Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Imagine a 7 kilometre jetty at James Price Point

........ "This is James Price Point. Can you imagine a seven kilometre jetty out here? Can you iimagine all the dredging and all the cement they are going to have to mix? Guys, this is gorgeous how it is. Hands off country. Hands off."

People have to understand that the proposed gas hub at James Price Point, on the Kimberley coast will not only decimate James Price Point's environment but will lock people out of country with it's thirty kilometres exclusion zone. Willie Creek, if we are lucky, will be the furthermost northern point people will be able to travel up the western coastline of Dampier Peninsula. This exclusion zone will also be extended out to sea effectively locking out recreational fishing. How can one industry be allowed to come in and take away the livelihoods and recreation of many families?

Why introduce industry that is so destructive when we already have environmentally friendly and sustainable industries like tourism, fishing, pearling, charter tours, eco tourism, whales and bird watching etc? These have worked very hard over the years to build up this branding both for Broome and Dampier Peninsula and employ countless numbers of people.

Hands off country...Stand up for the planet

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