Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chaney lashes out at 'anarchist' Cousins | The Australian

Chaney lashes out at 'anarchist' Cousins | The Australian:

WOODSIDE Petroleum chairman Michael Chaney has lashed out at opponents of the planned $35 billion Browse liquefied natural gas plant in Western Australia's Kimberley, labelling Telstra director Geoffrey Cousins and other activists as "anarchists" who did not respect the legal process.

In his strongest attack yet on the campaign to foil the project, Mr Chaney said Woodside and its Browse partners were following all the correct procedures and the development would be approved next year if it was viable and met all environmental requirements.

"The protesters are really a handful of people who I think are anarchistic in their approach -- that is, they don't accept the decision of the umpire and they go their own way and try to stop projects," he told Sky Business last night.


  1. The question that digs me in the ribs in all this is not what Chaney said about Cousins or Cousins said about Chaney, or even what Chaney said about an unnamed Aboriginal leader. Why did Cousins say what Chaney said about that unnamed leader? Who are we kidding here. We know who they are referring to - and, more to the point, if we do not know then the public profile that these Aboriginal men have means that a reasonable person will presume that one of these men is the person referred to.
    This looks like a stab in the back game being played by Mr Cousins - irrespective of which side he is on. The kid in the class who spreads the gossip and smiles at the teacher and points to another "I'm just saying what he said." Poor Form Geoff. Pull your fucking head in.
    You can have that for free, Redhand.

    1. It wasn't Chaney that said it.The accusation was made by Don Voelte,Chaney sat there and said nothing to Voelte while he went off about it.
      Chaney and Voelte's reputations are both tarnished by this.
      Cousin's reputation is enhanced.

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    3. My take is that Cousins is distancing himself from The Unnamed Leader. Volte may have said what he said, Chaney may have watched and said nothing, but Cousins put the words through a megaphone for the world to read. Can anybody living above the 26th honestly say they are shocked that a big boss would say such a thing? There is a big gap in the narrative here - why?

    4. Chaney poked Cousins with a finger and accused him of being "unethical."
      The reason being that,according to Chaney,Cousins was denying Aboriginals the benefits from the gas going at JPP.
      I can't see for one minute Cousins trying to distance himself from anyone,he just wants to show us what Chaney's really like.
      His story of Lang re the waterholes is the same,he wants people to see these big shots are two faced,they friend up the blackfellows when they want something of theirs,but any one who says no to them is an enemy to be destroyed on the spot.
      A drunk and a criminal who acts on their side is someone to admire and reward,but only so long as they toe a very strict line.
      I'm sure you know how it works,after all the Poms have made money out of stealing other peoples land for centuries,the current style was invented by them.

  2. Unless the rumour that was doing the rounds is true. In which case - very savvy. Dirty game, politics.

  3. That's nothing!
    On the ABC 7.30 he was talking about Gina Rinaharts father,Lang Hancock.He told how Lang had come up with the solution to the "Halfcastes."
    Langs solution was to poison the waterholes to make them infertile.
    All Cousins is doing is lifting the veil on their attitude to the Aboriginal people whose land they want to steal and plunder.
    He has no need to "pull his head in."



  4. Woodside have really needed to pull their head in since the Don screwed up the company.

    Not only that but the point Geoffrey made was Chaney did not tell his CEO to pull his head in,when making the comments in the first place.

    Interesting,last week there were two references to companies "throwing good money after bad."

    Woodside,for chasing the Don's legacy of stupid blind greed,and very poor site selections.

    The other was about Seven media and what the Don is now doing there.

  5. The hypocrisy of these people is staggering.
    Working around the Pilbara 40 years ago I came across many people who had met and knew Lang from his prospecting days.
    They were aghast at these sort of comments.
    All told the same story.
    When Lang was working out there he had more Aboriginal wives than he could count.
    No shortage of off spring either.
    But once he had what he was looking for he turned his back on all of them.
    Don't tell Gina,she doesn't want to share her money with her own kids - let alone her halfcaste brothers and sisters.
    Wouldn't be a safe waterhole anywhere in the Pilbara.

  6. Media release from Peter Robertson:

    Now we know where all our resource profits go:

  7. Love the photo of Woodscums front lawn.Brilliant.
    And the message too.