Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hub will vandalise the Lurujarri WalkTrail?

Have you walked the Lurujarri Walk Trail? It follows the song cycle through Minyirr Park Broome north along the coast through Quondong and James Price Point and return. The Northern Development Taskforce Site Selection panel have recommended that James Price Point as a possible site for the LNG gas hub to quote:
James Price Point or an area to the north of the Point is recognised as technically
viable for development though not without having some impact on sensitive marine
areas and the pearling and fishing industries. Development would also present
significant pressures and challenges on the tourism infrastructure and the character
of Broome as a tourism destination. In particular, studies into fish aggregation and
whale migration will be critical to establishing whether impacts can be avoided or
minimised. The advantage of a site close to Broome is that it would leave the
Aboriginal lands in the north of the Peninsula free of industrial development. In
addition, shared infrastructure such as the Broome airport would reduce the total hub
It is recommended this site be subject to the hub design concept study,
heritage surveys and regional impact studies and considered for a LNG hub........”
The Lurujarri Heritage trail starts at Minarriny (Coulomb Point) and travels south along the coastal dunes following the traditional Aboriginal Song Cycle to Minyirr (Gantheaume Point). The Goolarabooloo community has been assisted with funding since about 1999 to establish the walk as a guided tour. Funding has come from the then Western Australian Heritage Committee and Coastcare funding and has assisted in management and designation of the trail. The walk is open to University students for study purposes as well as for visitors to the area. The guided walk usually takes place in July of each year and takes about 10 days; We have known of overseas visitors come to Broome especially to go on this tour to learn about the stories, history and culture of Aboriginal people and of the natural environment in this area. While the publicised walk trail is a recent invention the song cycle is as old as forever and breaking of the cycle can’t be contemplated. An LNG gas hub at James Price Point or Quondong will do just that. See the map at

First posted 17 October, 2008

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