Sunday, January 4, 2009

Barnett's first 2009 response to Environmental Concerns

at James Priceless Point 4 January 2009

Below is a news release from the ABC. We are pleased to see that Barnett has responded to the major environmental concerns that conservationists, such as Richard Costin and others have been shouting about for some time now, by promising a full environmental study of the James Prices Point area.

However, in the same interview Barnett states that he "thinks that there will be no conflict between shipping and whales".With what information and studies can he claim such a thing? Why does Barnett continue to make these "off-the-cuff" remarks, especially after promising a full environmental study.

Right from the day he was elected eyesoncountry feels like Barnett is "like a bull in a china shop" as his greed to make his mark on the state outstrips his ability to deal with proper protocols, laws that are set up to protect our environment.

We will have faith in our laws because everybody in the Broome region is very aware of how the Humpback Whales pass so very close to Priceless Point, and when they are migrating north to calf we must remember that some of the mothers are fully laden with their new offspring and just before they arrive in the first safety zone of Pender Bay, where early births no doubt occur, they may have to navigate through massive gas tankers and veer out to sea to avoid the hub's jetties. Even the "layman" such as myself can see the conflict and impact that would happen.

Please wipe that dust away Barnett.
p.s does this mean that his 3 month threat is out the door since it would have to be June and beyond 2009 to be able to properly study the whales??? Even then, only 3-5 year studies could properly and scientifically give the EPA the proper data that is needed to make such a decision.

Government promises full assessment for gas hub
ABC News
Posted 8 hours 52 minutes ago
Updated 8 hours 47 minutes ago

The Premier Colin Barnett says there will be a full environmental assessment of the site which has been named for a gas processing precinct in the Kimberley.

The State Government has chosen James Price Point north of Broome as the site for the L-N-G hub.

Environmental groups say the development will be an disaster for marine life particularly for humpback whales which migrate to the area each year.

Mr Barnett says that is a legitimate issue and the site will be assessed for any environmental impact before the development goes ahead.

"I think there will be no conflict between shipping and whales, and by moving the plant well away from the major calving area, I don't believe there will be any impact," he said.

"But yes there will be a full environmental assessment of any development of any site on any area of WA."

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