Saturday, May 8, 2010

Broome Community No Gas Rally

Hundreds gathered at Chinatown Oval in Broome this morning for a peaceful and warm hearted rally to express their support for retaining the Kimberley coast without industrial development, specifically a LNG at James Price Point.
It was a spectacle of banners, placards, floating fish, paddling turtles and a waving whale, music and people.
Inspiring performances by Kerrianne Cox, Steve Pigram, Harry Jackamarra, Clint and Wil Thomas; The speakers Joseph Roe, Lorna Cox, Neil McKenzie, Martin Pritchard, Arnhem Hunter, Robyn Wells, Kerry Marvell and Chris Maher urged us to stay strong; to write to the Prime Minister; make this an election issue; beware the social consequences; understand what’s happened in the Pilbara; a wise warning about the drug issues ‘without speed the Burrup would never have been built’; to be informed; to ask questions; understand what real Indigenous employment means; keep looking after country. The message was loud and clear, no one here wants gas in the Kimberley.
“Thanks everyone
Good onya
Keep the faith
Spread the word
Stay strong for country”

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  1. Good on ya Broome people !
    love you and miss you heeepzzz