Sunday, May 23, 2010

Red Hand Goes International

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is emerging as a World Best Practice approach for addressing the social and environmental impact of company activities. Companies from the oil and gas sector are very reluctant to implement and our State government refuses even to want to speak about it. The Broome Community is the only one who can really grant the social licence to operate. Woodside and the State government have to prove to us, as a community that they can operate with responsibility and integrity, so far they are failing miserably.

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  1. go red hand!!!from the washington post,tuesday,"there is growing suspicion that the money concerns of the companies involved with the well created"an atmosphere of haste"that may have spurred the spill".so how many in australian agancies that are supposed to look after these things were"watching porn,using coke and crystal meths and accepting gifts from oil and gas companies?".hands up anyone at the klc?jabirr jabirr,hands up anyone?