could be some things of interest to the JPP Woodside case in the trial of Lloyd Rayney.
    Perth's close knit legal profession,police corruption,(a policeman linked to the DPP installed the bugs on Corryn Rayney.)
    All sorts of carrying ons at the DPP.(Another reason for Porter's resignation?)
    Lloyd Rayney was involved in shady deals with the mining community,Gina Rinehart and Hancock prospecting.
    Anyone else?Chaney,Voelte,Forrest?

    As the trial began this week, the court heard of an alleged DPP link to telephone monitoring equipment the prosecution alleges Mr Rayney had unlawfully installed at the family home in Como.

    And according to the prosecution, the court will hear evidence that Mr Rayney gambled while he was working at the DPP in 1999, was having an affair with a female colleague and that in 2007 his wife suspected he was seeing a young employee of that office.
    She also claimed he was unwelcome back in Bermuda where he had also worked as a prosecutor because of his "shameless womanising".

    Hancock Prospecting, the company run by one of the world's richest women, Gina Rinehart, was one of Mr Rayney's biggest clients at the time of his wife's death in 2007, having paid him about $750,000 for legal work.

    Conversations allegedly recorded by Mr Rayney include some between Corryn Rayney and her friends, in which she said she had learned Mr Rayney had "slept around" behind her back for years and accepted "shady deals from clients", including Gina Rinehart's Hancock Prospecting.

    The court heard Mr and Mrs Rayney had agreed to meet on the night she disappeared in order for Mr Rayney to hand over his financial records and discuss his moving out of the family home.

    “It is our case that her mindset was that she was concerned he had been hiding income from her… and had returned to gambling,” Mr Agius said.

    Among the allegations surrounding the murder aired yesterday was that Corryn Rayney was threatening to subpoena her estranged husband's clients, including Gina Rinehart's Hancock Prospecting, for records of fees paid to the barrister.

    At the time of Rayney's death on August 7, 2007, she was also threatening to ensure her husband would never be made a Queen's Counsel, something he had already unsuccessfully sought;jsessionid=C30CE39CE2E85B03A97264593FB145D0?sy=afr&pb=all_ffx&dt=selectRange&dr=1month&so=relevance&sf=text&sf=headline&rc=10&rm=200&sp=brs&cls=192&clsPage=1&docID=SMH120721MV6E05RIJ4H

    It claimed Mrs Rayney had been relentlessly pursuing a "big secret" she believed her husband was hiding and she believed he was accepting "shady deals" from his clients, including Hancock Prospecting - a company owned by the world's richest woman, Gina Rinehart, and which had paid him more than $750,000 for work since 2005.

    As we know all these mining company people are all connected in so many ways,the trails could lead anywhere.
    Cover ups?

  5. A really well written post. The bit about corporations not living was really great. But of course whilst they don't breathe they do need profits to survive and all of our combined efforts, bit by bit, is helping to make them reconsider their bottom line. In the end we know that it is cheaper to pipe it south. The corporate bottom line may still bugger up Barnett's vision for industrialising the Kimberley. Leave it alone. Can we not keep one area pristine for our kids. Last year I camped in the Kimberley, this year we are in Coral Bay. There are people everywhere, tourism is booming, and why? Because we have pretty special places, unique and unlike anything else on earth. Why would we compromise this great opportunity for sustainable industries that can create win win solutions for all.
    A gas hub on the coast will be the beginning of the end.

    1. Definately one of Redhands best.
      Top post.
      The campaign has certainly found it's feet,and the way it has done so,from the brutality and corruption of Woodside and both state and federal governments is remarkable for this little area of the planet.

      A cause that will resonate down through the ages regardless of the eventual outcome.

      It is very important that these corporate types and their government cronies are made very well aware of this.
      History in the making.

  6. Sure enough the decission to ban all coal mining anywhere around Margaret River has opened a lovely can of worms.
    The same must now apply to all other areas with same conditions all over WA.
    Including the Fitzroy Valley.

    Barnetts proven ability to wiffle waffle rubbish will now be really tested.

    Maybe the biggest threat to mining in WA isn't Green activism,maybe it's Barnett's love affair with Troy.

  7. Following on from the discovery in the Gulf of Mexico that the effects of the Macondo blowout will last for generations due to the destruction of the microbes that live between the grains of sand,in other words the area has been "sterilized."
    This is no doubt due as much to the chemical disspersant as to the oil,burnt,sprayed or otherwise.
    It was also revealed from Shells bullshit Artic spill response plans that even under perfect conditions less than 5% of spilt oil is ever recovered,burnt,skimmed or otherwise.
    Hence the fishing grounds around the Exxon spill in Alaska have never recovered after more than 20 years.

    Now the only reason we know this is from the Indonesian fishermen who are suffering still from Australias worst spill,the Montara disaster.
    The area off the North coast of Australia is so remote we may never know the full extent of the effects on our sea life.


    This due to the oil and the vast amounts of toxic disspersant used to break up and sink the oil from view.

    They are demanding PTTEP fund a full investigation into the effects of the spill.

    However we know how it works and no doubt there isn't any requirement under law for them to do so,and Ferguson would say,"the effects are being monitored and so far nothing has been found to warrant a full investigation."
    Or words to that effect.

    PTTEP is partnered with Woodside on the Omar 1 well in the Browse Basin.

  8. My guess is we won't be lining up to watch this Hollywood version of the Gulf of Mexico spill.
    The director is an ex stuntman who recently directed the Rock in "Snitch."

    Sounds a bit like "Tropic Thunder" on a drill rig.
    Tragic really as so many lives were lost and so much damage done.
    But here comes Hollywood and although the casting hasn't been announced,it could be ex wrestlers and body builders,tattoos and cigar chewing types vs the devil oil and gas well.

    Could be good for a laugh.

    'Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian will produce, with Mohamed Khalaf Al-Mazrouei of Imagenation Abu Dhabi executive-producing. No casting announcements have been made. It is unclear when and where the project will shoot, although it is tentatively targeting a 2013 release.

    Earlier this year, Waugh directed the Shreveport-shot crime drama "Snitch" for Summit, starring Dwayne Johnson, Susan Sarandon, Jon Bernthal and Barry Pepper."


    The Wilderness Society in WA wants coal mining banned in the Kimberley's Fitzroy River region, saying it could contaminate ground and surface water.

    The push comes days after the State Government dismissed all pending applications to mine coal in the Margaret River region due to environmental concerns.

    The Society's Peter Robertson says it makes sense to stop similar projects in the Kimberley.

    "Exactly the same concerns and issues apply to the Fitzroy River," he said.

    It has found the oil and chemical dispersants used are still affecting marine ecosystems and costing coastal communities more than $1.5 billion per year in lost earnings.

    The centre's director, Doctor Mukhtasor, says Australia, Indonesia and the Thai government-owned company involved are obligated to fund a full investigation and work out compensation.

    A west Timor community spokesman, Ferdi Tamoni, says the loss of livelihood is also driving local fisherman into people smuggling.

    The Corruption and Crime Commission cleared Mr O'Callaghan of misconduct over allegations he misused the card while on a trip to Broome.

    I think we've got the Corruption and Crime Commission to blame for this, not the Premier. I mean they've taken a long time to deliver it."

    Mr Barnett says the CCC's report on the credit card use will be made public.



  11. Ann Pickard is really crazy over FLNG and says it is going to be big part of Shells Australian business.
    Well it makes sense,instead of whinging about the soaring costs of land based plants and the threat from other countries like East Africa,as Woodside's Coleman never stops doing,build a FLNG,float it in and load it out.
    (And green anarchist activists)
    They have to build a pipe to the NW Shelf sooner rather than later,anyway.Woodside are having no luck,still,trying to find gas for Pluto.

    "Woodside Petroleum chief Peter Coleman has sounded another warning about the competitive threat from rapidly emerging gas hubs overseas, such as East Africa, which is increasing pressure to rein in costs in Australia."

    "PRELUDE is going smoothly and if comments by Shell Australia chair Ann Pickard at yesterday’s Australian Gas Technology conference in Perth are anything to go by, floating LNG may just be a big slice of Shell’s future in Australia."

    Why can't we keep more gas to power our manufacturing sector as has the US?
    Incitec is talking about making explosives,but never mind,same applies to all our industries.

    "Mr Fazzino said the US proposed developing its energy reserves in support of manufacturing jobs, but Australia had "naively allowed the unfettered export" of gas and was missing a big opportunity to retain gas reserves, or at least a larger portion of them, onshore.

    . .
    "In Australia we have abundant gas, but our lack of vision means it will be processed through giant refrigerators up in Gladstone and sent overseas for others to value-add," he said. Australia was one of the few countries with an unregulated gas market, allowing unrestricted access."

    Iron ore has just gone through the floor of $120 a tonne.

    "THE iron ore price has fallen below $US120 a tonne for the first time in eight months, sending another jolt through resources stocks as investor fears rise of softer demand from China.

    The price fell $US4.30 to $US118.60, the 11th straight fall, tipping the price below the $US120 a tonne benchmark that analysts and miners have previously referred to as the floor for the steelmaking commodity."

    At it's peak iron ore was fetching $180 a tonne.


    Paul Watson calls it "Getting out of Dodge" - as in the Wild West's Dodge City. The hardline conservationist knows when the forces arrayed against him mean it's time to leave town.

    He got out of Dodge once in 2006, just hours before authorities in Hobart were told his ship Farley Mowat should be detained, having been stripped of its Belizean flag.

    Since then he has led the transformation of his group from a self-proclaimed pirate outfit, to a small, efficient navy funded largely by Hollywood millionaires.

    Now he has suddenly taken flight from Germany, where he was being detained over another 10 year-old decision to get out of Dodge in Costa Rica.
    The latest celebrity donor to fund the campaign is The Simpson's co-creator, Sam Simon, whose name will be on the side of a former German icebreaker set to join the fleet.

    The identity of the icebreaker is as yet unknown, as are the whereabouts of Mr Watson.

    "We have no further information and are not in touch with him," the group's administrative director, Susan Hartland, said.

    This may be some good news for our friends in Roebourne,but only time will tell.

    Australian companies with the most exposure to the iron ore price include the pure-plays like Fortescue Metals Group and Atlas Iron, both of which have been savagely sold down in recent times.
    Fortescue has also shed 20 per cent of its value in the past month, and more than a third of its value over the past year.

    That's music to the ears of Fortescue's army of short-sellers, who have been inspired by the opinions of American short-seller Jim Chanos.

    Fortescue has the added worry of needing the iron ore price to stay strong to service its $9 billion in debt.

    None of the analysts from the major investment banks expect Fortescue to have a problem meeting its debt repayments, but all of those analysts subscribe to the theory that there is a floor beneath the iron ore price.

    They, like most people in the mining sector, will be hoping the floor theory does not turn out to be a case of flawed thinking.

  13. More encouraging news for JPP this morning with Shell boss Volker saying they are reconsidering Aussie investments in LNG due to the prohibitive costs.They will be looking elsewhere for projects,something Woodside should have done some time back.
    Chaney has hurt Bob Brown's feelings,writing him a rude letter saying that because Cousins had been rude to him he was going to be rude to Bob,so there!As Cousins said,"grow up Chaney."
    BHP is also looking at some huge cutbacks in spending,first up the planned $30 billion Olympic Dam expansion.

    And what does this mean?

    Falling like ninepins
    Friday, 27 July 2012
    Gomati Jagadeesan

    IF THERE is one thing that is clear as energy companies kick off the second quarter earnings season, it is that for many gas is becoming a costly burden and asset write-downs are inevitable.

    Damn paywall again.

    Do they have spills?Yes they do.
    Woodside would have to load out oil at JPP,this is a loadout leak in PNG.

    PNG spill may suspend oil production

    Thursday, 26 July 2012

    OIL Search may have to temporarily suspend production from its Papua New Guinean assets if it is unable to inspect and repair, if needed, the loading line at the Kumul Marine Terminal.

    Big greedy man could be in big trouble.

    IRON ore prices have slumped close to levels that threaten the debt position of Andrew Forrest's Fortescue Metals Group, with analysts declaring the stock ''not for the faint-hearted''.
    At these levels the commodity - which is crucial for federal government revenues - is 13 per cent lower than a fortnight ago and 38 per cent below last year's high of $US191 per tonne.

    More warnings on the FIFO lifestyle.

    The working patterns of FIFOs had been shown to disrupt sleep, lead to depression and poor mental health and increase the risk of peptic ulcers, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.


    WASHINGTON: The worst drought in the US in a half-century has spread, and 76 counties in six Midwestern states have been declared disaster areas as the Obama administration added them to the more than 1300 counties already on the list.

    At least two-thirds of the area of the mainland US is experiencing moderate to exceptional drought, says the US Department of Agriculture's Drought Monitor. Hot, dry conditions have caused significant damage to corn, soybeans, pastures and rangeland from California to upstate New York, the department said.

    Corn and soybean crop ratings have worsened for seven weeks in a row, and are the lowest recorded since 1988, it said. Fifty-five per cent of the nation's pastures and rangeland areas are rated poor or very poor.


  14. Following on from Shells announcment that land based plants in Australia were too expensive.

    He said that earnings fell from USD8 billion in 2011's second quarter to USD5.9 billion in this year's same quarter.

    Moreover, sales of liquefied natural gas (LNG) went down 5 percent to 4.57 million tons.

    Chevron are now feeling the pain at Gorgon.

    CHEVRON has began preparing investors for possible budget blowouts at its Gorgon LNG venture on Barrow Island, admitting that labour costs were ''trending higher'' and pointing to a 20 per cent appreciation in the Australian dollar since the country's biggest resources project was given the development go-ahead.
    Perth's oil and gas industry has been awash with speculation about cost blowouts since Gorgon was sanctioned, in part because of the complex logistics of building such a huge project on a nature reserve.

    The speculation gained momentum when Woodside Petroleum was forced to admit to a 20 per cent increase in the cost of its now-completed $15 billion Pluto LNG development. WEST AUSTRALIAN

    Chevron's head of upstream and gas, George Kirkland, said that along with a 22 per cent increase in the dollar since the project was approved there had been weather-related delays at Barrow Island, while the Australian Marine Complex at Henderson south of Perth had not been as productive as expected.
    In a report after the investor call, Credit Suisse analysts said they were forecasting a 27 per cent Gorgon cost blowout to $US47bn and a 2015 start-up. The output expansion of the existing project means it will boost the production rate of each of its three LNG production trains from 5 million tonnes a year to 5.2 million tonnes.

    And Chevron,one of Woodsides partners,are looking at this:

    Chevron has been ordered by an Ecuadorian court to pay more than $19 billion in environmental damages, $1 billion more than originally decided, after an Ecuadorian court adjusted the amount on appeal.

    Over the course of 26 years of oil drilling in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, U.S. oil giant Chevron deliberately dumped more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into the rainforest. The contamination devastated the homes of some 30,000 indigenous people and large areas of the rainforest, leaving local people suffering a wave of cancers, miscarriages and birth defects. In spite of the tremendous suffering caused by this toxic pollution, Chevron refused to clean up the catastrophe.

    It has taken years of litigation to hold Chevron accountable and force them to compensate the victims of their environmental destruction.

    And things continue to look grim for FMG and Forrest,destroyers of sacred sites and rock art,just like Woodscum,

    IRON ORE, the nation's biggest export and the main target of the federal government's mining tax, has continued a two-week price slump, falling to a 2 1/2-year low as Chinese demand continues to wane.

    Prices have now fallen for 13 straight sessions and are down 14 per cent in that time.


    Mr Dudley said that the ongoing turnaround program was hampering performance. "Our extensive turnaround and maintenance program, which will continue into the third quarter, is also affecting some aspects of our near-term results.

    "All of this will take time but it is an important investment that will enhance safety and reliability for the long term. As we deliver this major transformation, we are also committed to generating sustainable efficiencies in our operations."

    The earnings will do nothing to assuage the concerns of investors, who are already discontented with the performance of the company and its chief executive, Bob Dudley. BP’s share price was down 3.69 percent in morning trading in London.

    Royal Dutch Shell's CEO, Peter VoserRoyal, stated that second-quarter earnings dropped 25 percent from last year's same period, reported Kuwait News Agency.

    Chevron are also up for $19 Billion for this,on top of a profit slump.

    And the Energy News bulletin is reporting Browse facing Environmental delays,paywall,so guessing this is due to the unprecedented number of appeals,over 200.

    News Wrap

    Tuesday, 31 July 2012

    IN TODAY’S wrap: Browse’s environmental approval faces delays;

    Hats off to all those who did lodge an appeal,I tried but failed.
    The printer ran out of ink a quarter of the way through printing the report.
    Downloaded the forms but couldn't make any sense of them either.
    Eventually I just ran out of time.

    For those who did - We Salute You.