Friday, July 6, 2012

Bergmann branded machinery at James Price Point labelled unfortunate - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Bergmann branded machinery at James Price Point labelled unfortunate - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Former Kimberley Land Council Executive Director and current CEO of the charitable Aboriginal Development Company KRED Enterprises, Wayne Bergmann, has always maintained that KRED wouldn't do business around the Browse LNG project as he said it would appear "... I was feathering my own nest."
So the appearance of earth moving machinery carrying the insignia of Roadline North, a company half owned by KRED and half owned by civil contractor Roadline Civil, caused a commotion amongst opponents to the gas precinct planned for James Price Point in the last few months.



  1. What happens when these companies rush into these gas plays and lie and cheat with governments in their pockets?

    CSG industry in crisis as gas plays face $20bn blowout

    by: Matt Chambers
    From:The Australian
    July 07, 201212:00AM

    "QUEENSLAND'S burgeoning $60 billion coal-seam gas export industry is facing growing doubts about its ability to supply enough gas to three giant export plants due to start in Gladstone in 2014, and to contain development costs.

    A withering assessment of the projects was delivered this week by US researchers Bernstein, whose Hong Kong-based energy analysts claimed the industry was in crisis and faced another $US10bn ($9.75bn) in blowouts on top of about $US10bn announced in recent months."


    "Oil for August delivery fell $US2.77, or 3.2 per cent, to settle at $US84.45 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Crude, which fell 0.6 per cent this week, is down 15 per cent this year. The weekly decline was the eighth in 10 weeks.

    Brent oil for August declined $US2.51, or 2.5 per cent, to settle at $US98.19 a barrel on the London-based ICE Futures Europe exchange."

    And Woodside need an oil price well over $100 to make a decent profit.

    Pluto "The Lemon" has now entered a new danger phase as analysts doubt it can be expanded economically.

    "Mr Greenwood said cost pressures at Browse and reduced options for Pluto, which is on Western Australia's Burrup Peninsula, meant the Sunrise gasfields in the Timor Sea could provide the first new LNG for Woodside but this was not likely until 2020."

    Then there's the East Timor elections,and the fate of "the dog."

    "Few companies have more riding on the make-up of East Timor's next parliament than Woodside Petroleum, whose vast Greater Sunrise gas project remains stalled under the weight of politics in the poverty-stricken nation."

    'Some interpretations of international law suggest that East Timor could claim 100 per cent ownership of Sunrise if the two countries are proved to share the same continental shelf. Such a scenario could leave Woodside in a weaker negotiating position."

    ....."the company was happy to confirm that it had not made any political donations, nor attended any fund-raising events for political parties in East Timor.

    In fact, its closest flirtation with sponsorship came in April when the Sunrise joint venture agreed to throw its name and $US50,000 behind the fledgling Dili marathon.

    The sponsorship may prove to be apt: the story of Greater Sunrise still has a long way to run."

    So given all that why would a company invest in a terrible project like JPP?
    OK so the Premier is a little dictator,but there is a sense that Barnett and Ferguson could be about to get their wings clipped by economic events beyond their control.
    And Woodside are having to face up to the fact their investors are not in the mood to throw money away in a gamble that looks more likely every day to backfire on them.
    Time to wave goodbye to "the scrubber" boys.

  2. Just a guess but I see these grandois coal projects heading into a whole heap of trouble.

    The same greed,same corruption,same contempt for the environment,has seen the coal sector go mad along with the others.


    "In fact, recent data from the EIA showed that generation from coal dropped 19 percent between the first quarter of 2011 and first quarter of 2012 — moving from 44.6 percent to 36 percent. If this preliminary data is correct, that means that coal generation fell another 4 percent between March and April of this year."

    ....."Over the last two months, for the first time ever, non-fossil fuel generation topped coal and natural gas."


    Well odds on they will be looking to dump it into markets Australia has had it's greedy eyes on.

    This could give the shift to renewables a push if coal becomes uneconomic.

  3. It's not just the billions of extra dollars that are causing the crisis in the Queensland gas debacle,the tens of thousands of extra fraccing wells will cause a crisis all their own.
    As time goes on and the steel well casings rust away,who will be responsible for replacing them to preserve the integrity of the aquifers they run through?
    Answer = no one knows.

    In the US the fraccing companies bury "no disclosure" clauses in the permits people sign to let them frac on their land.They can't even tell their neighbours if they get sick.
    The local GP's also sign "no disclosure" documents,so if there is a cluster of say childhood luekemia,they cannot disclose it.
    Disclose this information and the money stops.

    So,as in Broome and the Kimberley,who benefits from selling out our childrens health?
    Very few,and most,you can guarantee it,live elsewhere most likely overseas.

    "You have probably heard about the many secret poisonous chemicals like explosive alpha methyl styrene used by frackers, but you won't hear about the radioactive iodine-131 and cesium tracers that are injected with the water and fracking chemicals because they don't want you or the public to know. In addition to radioactive tracers, fracking operations release the following into our air and water:

    * deadly arsine gases

    * trimethylarsine

    * dimethylarsine

    * methyldiethylarsine

    * triethylarsine

    * uranium

    * radium-226

    * radon-222

    * other radioactive nuclides

    * alpha methyl styrene

    * diesel fuel

    * other VOCs (volatile organic compounds) including: benzene, toluene and xylene

    Radon gas has a radioactive decay half-life of 3.8 days. Its decay products are the radioactive elements of:

    * polonium-214

    * polonium-218

    * bismuth-210

    * bismuth-214

    * lead-210

    * lead-214

    The recommended EPA remediation level for radon gas in air is 4.0 pC/L. This recommendation is too high; remediation should be required for anything above outdoor air levels of 0.4 pC/L."

    Polonium was used to poison Alexander Litvinenko (cup of tea),and Yasser Arafat (hat and clothing).

  4. cont.....

    "In the meantime, the military and VA clinics have succeeded in building a medical assembly, a flowing treadmill pushing through soldiers and veterans from short standardized examination to an arrow pointing the way to the pharmacy."

    Birth defects and many other traumatic events assail these men and women long after they return home.

    "Slightly more than half of all Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans treated by the Veterans Affairs Department received care for mental health problems, roughly four times the rate of the general population, according to statistics compiled by the advocacy group Veterans for Common Sense based on data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act"

    Drug and alchohol problems,sometimes made worse by overprescribed pain killers.

    "According to a recently released government study, vets who have been diagnosed with PTSD are being prescribed morphine and similar powerful painkillers two times more often than vets with only physical pain, when they are already at risk for alcohol and drug abuse.

    Even more shocking, the study found, is that Iraq and Afghanistan vets who developed PTSD and already had pre-existing substance abuse issues were four times more likely to be prescribed addictive painkillers than those without mental health problems."

    Their own government doesn't care about them,will ours be any better?

  5. This was meant to precede the above post,but stuff happens.

    Australia has some fierce competition in trying to tap returning war vets for resource industry labour.

    "Traditional labour pools, such as employees who commute from the country’s east coast, are not deep enough to meet demand in an industry that needs to fill at least 9,500 jobs by 2015, and between 50,000 and 130,000 positions by 2020.

    There was a recent jobs fair in Detroit that targeted vets for work in the Aussie resources boom.
    That's fine but I wonder how these people will be screened?Many will have mental illness problems caused by their war service,in some it will be evident,in others it may yet have to develope.

    They deserve a job more than a lot of other people it could be said,but given the mad money making nature of the rush with resource booms,will they be looked after?

    " Many veterans, such as those serving in the National Guard and many Reservists, which number almost half of all deployed military personnel, do not have VA benefits. Their health conditions remain outside of the VA’s monitoring capabilities.

    According to Veterans for Common Sense, veteran medical facilities receive 9,000 new patients per month, 1 new active duty or veteran patient every 5 minutes.[6] A recent article in the Los Angeles Times reports that these figures reflect a far more realistic picture of the casualty figures resulting from America’s combat escapades in the Middle East.[7] The three most common diagnoses are musculoskeletal ailments (joint and spine disorders), mental illness, and a category of 160 ill-defined abnormalities that allude specific diagnosis known as “Symptoms, Signs and Ill-Defined Conditions.” These conditions comprise 52 percent, 48 percent and 46 percent respectively...

    The fumes of cover-ups and scandals arise when we repeatedly hear the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs agencies refusing to acknowledge potential organic causes, for example, the long-term exposure to neurological toxic chemicals and heavy metal particles, such as depleted uranium (DU), strewn by the winds over the sands of Afghanistan and Iraq, for PTSD and other common mental illnesses. Active and non-active duty persons visiting VA clinics and hospitals for mental and emotional complaints are not tested for any chemical toxicity that might be interfering with normal brain function. Because the DoD and VA refuse to associate DU poisoning as a possible cause behind the onset of PTSD, and continues to propagandize the safety of depleted uranium, such testing is discerned to be unwarranted.

    In the meantime...cont...