Thursday, January 8, 2009

Environmental damage at Woodside's base in Broome

........"Redhand is currently down at the Woodside site near the Broome Port. What Redhand would like to show you today is that this simple compensation basin which has really only seen one 'wet' has completely and totally eroded away. They've currently got a generator on at the moment, a pump to try and pump the water out and as we pan around this very small compensation basin you'll see that the workers are frantically trying to fill in the hole. Redhand questions that if this Company does not have the engineering ability or understanding of how to look after and work with the environment and pindan then how can they honestly be entrusted to put an LNG gas hub on the Kimberley coast if they cannot make
a simple compensation basin without this type of wanton environmental damage?"

Urgent repairs to the compensation basin at the Woodside site at the Port of Broome following rain from Cyclone Billy. This is a new compensation basin and Broome has not had significant rains this wet.

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