Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Study finds gas industry exaggerates job numbers, impact | Toowoomba Chronicle

Study finds gas industry exaggerates job numbers, impact | Toowoomba Chronicle

A study by The Australia Institute has questioned claims made by CSG lobby group the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association that the industry had created "more than 100,000 jobs" last year.
The institute said Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showed only 9372 additional jobs were created in the oil and gas industry last year.
The Australian reports Australia Institute senior economist Matt Grudnoff noted there were 173,537 jobs created across the nation last year, which would mean that if APPEA's claim was true, 58% of jobs created nationwide would have been in the gas industry.
"This would be a truly amazing achievement if it were true, and at the same time it would probably show that the growth in the Australian economy was extremely narrow, being focused almost entirely on the gas industry," Mr Grudnoff said.
The study also found the gas industry was being disingenuous about the impending gas shortage and increase in price.
It said the price rise was being caused by linking the eastern gas market with the world market through the three large LNG export facilities at Gladstone.
"At the moment gas producers in eastern Australia cannot export to the world market where the gas price is significantly higher," the report stated.

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  1. 100,000 + jobs in oil and gas

    40,000 jobs in mining according to the Minerals Council

    That leaves a measly 33,000 for all other types of work - strange because Health had an extra 53,000 ? that really doesn't add up

    AND let's not forget the Emperor who claims WA alone will need 100,000 extra workers just in resources this year !

    Yep.............porkies for sure.