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2009 The march is on for James Price Point!

It’s now 77 days since Redhand’s banner hit the roundabout (No Way Barnett. Beagle Bay Blockade. No Gas. Hands off country) at the entrance to Broome, Western Australia, in anger at Premier Colin Barnett’s early announcement that the planned gas hub precinct should be established at North Head. The blatant disregard by the Premier, for the process of community consultation and research that had already taken place and which is planned, outraged Redhand. The momentum of community spirit, anger, discussion and media articles created has been overwhelming and Redhand intends to pursue this issue until contemplation or intent to build an LNG gas processing precinct on the Dampier Peninsula is dead and buried. As Redhand said then “Within hours of the announcement of HIS preferred site for the gas hub proposal, Premier Barnett was given a clear message tonight. Installed on the major roundabout coming into Broome, Kimberley, Western Australia and illuminated by an eerie generator light, Premier Barnett is put on notice. We will not give away the Kimberley without a fight."

Redhand aims to raise the consciousness of people about what is proposed.
The main aim is to change the mindset, that it’s imminent, that its inevitable and it will happen. That mindset has to be challenged.
People say they can’t change anything but the only thing that has changed history has been people. Even that mindset of the individual has to be challenged the “Oh, what can I do?” Even that has to change. This gas development will only happen if people let it.
Redhand’s objective is to challenge this mindset, this ‘fait accompli’ thinking in the current environmental, political and economic climate.

The world needed to be told so this blog was created to record, to educate and to inform you about the potential disaster of a gas hub on our most beautiful coastline. Redhand is delighted that other groups have spread this campaign and encourages you to watch other websites and blogs listed under our links section.

Redhand’s intention has always been for non violent, protest with creative, direct action, “Banners sprout in Broome as LNG campaign grows. Protests anger authorities.” and “Red Hand takes the argument to Carol Martin's front door. We will not give up on the Kimberley without a fight”. That 300 to 500 people joined a community rally in Broome (15,000 population) on a week’s notice is evidence that this issue is finally on our agenda, at the top of priority and action lists!

Two days before Christmas and while Cyclone Billy hovered along the western coast of Dampier Peninsula near James Price Point, the Premier announced James Price Point as the Government’s preferred site for an LNG gas processing precinct. Of course, on the recommendation of the EPA there needs to be added room for expansion and future buffer zones so the Premier was delighted to announce a confirmed site with lots of space and scrubby bush. Not one gas processing plant more than one, that means how much more infrastructure? This might be 3 to 4 times more land than we have previously been told. Evidently the NDT is dead. Will the fence line along the gas precinct be shared by Willie Creek Pearl Farm?

One considered view is that current exploration for gas will continue, development of processing may be delayed however. Given the global financial markets in a huge state of flex and the domino effect of which we have not yet fully felt in Broome will cause investors and gas processing proponents to review their finances, operating, capital and equity. Further the Federal Government’s planned carbon emission scheme is yet to be determined. It’s quite possible that Financial Investment Decisions will be delayed perhaps even two years. Meanwhile the State Government will issue a Notice Of Intention To Take, the land post 31st March 2009. This is for the purpose that the land be prepared, ready for the gas processing companies. The State must be challenged environmentally, socially, economically and honestly. Now is the time for the community to really understand what this ‘gas thing’ is all about, 90 days to say NO GAS.

Redhand heard of talk about a festival for the Kimberley to be held at James Price Point. It’s planned to bring people onto country, enjoy the goodwill of others in support of saving the country from destruction. There’s talk of Missy Higgins, Pigram Brothers, Xavier Rudd and others. Redhand supports this positive, non-violent direct action, for bringing people to see and enjoy the country. Goodwill and sharing of skills will help it happen, dancing on country is far better than destroying it.

Now that James Prices Point has been selected by the State Government for a gas hub/precinct it’s time to focus there. Redhand has decided to update previous posts:
  1. Hub will vandalise the Lurujarrri Heritage Walk Trail ---This is a most important heritage area and the songline travels through James Price Point. Aboriginal people have walked this trail for centuries and Elders have guided people from all over the world over the last few years.
  2. Compulsory Acquisition what does it mean?---This is the possible process the State Government will undertake.
Last time we met with Bob Builder on the Peninsula was at Map Beach on North Head. Redhand plans to see him again this weekend at James Price Point – watch out for new Redhand messages.

Handsoffcountry has continued with thanks and appreciation because of contributions by partners and friends, our nine children, Redhand’s Digital Fingers Francesco and Elena (such wisdom and talent in the young), cash contributions for stickers, and a car, to Emma, Peter, Simon, Cath and Lee and to sticker distributors. Great to see Handsoffcountry stickers driving around town. Email Redhand if you’d like some.
And to Redhand’s digital fingers Francesco and Elena who are enjoying the wonders of the snow “Ciao how are you? From the cold snowy Dolomiti Mountain Italy”. look at Redhand’s special new year wishes to these two talented people, looking forward to seeing them after snowboarding in the Australian Alps later this year.
And for the deadliest assistance, with banners, by those who shall remain nameless.

Take a look at any of the links on this blog they all provide more information, news and opinion. Congratulations to all of the environmental groups out there working on keeping the Kimberley intact.
If you’re thinking, what can you do? Visit one of the Indigenous Eco Tourism ventures on the Dampier Peninsula this year. Go fishing, go mudcrabbing, see the country for what it is clean and fresh and free, wonder at the birdlife, the fish, the whales trekking north to breed, and then come to Broome, buy pearls, look at our heritage and laze on one of the world’s best beaches.

Redhand congratulates everyone who has made an effort no matter how big or small, talking to your boss, debating over the bbq, lending starpickets or marching in the rally every little bit helps.
Very special thanks to Eyesoncountry for doing exactly that, eyes on country. Redhand is off to country for new film and pics, bit of plant picking, birdwatching, snake avoiding, bit of picture taking, have a look around and collect some news. Over to Eyes on country and a peaceful and healthy 2009 to all. Redhand

Happy New Year 2009. Eyesoncountry would like to wish all those Handsoffcountry viewers and all who hold the earth sacred, blessings for the coming year.Would also like to acknowledge and give respect to the country we are all talking about as well as to the proper Law, Culture and Heritage Bosses of the Prices Point area.

Now to cut straight to the point.No doubt 2009 will bring a new string of events and media releases as fast as last years as the greed for gas outweighs our politicians abilities to see clearly, listen properly and actually feel the country they would like to bulldoze to oblivion.

To all our Federal and State politicians and the movers and shakers of big business the time has come for you to wipe the dust from your eyes and choose to operate in ways that supports this living planet that gives us life otherwise you will continue to get hounded by the Nation.

In 2009 we will not stop, we will not fail, we will not falter in our aim to expose and examine every move and utterance that comes forth from so called "high places" in regards to this issue.We will continue to bring you unedited points of view and interviews and any actions that take place and we have a constant source of eyes and ears on country and in the board rooms.So please take heed and use the new year to enlighten yourselves to what the majority of the Kimberley Community is saying.

We would also like to call on people from all around our nation and our planet to participate in whatever ways they can and we will need numbers up here in the Dry for actions.

However, direct non-violent action as well as the backing of our ancient allies means that we are quietly confident that wisdom will prevail and new options become available. Eyes on country

Eyes on Country Hands off country Stand up for the planet

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